Before Independence Day, Facebook Reminds U.S. Users to Wear a Damn Mask

It really should be obvious at this point, but with America continuing to surpass previous records for daily new coronavirus cases, a warning seems warranted: if you plan on getting together with people to celebrate the Fourth of July this weekend, wear a mask. Read More >>

Facebook Is Biased Against Black Workers, New Complaint Says

Facebook is facing new allegations of racial discrimination by an African American manager and two Black job applicants whose qualifications reportedly exceeded the requirements but were nevertheless rejected, according to the Washington Post. Read More >>

“You’ll Be Back,” Zuckerberg Tells Advertisers

Brand after brand has withdrawn its advertising money from Facebook because of the platform's many problems, but Mark Zuckerberg is unrepentant. Read More >>

US Court Rules Facebook Widgets Can Be Considered Wiretaps

For a long time, different people would typically give you different answers about which Silicon Valley giant is, definitively, The Worst. Recently though, Facebook seems to be the name that comes up first in a lot of people’s minds, for any number of reasons. Maybe it’s the way the company’s CEO just stood there while a sitting American president actively called for people of colour to be murdered on his platform. Maybe it’s because one of the chairs on its Oversight Board throws around the occasional racial slur. Maybe it’s just because you think VR headsets look like shit. Read More >>

Facebook Axes TikTok Clone to Focus on Its Other TikTok Clone

Cue up “Mad World” and reflect on the folly of having more money than sense: Facebook confirmed today that it’s abandoning Lasso and Hobbi, two sad products you’ve probably never heard of. Read More >>

Facebook Is Pivoting Away From ‘Engaging’ Content In the News Feed

It seems like Facebook is really trying (for real this time, guys!) to get a handle on its fake news problem. Today the company announced a major change to the way it priorities news articles in your feed. Instead of prioritising news content that has the most engagement, the social media giant will now show users more original reporting first. “Original reporting plays an important role in informing people around the world,” said Campbell Brown, VP of Global News Partnerships, and Jon Levin, Product Manager, in a Facebook blog post. Read More >>

Facebook Has a VR Headset Prototype That Looks Like a Pair of Glasses

Comfortable, good-looking VR headsets might not be available in the near future, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be available at all. According to VentureBeat, Facebook is researching a holographic optics design that would slim down present-day VR headsets from their bulky, brick form to something more like a thick pair of glasses. This echos back to early May 2020 rumours that Facebook’s Oculus division was making a slimmer Quest VR headset, only this glasses-like VR headset prototype is much small and much lighter. Read More >>

Zuckerberg: It Is Now More Convenient for Me to Be the Arbiter of Truth

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pulled a massive 180 – at least on his public rhetoric – and said at a town hall meeting and Facebook post on Friday that the company will start affixing labels to or taking down posts from public figures like Donald Trump that violate its rules, as well as prohibit more categories of hate speech in ads. Read More >>

Facebook Will Finally Tell Your Auntie That Article Is From 3 Months Ago

Raise your hand if you sometimes forget to look at the publication date of an article before you breathlessly share it with a friend? It’s okay, you’re only human. After years of promoting old and outdated content, Facebook finally wants to help you remember. According to a recent blog post by John Hegeman, VP of Feed and Stories, the company is rolling out a new app feature that will tell you if an article is over 90 days old. A notification screen will pop up with the options to either continue sharing or cancel. Read More >>

Here’s An Idea: The Trump Campaign Should Simply Take Over MySpace

Following a series of grievances with the social media networks that millions of people actually use, Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is floating the idea of setting up shop on a new platform, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. Well, there’s a perfectly good network sitting right there. Read More >>

Facebook Belatedly Bans All Trade in Historical Artifacts After Becoming Global Black Market Hub

Facebook has finally said it would now prohibit the sale of all historical artifacts due to rampant black market trade in looted antiquities on the site, per the New York Times – a problem the social media company has known about for years. Read More >>

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Ofcom Plans Powers to Suspend Social Networks Should They Not Act on Harmful Images

Communications regulator Ofcom is preparing for the day it's given the dread responsibility for controlling content across the social networks, and has said it anticipates being able to fine network operators – and possibly temporarily suspend entire platforms – should they not get it together with troubling content quickly enough. Read More >>

Microsoft Is Killing Mixer and Moving Everything to Facebook Gaming

Despite signing a number of major streamers including Ninja and Shroud, Microsoft’s livestream platform Mixer just couldn’t break through. So starting today, Microsoft is moving all of Mixer’s content over to Facebook Gaming before Mixer gets shut down completely on July 22. Read More >>

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Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump’s Doctored ‘Fake News’ Video After Copyright Complaint

Unsurprisingly, it turns out parents aren’t too keen on their toddlers being co-opted for presidential propaganda. Read More >>

Apple’s Rejection of Facebook’s Gaming App Conveniently Leaks Just When Everyone’s Mad at Apple

Facebook released a stand-alone gaming app in April, but, try as it might, the company can’t convince Apple to allow it in the iOS App Store. Facebook has submitted the app five times, in fact, according to the New York Times. The reason? Apple doesn’t allow apps that are essentially storefronts for distributing casual games in its App Store. Read More >>