A Few Things Facebook Forgot to Include in Its Year in Review

It’s been quite a year for Mark Zuckerberg and his friends at Facebook. You might even say that 2018 has been the single worst year in the company’s history. But you wouldn’t know it by reading “Facebook’s 2018 Year in Review.” The annual blog post leaves one with the impression that Facebook’s involvement in global events was nothing short of heart-warming. In truth, it was not. Read More >>

Facebook Was Fully Aware That Tracking Who People Call and Text You Is Creepy But Did It Anyway

Back in 2015, Facebook had a pickle of a problem. It was time to update the Android version of the Facebook app, and two different groups within Facebook were at odds over what the data grab should be. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Was ‘Sceptical’ About Risk of Leaks Like Cambridge Analytica, Emails Show

Internal Facebook documents published today by the British Parliament give us more insight than ever into the mind of the largest social platform’s CEO. Among those revelations: Zuckerberg’s cavalier attitude towards the possibility of data leaks. Read More >>

Want to Quit Facebook? These Are the Best Alternatives for Most of What Facebook Does

After the discrimination, the creepy advertising practices, the data breaches, the political mess, and the sense that the world’s biggest social network just isn’t much fun to use any more... maybe you’re finally considering leaving Facebook. But what are you going to replace it with? And will your friends come with you? Read More >>

Former Manager Says Facebook Discriminates Against, Excludes Black Users and Staff

A former Facebook strategic partner manager for global influencers, Mark S. Luckie, sent a 2,500 word memo to all of the company’s employees before his departure in November saying the company has “a black people problem,” the Guardian reported. Read More >>

I Wanted to Stream Buffy, Angel, and Firefly for Free, But Not Like This

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and the good looking criminals of Firefly are finally going to be available for free online for anyone to revisit or watch for the first time. This should be a cause for celebration. But they’re coming back courtesy of Facebook Watch, and as much as I’d love for friends to finally see Buffy — no, not like this. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
Facebook and MIT Researchers Want to Use AI to Create Addresses for the Billions of People Who Don’t Have One

Facebook seems interested in moving into Google’s territory of, well, territory. The social media company teamed up with the MIT Media Lab to propose a new system for developing addresses using machine learning. Read More >>

Facebook Says It Doesn’t Sell Your Data, But It Considered Selling Access to It, Documents Show

In April, Mark Zuckerberg told a US congressional hearing, “I can’t be clearer on this topic: We don’t sell data.” But just because Facebook doesn’t currently sell data, it doesn’t mean they didn’t actively mull it over. Improperly redacted court documents from February 2017 show that Facebook explored charging companies for access to user data. Read More >>

Facebook’s New Political Ad Guidelines Are Now in Effect

A little while ago Facebook announced it was making changes to the way people could buy political ads in the UK, showcasing who paid from them and in the process highlight whether they had any ulterior motives. Those plans were put on hold on 7th November after Facebook failed to account for the fact people can and will lie when given the opportunity, but today the revised rules have come into force. Read More >>

Instagram Adds New Features for Users With Visual Impairment

For people with visual impairment, Instagram just got a bit easier to use. The photo-heavy social media app announced two new features today that will let screen readers read photo descriptions generated through artificial intelligence as well as custom text written by users. Read More >>

MPs Get Passive Aggressive by Leaving an Empty Seat for Mark Zuckerberg at Fake News Inquiry

It is no secret that Facebook is getting all sorts of shit from governments about its attitude to privacy and how it's supposed to be tackling the spread of fake news. Our own government has repeatedly asked Mark Zuckerberg to show up, even getting some other governments in on the action, but to no avail. Now they're getting very British about the whole thing, by passive aggressively assigning the Facebook chairman his own seat. Read More >>

Facebook’s Physical War Room Is Already Empty, But It Says ‘War Room Tactics’ Will Continue

Facebook’s so-called “War Room,” the office it set up with some monitors and staff to supposedly fight propaganda and disinformation during elections or at least fight the perception it wasn’t doing that, has been shuttered – in that form, anyhow. Read More >>

Facebook Picks Scapegoat To Testify Instead of Zuckerberg

After repeatedly, pointedly refusing to meet with MPs to talk about the Cambridge Analytica scandal and its privacy policies in general – even by video link – it seems Mark Zuckerberg has picked someone to testify to parliament in his place. Read More >>

In Extraordinary Rebuke, UK Parliament Seizes Internal Facebook Documents

The British Parliament has seized internal Facebook documents in “an extraordinary attempt to hold the U.S. social media giant to account” after being repeatedly spurned in their attempts to have the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg testify about its data privacy practices, the Observer reported on Saturday. Read More >>