Sheep Can be Taught to Recognise Celebrities

Scientists pretending to be doing something important have been caught out messing around with animal brains instead, with a team at Cambridge University eschewing traditional research to see if a sheep can be made to click on Emma Watson in return for getting a food pellet. Read More >>

Our Faces are Monkeys’ Arses

Research into how monkeys see and process information and recognise faces in various orientations has thrown up quite the interesting fact -- our faces may have evolved to resemble the pink blobs of a monkey's arse. Read More >>

This Face is the Average of Inanimate Objects That Look Like Faces

No real faces were used in the making of this face. Instead, it’s what happens when you average out the appearance of a bunch of inanimate objects that people think look like faces. Read More >>

Facebook Begins Auto-Tagging US Friends of EU Residents

Facebook appears to be slowly reactivating its facial recognition tools in Europe, a couple of years after privacy concerns raised by EU members forced it to stop assembling the mother of all biometric databases. Read More >>

£9,500 Talking Robot Uses Your Friend’s Face to Add HORRIFYING TOUCH to Voice Calls

SociBot-Mini is a weird little desktop robot, one with a face that's designed to be part display. The USP is that it can load in an image of someone's actual face, then display and animate that while you talk to them, with eyes that follow you about the room. That won't in anyway distress children and animals. Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printing Helps Rebuild Motorcyclist’s Crushed Face

Despite wearing a helmet, Cardiff biker Stephen Power managed to break his cheek bones, upper jaw, nose and fracture his skull in an accident in 2012, one that required a four-month hospital stay as part of his recovery. Now, to patch his face up, doctors are inserting 3D printed parts. Read More >>

The Laws of Physics Deform These Olympic Ice Skaters Beyond Recognition

Sad and Useless has a collection of ridiculous pictures of figure ice skaters deformed by their crazy pirouettes at Sochi. Look at their beautiful motion getting frozen into a somewhat terrifying freak show, all thanks to physics. Read More >>

Emoticons are Reshaping Our Brains: We Now Process :-) as a Human Face

When we first broached the Great Smiley Debate a few weeks ago, the question was whether or not a dash-as-nose was appropriate, necessary, or a bastardisation of the simple purity of two dots paired with a gentle curve. But a new, equally contentious controversy has emerged: should the parenthesis open towards the left or the right? Read More >>

A Man’s ‘Perfect Woman’ is an Airbrushed Sex Doll, Luckily Enough

A cosmetics company has tried to get itself in the headlines just in time for the critical last-minute beauty product buying period, by creating an image of what it calls the perfect woman. This dead-eyed blonde mannequin is what men like best, so they say. Read More >>

Face-Scanning Cameras Coming to Tesco Petrol Stations to Show You Even More Lovely Adverts

Tesco is reported to have signed a deal to install a face-scanning camera technology in all of its 450 UK petrol stations, which will be used to ID customers and suggest relevant adverts -- like which brand of massive chocolate bar they might like to impulsively add to their petrol bill. Read More >>

These Incredible Facial Scans Capture Detail Down to the Skin Cell

Rendering CGI faces that look close to real is hard, but we're starting to see hardware that can pull it off. Then, the problem becomes the source material; you've got to have models that look good enough to pass for real. For that, a new kind of facial scanning is going to come in handy, one that can get detail all the way down to each skin cell. Read More >>

Are Modern Society’s Woes Caused by Angrier Lego Men?

The once cheerful little Lego men are suffering from some sort of modern angst, with a survey of the facial expressions of the little plastic people finding they're angrier and snarlier than they were in the olden days. Are they turning our kids into raging monsters? Read More >>

You Can Use Google Maps to Find Faces Hidden in the Earth

It's nearly impossible to gaze up during the day without spotting sort of cloudy, billowing face staring back at us. But rarely do we get the opportunity to see the faces we so casually trample right beneath our feet. Now, a new program by Onformative is giving us a bird's eye's view of every facial landform on Earth. Read More >>

19 Gadgets With Happy and Sad Faces

We like to anthropomorphize the objects in our lives, assigning our tools and tech personalities of their own. But some just go ahead and do it for you. The gadgets you are about to see wear their hearts on their sleeves. Read More >>