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Watch the Lovely Process of Making Traditional Harris Tweed

Here’s a short documentary from Jack Flynn and Nick David about making Harris Tweed on the Island of Harris and Lewis in Scotland. Read More >>

This New Fake Leather is Made From Tea

It’s tough. It’s thick. It’s brown. It’s a lot like leather — but in fact this new material is made in the lab using leftovers from a brew of kombucha tea. Read More >>

This Fabric Cleans Itself When Exposed to Light

Washing clothes is boring; being outside in the sun is fun. So this new kind of fabric, which uses light to degrade the organic compounds that make up your filth, can’t be turned into clothes fast enough. Read More >>

How Twitter Plans to Take Over Your Phone

Twitter is branching out beyond tweets: the company is launching a software development kit today, called Fabric. And with Fabric, Twitter intends to take over your phone. Read More >>

All-Season Jacket Turns Inside-Out To Keep You Warm Or Cool

An Austrian company has developed a new kind of triple-layer fabric that allows this jacket to keep the wearer either warm or cool depending on how they wear it—making it the perfect accessory for globe-hopping adventurers who prefer to travel light. Read More >>

Cotton Transistors Could Lead to Intelligent Pants

A team of international researchers led by Cornell fiber scientist Juan Hinestroza have successfully created transistors from cotton fibers that remain flexible enough to be woven into fabrics, leading the way for garments that could one day be more capable than your phone. Read More >>