Looks Like Facebook May Roll Out a Feature That Lets You Unsend Messages

Are you the sort of impulsive, filter-free individual who goes on Facebook and sends regrettable messages after one too many pints of Belgium's fightiest lager? Then good news! It looks the social media site is about to roll out a message-kiboshing feature. Read More >>

A Facebook Troll Pretended to Be a Despotic Barefoot-Running, Acorn-Hating Unicyclist to Mess With His Neighbours

There are a lot of things to be tired about in 2018—really, take your pick. But it’s possible that the most exhausting thing to surface in the frothing tide of tedium that is social media has made its way to Twitter in an obvious challenge to all of us to log off forever. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you an urban barefoot runner lodging apparent complaints about tree litter to test the limits of your patience. Read More >>

Please Don’t Post Your Potentially Felonious Crimes to Facebook

People do astoundingly stupid shit online. But for all the noise we make everything you should never post on social media, it should really go without saying that implicating yourself in a felony crime by way of a publicly available video is a no-go. Alas, such is the case for one man in the US state of Missouri who allegedly posted a how-to video of himself removing his police-issued ankle monitor to Facebook. Read More >>

Facebook Says Hackers Accessed Sensitive Personal Information on 29 Million Users

Late last month, Facebook disclosed a massive security vulnerability that it claimed affected some 50 million login tokens, but details were somewhat thin on its impact pending further investigation. In a blog post today, the results are in some ways better and worse. Read More >>

Facebook Tempts Political Backlash With Massive Purge of 810 Pages and Accounts

Facebook has been fending off accusations of censorship and bias against conservatives over the last year or so and just ahead of the mid-term elections it has made a risky decision. On Thursday, the company announced that it had removed 559 Pages and 251 accounts for rule violations. It said many of the accounts were engaged in spreading political content. Read More >>

Facebook Is Still Thirsty for Your Health Data

Facebook already has a veritable treasure trove of data on anyone who uses the site, including stuff users do on the web outside of it. It still has an appetite for even more. Read More >>

Remember When Facebook Promised a Delete Button for Your Sent Messages? 

Back in April, Mark Zuckerberg got caught deleting old messages he’d sent through Facebook. The tech company was forced to confirm that the CEO was reaching into other people’s inboxes and deleting old messages, but assured us that it was fine because Facebook would be giving the feature to everyone soon. Well, it’s the middle of October, six months later, and we’re still waiting. Read More >>

Facebook’s Portal Is the Jetsons Videophone That We Thought Humanity Skipped

Facebook announced its new Portal hardware today, a limited-purpose device that allows users to video chat on Facebook almost exclusively. (Unless you're not in the US, in which case, no Portal for you.) And there’s something strangely retro about the concept: This is the standalone videophone device that George Jetson had in the 1960s—the device that we were supposed to skip over. Read More >>

Facebook’s Echo Show Clone is Real, But it Won’t be Available in the UK

For a while we've been hearing rumours about Facebook developing its own smart devices, specifically smart speakers and smart displays (ala Echo Show). Well now we finally get to see them for ourselves, properly, because the company just announced tow Alexa-enabled smart displays: the Portal and Portal+. Sadly neither of them are going to be available outside the US for the immediate future. Which is just typical. Read More >>

Facebook’s UK Tax Bill Just Rose to £15.7 Million

There's always a lot of outrage whenever it's revealed how much tax big companies are paying, generally because it looks as though they're paying an absolute pittance when compared to the rest of their income. Well for those who feel it's incredibly unfair they can seemingly get away with not paying very much, there's good news. Facebook's tax bill just rose to £15.7 million, which is triple what it had to pay the previous year. Read More >>

Instagram Tests Feature That Shares Your Location History With Facebook

Facebook could soon start gathering location information from users’ Instagram accounts, if it implements a feature that the company has prototyped. Read More >>

Facebook Glitch Stopped Some Users With Lots of Posts From Deleting Their Accounts

For some Facebook users who posted a lot but decided they wanted to post no more, it appears a glitch prevented them from freeing themselves from the platform. According to a new report, there was a bug that inhibited users who had “a large number of posts” from deleting their Facebook accounts. Read More >>

Are You Kidding Me, Facebook

Facebook is currently dealing with the fallout of a massive attack that compromised site security and allowed hackers to seize the access tokens of roughly 50 million accounts, potentially giving them full control of both the accounts and linked apps. It is still sorting out what user data might have been stolen. Amid all this, Facebook is also extending its grip on how long it can keep account deletion requests in hiatus from two weeks to a month, the Verge reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

New Lawsuit Claims Facebook Enabled Human Trafficking On Its Platform 

A woman filed a lawsuit this week against a number of companies, alleging they helped enable the sexual exploitation of minors. The companies listed in the complaint include the now-defunct US site Backpage, a hotel chain, and Facebook. Read More >>

Featured image: Justin Sullivan (Getty)
After Massive Breach, Facebook Says Hackers Didn’t Use Your Login to Access Third-Party Apps

Last week, Facebook disclosed a massive attack that compromised around 50 million login tokens – tokens that many feared could have been used to access thousands of third-party services, including Tinder and Airbnb. The social network’s ongoing investigation concluded today that this has not happened. Read More >>