New AI Could Turn Police Body Cams Into Nightmare Surveillance Tools

Time and time again, police officers shoot, and sometimes kill, civilians holding harmless objects, later claiming they mistook them for guns: a phone, a bible, and a Wii controller. In early February, police body camera manufacturer Taser announced that it had acquired the artificial intelligence startup Dextro Inc—a “computer vision” research team that claims it can use object recognition software to train officers to better discern actual threats. But privacy experts find the surveillance and profiling possibilities offered by this latest, but certainly not last, upgrade to police body cameras unsettling. Moreover, the question remains: The cameras may be getting smarter, but are they actually making the public safer? Read More >>

neural networks
Neural Networks Can Now Turn a Single Photo Into a Creepy 3D Face Render

Behold the glorious future of neural networks: disembodied faces rotating in the darkness. Research submitted to Cornell University uses deep neural networks to create detailed 3D models of faces using a single 2D picture. Read More >>