US Lawmakers Introduce ‘Honest Ads Act’ to Govern Online Political Advertising

US Senate lawmakers on Thursday unveiled their first major legislative effort to increase transparency in online political advertising, called the Honest Ads Act. Sponsored by Senators Mark Warner, Amy Klobuchar, and John McCain, the bill attempts to align rules for online advertising with those broadcast on television and radio airwaves. Read More >>

Facebook Reportedly Used Anti-Muslim Advert as Test Case in Video Formats

“It’s important that Facebook is a place where people with different views can share their ideas,” wrote Mark Zuckerberg following the violent “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville. “But when someone tries to silence others or attacks them based on who they are or what they believe, that hurts us all and is unacceptable.” That tender sentiment, however, apparently didn’t stop the tech giant from using an anti-Muslim advert as a guinea pig for its new video formats during the final weeks of last year’s election. Read More >>

What Happens to Facebook’s Mind Reading Project Now That Its Leader Is Gone?

Regina Dugan, a tech exec with roots in the government sector as the former director of the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is leaving Facebook and her departure calls into question the status of one of the craziest things Facebook has been working on. Read More >>

Facebook Invents LinkedIn

It's no secret that Facebook wants to be the only place you spend your time online, putting a ridiculous amount of work into it as well. Now, tough, it's invented a brand new feature for job hunters, letting them store their CVs on Facebook to aid in their quest for a new career. Basically, Facebook has just ripped off LinkedIn and added it to its already-bloated feature set. Read More >>

Facebook Can’t Stop Doing Too Many Things

If you’ve been wondering why you couldn’t order food without leaving Facebook, you’re in luck. Facebook just launched this very feature in the US and it sounds simply awful. Remember when Facebook was just a utility that helped you find your friends’ email addresses? We were such dorks back then. Read More >>

People at Facebook Don’t Know How Facebook Works

Facebook is a vast and bewildering operation, working with visible and invisible data streams via opaque algorithms on a scale larger than humans can readily comprehend. Many of us have been baffled, for example, by the social network’s ability to figure out who we know in real life, as reflected by the suggestions that pop up in its “People You May Know” box. Read More >>

Facebook and Twitter Deleted Data Tied to Russian Accounts That Targeted 2016 US Election Voters

Data that may have proved critical to investigations into Russia-funded North American political ads appear to have been tossed by Facebook and Twitter into the proverbial shredder. Read More >>

Facebook Commits to Hiring One (1) Black Board Member

On Thursday, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg assured members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) that the social media company will name a black director to its board “within the foreseeable future.” Currently, Facebook’s eight-member board of directors is all white and 75 per cent male. Read More >>

How Facebook Outs Sex Workers

Leila has two identities, but Facebook is only supposed to know about one of them. Read More >>

Oculus Is Trying To Get Ahead of Harassment In Virtual Reality

Facebook wants one billion people to experience virtual reality—about one-seventh of the entire human population. That’s an audacious goal even without a time frame, which Mark Zuckerberg did not provide. But to lure that many people into the void, users don’t just need their minds blown. They also need to feel safe. Read More >>

virtual reality
Oculus Go: The Affordable Standalone Headset VR Needs

When it comes VR, there’s really only two choices you have right now: a big, expensive headset that needs to be connected to a PC, or a less immersive setup that relies on your smartphone. However, Facebook is is looking to give us a third option with the $199 (£151) Oculus Go (UK pricing TBA). Read More >>

Microsoft Confirms Investigation Into Whether Russians Bought Pre-Election Ads Through Bing

The sprawling inquiry into the extent of Russian attempts to purchase ads on the US internet before the 2016 federal elections has expanded to yet another digital giant, with Microsoft confirming that it has launched an internal investigation into whether it sold such advertisements via its Bing search engine. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Took a Tour of Hurricane-Ravaged Puerto Rico in ‘Magical’ VR 

On Monday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg promoted the social media giant’s new Facebook Spaces app, which allows users to remotely cast cartoon avatars of themselves walking around locations in the real world, by taking a “magical” tour of Puerto Rico. Read More >>

Russian Agents Used Google to Interfere In Election: Report

Russian actors spent tens of thousands of pounds on Google ads meant to interfere with the 2016 US presidential election, the Washington Post reported on Monday. Citing employees “familiar” with Google’s internal investigations, the Post reports that these ads, which appeared on Gmail and YouTube, “do not appear to be from the same... troll farm that bought ads on Facebook.” Read More >>

Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos Hits Back at Media Coverage of Its Algorithms

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, defended his employer against “coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos.” in a lengthy tweetstorm on Saturday. Read More >>