Don’t Be Surprised if the iPhone X Goes Away

Last autumn, Apple broke tradition by launching three iPhones instead of its usual two. But even more than that, Apple’s bold £1,000 handset had a weird name and new facial recognition tech that no one had really seen before. Now, reports from CNBC and others are saying the iPhone X is going to get killed off later this year and people seem to be panicking. Read More >>

Laser Shortage Means Android Fans Won’t Get Face ID-Like Features Any Time Soon

While Android phone makers have gotten a lot of hate for copying the notch on the iPhone X, not one of them has been able to recreate the tech stashed inside that notch: Face ID. And if a report from Reuters is true, that might not change until sometime in 2019. Read More >>

Rumours Say Apple’s iPhone X Launch Will Be Screwed by Delays—What’s Really Going on?

This week, Nikkei reported that the difficulty of producing the 3D sensors that power facial recognition in the highly anticipated iPhone X is leading to manufacturing delays. This could ultimately lead to shortages when pre-orders for the device open on October 27th. If it feels like you’ve heard this story before, that’s because you have. Read More >>