Facebook Messenger Will Now Include Autoplaying Ads With Your Private Conversations

The problem with becoming a massively successful company that’s publicly traded is that you have to keep growing. Facebook is running out of new places to force its ads and it’s now going to start throwing autoplaying videos into Messenger. Read More >>

Apple’s New Privacy Guidelines May Get Facebook’s Awful Onavo VPN Off the App Store

Apple’s new App Store privacy guidelines restricting apps that collect data on users’ friends — specifically, the address books of iPhone users — already seemed to be in large part a response to Facebook’s sprawling Cambridge Analytica data scandal. But the company could also be targeting Facebook’s Onavo Protect VPN service, which poses as a way to grant users anonymity from service providers and websites but is explicitly designed to vacuum up huge amounts of data on the device usage habits of anyone who enables it. Read More >>

Facebook Filibustered the Shit Out of the US Congress With a 450-Page Response to Its Questions

It’s been two months since Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent hours testifying before Congress, and the company has finally provided answers to the Senate portion of the hearing. The 450-page document mostly does a lawyer-dance around uncomfortable topics. But there are some revealing tidbits of information as well. Read More >>

Finally, Facebook Will Let You Report Ads That Trick You Into Buying Total Crap

Until now, purchasing some too-good-to-be-true cheap clothes or a weird smartphone case through a Facebook ad usually ends in disappointment, with no way to provide feedback about your new dress shirt that makes you look like a store brand anime character. While Facebook can’t stop you from buying a t-shirt with a few missing stitches, it will now do more to prevent others from following in your footsteps by banning shoddy businesses from selling more and more crap through its platform. Read More >>

Facebook May Have Been Shamed Into Fixing the Most Annoying Thing About Messenger

Facebook says it’s “working to” reduce the number of annoying notifications it sends you when you add new friends. The alerts, which masquerade as Facebook Messenger notifications, were the subject of a BuzzFeed article lambasting the feature two days ago. Read More >>

Surprise, Facebook Reportedly Gave Companies Your Friends’ Data After it Said it Wouldn’t

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but it looks like Facebook may have been sharing more of your data than you thought it was. The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the social network cut deals with a number of companies to provide access to user records and friend data even after its policy change that prevented apps from scraping that very information. Read More >>

Facebook’s Data-Sharing Program for Phone Makers Included Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei

This past week, news broke in the New York Times that Facebook’s habit of giving extensive user data to third parties extended to “at least 60 device makers” who were granted access to private Facebook APIs over the past decade. The social media giant has been trying to quash the story by insisting developers were only allowed to use the data to provide “the Facebook experience” before the market dominance of Android and Apple made it less necessary for manufacturers to make custom apps, but a new development may have just made it a lot harder to sweep under the rug. Read More >>

Give Your Nudes to Facebook

When Facebook expanded its pilot program to block revenge porn from being posted on its platforms last month, the blowback was swift. The program, which asks users to send in nude or partially nude images so they can be hashed and blocked, was called “creepy” and “controversial.” Read More >>

Why I Can’t Delete Facebook

Ever since Facebook took over the internet, people have gone on about quitting it — why they want to, or how they did, and why you should, too. Maybe you’ve thought about deleting your Facebook, and if you have, congratulations! But I can’t quit Facebook. I can’t because my salsa team depends on me. Read More >>

Facebook’s Getting into the Video Game Streaming Business Too

For the past several years Twitch has dominated the video game streaming business, without much in the way of competition. Sure YouTube and Mixer have their own streaming platform, but they're not nearly as popular. Well Twitch may have something to worry about because now Facebook is getting into the game streaming business. Read More >>

Facebook Is Now Trying to Hire ‘News Credibility Specialists’ to Deal With Its Fake News Problem

Years ago, Facebook fired its Trending News team and replaced them with algorithms after a Gizmodo article featured former workers claiming the site discriminated against conservative news. Then, Facebook tried and failed to suppress hoax news sites and propaganda with a series of methods designed to avoid the ire of conservatives, like third-party fact checkers and yet more algorithms. In the meantime, its so-called “fake news” problem grew worse than ever. Read More >>

Facebook Says a ‘Bug’ Changed Millions of Users’ Default Privacy Settings to Public

For ten days in May, a Facebook “bug” changed the default privacy settings of new posts for as many as 14 million users, Recode reports. As a result, posts meant to be shared privately may have instead been shared publicly. Read More >>

Facebook Is Trying to Kill Its New Privacy Scandal on a Technicality

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal first broke in March, Facebook has been scrambling to change its policies and reassure the public that it no longer recklessly shares data with third parties. But late last weekend we learned that it has quietly been giving device makers access to users' data this whole time. It argues this was different for several reasons and device makers could only use the data to provide “the Facebook experience.” Read More >>

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How Many Social Media Users Are Real People?

Most social media users know that bot accounts are among us, whether as fake voters with loud opinions or obsessive re-tweeters of a single corporation’s content. When it comes to telling many ‘fake’ accounts from real ones, however—or just knowing how many non-individuals are active online—even savvy users are mostly in the dark. Read More >>

Facebook Discovers Kids Like Lip-Sync Videos, So It’s Doing Those Now

The Facebook timeline is about to get dark, my friends. That is, if you are not stoked for your mom and your cousin and that kid from high school to start posting live videos of themselves lip syncing to “God’s Plan” by Drake. Read More >>