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Alphabet CEO Sides With EU on Facial-Recognition Tech Moratorium, But Microsoft Isn’t Convinced

Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently came out in support of a European Union proposal for instating a temporary ban on facial-recognition technology until officials beef up privacy regulations. Read More >>

Emotion Recognition Is Creepy As Hell

Emotion recognition technology, at best, promises to read commuters’ mental anguish and adjust subway cabin conditions accordingly, and at worst, puts biased and buggy mental microscopes in the hands of corporate overlords. In a new report, the NYU research centre AI Now calls for regulators to ban the tech. Read More >>

New Mobile Phone Users in China Must Now Submit to Face Recognition Scans

As the Black Friday authorities command us to buy, buy, buy, until we’re choking on packing peanuts, I suppose the retail dystopia could be bleaker. Effective yesterday, consumers registering new phone numbers or purchasing SIM cards in China have to get their faces scanned under a new rule that orders citizens to submit their identities to facial recognition companies. Read More >>

Wow, Facebook Really Made a Facial Recognition App for Its Employees

In its latest privacy faux pas to come to light, Facebook confirmed it built a now-defunct app for its employees that used facial recognition technology to identify coworkers and their friends, CNET reported this week. Read More >>

Google Says It Will Fix Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Fail ‘in the Coming Months’

On the new Pixel 4, Google opted to replace the traditional fingerprint sensor used on its previous handsets for an iPhone-like face unlock system featuring a sophisticated infrared 3D dot projector. However, unlike the iPhone, the Pixel 4's face unlock works even if a person’s eyes are closed, which is a potential security issue Google says it plans to patch sometime in the next few months. Read More >>

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Pixel 4’s Face Unlock Works When Your Eyes Are Closed; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Not to be outdone by Apple’s Face ID, Google’s equipped its upcoming fourth generation of Pixel phones with facial recognition tech so that all you need is that adorable mug to access your device. And, just like its competitor, Google still seems to be working out the kinks. Unlocking your Pixel 4 may be a bit too easy; apparently you can do it with your eyes closed. Read More >>

Amazon Is Marketing Face Recognition to Police Departments Partnered With Ring: Report

Amazon is marketing its facial recognition software to U.S. police departments that are currently partnered with its home surveillance company, Ring — arrangements that allow police to request access to video footage captured by homeowners. Read More >>

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Chinese Citizens Will Have to Scan Their Faces to Get Internet Access and New Phone Numbers

Starting 1 December, Chinese citizens will have to allow telecommunications carriers to scan their faces when signing up for internet access or to get a new phone number. Read More >>

Report: Google Contractors Used Shady Methods to Scan Dark-Skinned People’s Faces for New Pixel 4 Feature

With the Pixel 4, Google will reportedly be introducing a face unlock feature akin to Apple’s Face ID for the iPhone. A few months ago, it was reported that Google was actually hitting the streets for “field research,” paying volunteers in $5 (£4) Amazon or Starbucks gift cards to scan their faces to improve the upcoming feature. Now, a Daily News investigation has found that Google contractors targeted people with ‘darker skin’ – including the homeless and university students – all while playing fast and loose with consent. Read More >>

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Hong Kong Announces Ban on Masks and Face Paint That Help Protesters Evade Facial Recognition

The Hong Kong government has banned masks and face paint in its latest attempt to stop the pro-democracy protests that have been raging since June. The new “emergency” order was announced by Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam at a press conference today and went into effect at midnight local time, 5:00 pm BST. Read More >>

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Influential US Coalition With 15 Million Members Calls for Outright Ban on Facial Recognition

More than thirty US organisations on Thursday called for a nationwide ban in America against government use of face recognition calling the technology “unreliable, biased, and a threat to basic rights and safety.” Read More >>

Met Police Says It Did Supply Images for King’s Cross Facial Recognition Technology After All

After previously denying any involvement, London's Metropolitan Police Service has now revealed that it supplied image data used in the facial recognition technology employed by the developers of the King's Cross estate between May 2016 and March 2018. Read More >>

Facebook: Guess We’ll Disclose the Whole Face Recognition Thing (Since We Have To)

Facebook says it’s giving the axe to one face-scanning tool and introducing a wider rollout for another – this time by giving users a heads up about it first. Read More >>

Sweden’s First GDPR Fine Goes to a High School Piloting Facial Recognition Attendance

A school in northern Sweden experimented with facial recognition as a system to document student attendance, and the Swedish Data Protection Authority (DPA) fined the municipality 200,000 SEK (about £16,800) for violating the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It’s the first time the country has been fined for violating the digital privacy violation, which began enforcement in May of last year. Read More >>

Murder Suspect Caught After AI Detected Victim’s Face When Used to Apply for Online Loan

An online lending company tipped off police to a suspected murder after a man allegedly tried to scan his dead girlfriend’s face. Read More >>