Patent Woes Could be One Reason Why Apple’s Keeping FaceTime to Itself

Apple's had FaceTime around for quite a few years now, letting iPhone, iPad, and Mac users video call each other without having to resort to a third party service that might be more willing to siphon off their personal details to sell to advertisers. The problem is Apple has kept FaceTime to itself, meaning users on Android, Windows, or Linux can't get in on the action. Some have speculated that patent issues may be responsible. Read More >>

 Group FaceTime Is Finally a Thing

In a move that will surely please parents and grandparents around the world, Apple has finally announced group FaceTime functionality for iOS. In iOS 12, you’ll finally be able to FaceTime with up to 31 of your closest friends. Read More >>

Babies Can Tell the Difference Between FaceTime Grandparent and YouTube Elmo

It’s a dilemma for parents in the digital age: we know we’re not supposed to prop our four-month-olds in front of an iPad and let them watch Dora until their eyes bleed. But technology has made the rules of screens complicated: what if Nan and Grandad want to FaceTime? Turns out babies are smart enough to know the difference. Read More >>

Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for iMessage and FaceTime Right Now

Two-Factor Authentication, though sometimes annoying, is one the best defences against nefarious individuals trying to break into your private accounts. You should really have it set up on everything. Read More >>

Apple May Have Figured Out How to Make FaceTime Work With Bad Internet

A new invention filed by Apple with the US Patent and Trademark Office is so simple but clever that it's amazing it's not been done before: Cook & Co. suggests that it could insert doctored or pre-recorded images into FaceTime chats on crappy connections to keep the conversation smooth. Read More >>

Do You Skype Your Pets?

This one has caught me completely by surprise. Apparently over half of Brits actually Skype their pets, and a quick whip round the office says, yes, people really do Skype, FaceTime, Hangout, whatever, their pets. We're surrounded by secret pet-chatters -- are you one of them? Read More >>

FaceTime Users are Safe From Government Spying, as Even Apple Can’t Intercept Chats

Apple's FaceTime might be about to become the troublemaker's messaging tool of choice, as the tech giant claims government security requests are useless because the end-to-end encrypted video messaging system is, apparently, impossible to intercept. Read More >>

Apple Just Can’t Keep iCloud In the Air

Today, iTunes Match went down. Yesterday, it was iMessage and FaceTime. Since launching iCloud to the public on October 12th, 2011, Apple just hasn't been able to keep its cloud-based services airborne. Read More >>

Vodafone Plans Daylight Robbery Over FaceTime and VoIP

The network big dogs have released their plans and prices for the release of the iPhone 5, but one specific network provider is playing hardball with a handy new feature called FaceTime over 3G. In addition to some already pricey plans, if you're an existing customer, you may have to cough up some extra dosh, just to get your FaceTime on the go. Read More >>

Surgeons Offering ‘Facebook Facelifts’, as People Really are That Shallow

Nope, nuh-uh, nadda. I refuse to believe this. It is RIDICULOUS. Apparently, some doctors are claiming that video services such as Skype and FaceTime as well as Facebook are contributing to the boom in plastic surgery over the past decade. Really? Read More >>

The iPhone 4 Won’t Get FaceTime Over 3G Either

We heard that the iPhone 4 and 3GS were going to get stiffed over Apple's new Maps app and its fancy Flyover and turn-by-turn directions, but it seems there are more things the older iPhones won't get out of iOS 6, including 3G FaceTime. Read More >>

Apple Seems to be Testing iPhone’s FaceTime Over 3G

With my loved ones long away from me, I have missed the ability to use my iPhone's FaceTime over 3G a few times. Even if the quality would have been bad. Well, it seems that Apple may be testing it or getting ready for it, according to this screenshot. Read More >>

FaceTime Is Making People Hate Their Faces So Much They’re Getting Plastic Surgery

No — not an Onion article. A Washington, DC-area plastic surgeon is being hit with patients rendered so self-conscious by their video chatting visages that they're asking for phone-specific facelifts. Technology is great, except when it's so, so awful. Read More >>