Researchers Have Created an All-Season Fabric That Can Switch Between Heating and Cooling You

It doesn’t look as flashy as the outdoor gear that lures your eyes (and cash) at stores like Blacks, but this simple piece of fabric, developed by researchers at the University of Maryland in the US, could help someday replace your seasonal wardrobes with clothing that keeps you either warm or cool all year round. Read More >>

CES 2019: The North Face’s New Breathable, Waterproof Fabric Might Be the Holy Grail of Outdoor Gear

Preparing to head into the great outdoors has always always been a delicate balancing act. You want to bring enough gear to be prepared for any weather, without overpacking and creating a heavy pack. With its new Futurelight material, The North Face believes it has created the ultimate fabric for outdoor adventures: one that’s versatile enough to keep the wearer completely dry, while also keeping them cool and comfortable. Read More >>

This Slick Rain Jacket is Made of 21 Plastic Bottles

The synthetic compounds that help the fabrics used in rain jackets repel moisture have an unfortunate downside: they don’t naturally break down and are far from environmentally friendly. It’s kind of the ugly secret of the performance wear world, but Columbia has finally come up with an eco-friendly waterproof alternative. Read More >>

Colour-Changing Threads Might One Day Turn Your T-Shirt Into a Screen

Look around and count the number of screens surrounding you. You’ll probably run out of fingers before you’re done, but why stop there? Researchers at UC Berkeley have come up with a way to weave colour-changing threads into fabrics, turning even garments into yet another display. Read More >>

Colour-Changing Map Shows the Best Attractions Based on the Weather

You can plan ahead all you want, but a holiday is often at the mercy of the weather, wherever you’re travelling to. That idea inspired designer Camilla Hempleman to create a special map, printed with thermochromatic ink, that changes colour to reveal the best places to visit based on the local weather. Read More >>

3d printing
Disney Made a 3D Printer That Creates Soft Objects Using Fabric

Your typical 3D printer works by layering melted plastic to eventually build up a solid 3D object, but what happens when you swap plastic for fabrics? Suddenly you’ve got a machine that can create objects that are soft, deformable, and cuddly. Read More >>

Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Clothing Will Protect Cyclists From Road Rash

Donning a full suit of motorcycle leathers for your morning bike ride to work is probably overkill, but cyclists can still be subjected to road rash should they fall while wearing less-than-protective gear. So athletic gear manufacturer Scott is developing shorts and jerseys strategically reinforced in key areas using both carbon fibre and ceramics, meaning the garments hold up if the rider ends up sliding across pavement. Read More >>