When Are We Going to Get Mad at Google?

People love Google. It’s so useful! You can just type a few words into the search engine and then find loads of relevant websites—all for free. It’s not exactly free, of course. Google, like Facebook, offers free online services in exchange for the privilege to serve its users targeted ads. So, unless you’re using some anonymity tool or tweaking your settings, Google logs the data from every search you make and links it to you. The company is perhaps a few keystrokes away from a privacy scandal of its own. Why aren’t we freaking out about this? Read More >>

Report: Facebook is Fuelling Violence in Sri Lanka, and Did Basically Nothing to Stop It

Facebook has been taking a lot of heat for myriad controversies in the UK and US, including its jaw-dropping data privacy screwups and allegations it is maybe wrecking democracy by helping fuel online echo chambers. But as sceptical as the west may be getting of Mark Zuckerberg and crew, the company’s role doing damage in other countries is beginning to attract more scrutiny. Read More >>

Judge Clears Way for Major Class Action Suit Against Facebook Over Face Recognition

A US judge ruled last week that a class action lawsuit against Facebook over the company’s face recognition practices, with potentially millions of plaintiffs, can move forward to trial. Read More >>

Facebook Already Spent £2.4 Million Lobbying this Year

Facebook spent $3.3 million (~£2.4m) on lobbying in the United States during the first quarter of 2018, disclosures filed with the government Friday showed. The multi-million dollar effort marks the largest tab the company has ever racked up on lobbying in a single quarter. Read More >>

Mr Money Saving Expert Sues Facebook Over Bitcoin Scam Ads

Martin Lewis, a man equally trusted by your dad when it comes to car insurance and your mum on whether or not claims on the shampoo bottles are genuine, has launched a legal case against Facebook. He says fake ads using his trustworthy face are undermining his reputation as a man who fights for consumer financial wellbeing. Read More >>

Weekend Long Reads: Facebook’s New Data Policy

It’s the weekend, and that means you’ll soon get some sleep, wake up refreshed, pour a cup of Joe, and finally read Paul Ford’s 38,000-word article about coding from 2015. But wait, Facebook just stepped in and dropped its new data policy. And now that it’s a full 1,500 words longer, you’re going to want to set aside a little time. Read More >>

How One Man Convinced a Staggering Number of People That Mark Zuckerberg Was Deleting Facebook

A couple of years ago, Andrew Oleck wondered if he could make a viral video. The Los Angeles-based filmmaker had been freelancing and doing commercial work for a decade and wanted to branch out. It took a while, but on 1 April, he released his first attempt at internet stardom: a three-minute satire, where Mark Zuckerberg says he’s decided to delete Facebook. The video has now been viewed over 32 million times. But the truly remarkable thing is how many people apparently think it’s real. Read More >>

Is Facebook Planning to Build Its Own Chips to Create Better AI?

If there are two things Facebook is notoriously bad at right now, it’s maintaining the privacy of its users and developing cool Facebook-related hardware. Yet, according to a new job posting first noticed by Bloomberg, Facebook may start taking hardware a lot more seriously. Read More >>

Facebook Is Trying to Exclude 1.5 Billion Users From Stricter Privacy Regulations

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a strict set of laws governing what data tech companies can collect on users, requiring them to seek explicit opt-in consent before doing so, and promptly disclose breaches, goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. Currently, the GDPR would require Facebook to apply these changes to 1.9 billion users. Read More >>

cambridge analytica
Shady-Ass Cambridge Analytica Was Reportedly Developing a Shady-Ass Cryptocoin

Cambridge Analytica, the disgraced data firm that guided the Trump campaign’s digital strategy and sparked Facebook’s latest troubles, reportedly wanted to branch out into shadier business: digital currencies. According to a former Cambridge employee, the planned token was aimed at giving people more control over their personal data. Read More >>

Facebook: In Our Defence, We’re Not the Only Ones Harvesting Your Data

All eyes are on Facebook thanks to Cambridge Analytica shitstorm, and it seems like everyone suddenly has an opinion on how the social network uses their data for its own gain. But it's worth reminding everyone that Facebook isn't the only company that collects user data on such a massive scale. Read More >>

Facebook, Microsoft, and Dozens of Other Tech Firms Vow to Not Help Governments Wage Cyberwar

A coalition of leading tech companies on Tuesday made public a vow never to aid any government in offensive cyberwarfare, while also promising to increase information sharing about malicious code to stem the tide of cybercrime. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Wants to Use AI to Predict Your ‘Future Behaviour’—So Advertisers Can Change It

Among the unanswered questions at Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings last week, the CEO was a bit stumped when asked if he would be willing to change Facebook’s business model in order to protect users’ privacy. Facebook’s data collection has received a lot of attention from a security perspective, but a new report illustrates why we should be just as concerned about how it uses that data to influence our behaviour. Read More >>

Does Facebook Know What a ‘Hard Question’ Is?

In June of last year, Facebook announced its latest effort to hold itself accountable and be more transparent. Called “Hard Questions,” the series of blog posts are intended to illuminate users about where the social network stands on some of the thornier issues facing the social network. But how hard can a question really be when you get to both hand-select it and take as much time as you’d like to formulate a response? The answer to that question is: not all that hard. Read More >>

Facebook Spent £14 Million on Relatable Guy Mark Zuckerberg’s Bodyguards, Flights Since 2015

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a personal security and private flight budget that likely eclipses that of anyone but the highest-profile celebrities and government officials, CNN reported this weekend. Read More >>