OnePlus 6’s Face Unlock Can be Fooled by a Photo, Surprising No One

In recent years there's been an increase in face-based biometric security on phones, from Samsung's Iris Scanner to FaceID and other face-centric unlock systems. It's also been proven many times that these systems can be beaten in various ways, especially the lower-tech varieties that rely solely on the camera. According to some testing the OnePlus 6 is no different. Read More >>

Google’s Android Face Unlock Might Be Getting a Bit Ridiculous

Face unlock is one of the best things about Android. Just press a button, stare at the screen, and your phone or tablet automatically unlocks. On a Nexus 4 it can be so fast you'd think it was broken. But now Google's looking to get you pulling funny faces to unlock your phone, isn't that a bit absurd? Read More >>

Google Patents Multi-User Facial Recognition, Hopefully for Android

One of the things a lot of people would like to see added in Android is simple support for multiple user accounts, so you can let a child play Angry Birds for nine hours without worrying about it accidentally emailing work or sharing the wrong photograph to Facebook. Hopefully, a new Google patent means that'll soon happen. Read More >>

Jelly Bean Will Check You’re Actually Alive Before Unlocking Your Phone

Google's clever little Face Unlock security feature, which lets you use your phone's camera to pull your Android mobile out of standby mode by having it recognise its master, has been updated, with the Jelly Bean version of the tool allowing users to blink at it to prove they're not a photograph. Read More >>