Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Sneaky, Data-Harvesting VPN

Facebook’s Onavo VPN app has been dying a slow death since it was exposed as a clandestine data collection monster last year. The app was pulled from the iOS app store for violating Apple’s rules and now Facebook has voluntarily decided to remove it from Google Play. At the very least, the move seems to signal that the social network is becoming more aware of the risks its creepy privacy practices pose. Read More >>

Of Course Facebook Let Advertisers Target People Interested in Nazis

What if I told you Facebook allowed advertisers to target users who were interested in Nazis? Read More >>

Facebook Closes Its ‘Market Research’ Spying VPN, Onavo

Another day, another embarrassment for Facebook. The company has decided to close Onavo Protect, the ostensibly privacy-focused VPN that conducted sneaky market research for the social network. Read More >>

Facebook Says Android Users Can Now Share Location Data Without Being Constantly Tracked

Facebook, ever the thoughtful steward of our most intimate personal data, announced yesterday that it’s rolling out a feature change for its Android users: those with location sharing turned on will no longer have to continually report their whereabouts to the social network at all times. Read More >>

Culture Secretary Follows Zuckerberg to US Since He Won’t Come Here

Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has flown to California to track down Mark Zuckerberg for a meeting, since he flat-out refused to come and answer the government's questions on these shores. Read More >>

Facebook is an ‘Innovator in Privacy,’ Says Guy Who Runs Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is fond of suggesting that all the criticism of his globe-spanning social media empire comes from either the misinformed or the malicious. In fact, Facebook is really all about protecting the privacy of its users! That’s the line he took in a Wednesday interview with Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain, CNBC reported. Read More >>

Facebook Blames Users for Its Latest Privacy Scandal as Lawmakers Ask to Chat

Members of Congress on Tuesday requested a briefing with Facebook over allegations that the social network potentially misled users who discussed their medical conditions in “closed” groups that they believed to be private and anonymous. But Facebook says users who shared information in these groups should have understood that the social network “is not an anonymous platform.” Read More >>

Facebook Suspends Three Pages With Millions of Video Views, Saying They Need to Disclose Russia Ties

Facebook has suspended three video-centric pages run by Maffick Media, a company mostly owned by Ruptly, a subsidiary of the state-run RT (formerly Russia Today) network, CNN reported on Friday. Read More >>

MPs Demand Regulation of Facebook

A cross-party committee looking into the spread of "disinformation and fake news" on omnipresent blue social network Facebook is asking for the site to be regulated, if something like that is indeed even the slightest bit possible. Read More >>

Facebook Swears It’s Going to Do a Better Job at Not Spreading Dangerous Anti-Vaccine Content

Facebook is considering ways it could prevent the spread of dangerous anti-vaccination content on the platform. Read More >>

Facebook Tracks the Location Data of Some Users Who It Views as Potential Threats

Facebook wields unparalleled power when it comes to the amount of data it collects on its billions of users – this we know. But thanks to all that information it hoovers up across its various services, the company is also able to use said data to track individuals it deems as posing a threat to the company or its executives, CNBC reported Thursday. Read More >>

Facebook is Negotiating a Record Multi-Billion Fine for Its Privacy Problems: Report

Facebook is in active negotiations to resolve the Federal Trade Commission’s investigation into the company’s privacy failures, according to a new Washington Post report, talks that could result in a multi-billion dollar fine or a heavyweight court battle. The report didn’t include an exact figure and said that landing on an amount is the focus of the talks. Read More >>

Want to Really Block the Tech Giants? Here’s How

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple move more money than many medium-sized nations. Their extraordinary profits are won through extraordinary reach – this is not a secret. That a few companies are afforded unprecedented and shamefully unregulated access into our homes is now an unremarkable fact of living with tiny computers everywhere. Read More >>

You Can Now Buy Odeon Tickets on Facebook, Just in Case You’re That Lazy

There's some evidence to suggest Mark Zuckerberg can't tell the difference between Facebook and the internet as a whole, and in recent years it's clear that the company has been doing everything it can to make sure people only ever browse Facebook. Today there's one more thing that is clearly designed to keep people on-platform viewing Zuck's ads. From today you can order Odeon cinema tickets through Facebook, just in case you were so lazy you couldn't head do it on the Odeon website. Read More >>