What’s Really Up With Apple Giving Face Data to App Developers?

App developers can access more robust data about your face and the expressions you make with iPhone X, raising concerns from privacy advocates who worry that this sensitive facial data will end up in the hands of advertisers. Read More >>

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Japanese Researchers Trick AI Into Thinking 3D-Printed Turtle Is a Rifle

Japanese researchers have used a startlingly simple exploit to trick object recognition AI into classifying a 3D-printed turtle as a rifle. Incredibly, they did it by changing a single pixel. Read More >>

Negligent Employees Are Stoked About Facial Recognition

A recent survey reveals why corporate password policies are doing very little to stop employees from mishandling their passwords. It also finds most employees favour biometric security and that Apple’s new Face ID feature is widely trusted—even though almost no one has actually used it yet. Read More >>

iPhone Apps Can Theoretically Spy on You With Basic Camera Permissions

A warning to all: On Wednesday, a developer who works for Google published a demonstration app on GitHub that he claims shows off the creepy ways a rogue iPhone app can photograph you at any time without your knowledge if you grant it camera permissions. Read More >>

Police Make First Arrest Using Facial Recognition Surveillance Vans

Science fiction authors have been writing about it for decades. Privacy activists have warned it’s just around the corner. Today, perfected facial recognition is one step closer to becoming a reality. Read More >>

Future Teens Will Probably Have Better Fake IDs Than We Did

Getting your fake ID snatched at 3am from a curmudgeonly bouncer is an embarrassing rite of passage too many of us have had to endure. Even if it’s followed by a cathartic cry over a dirty kebab, the experience is a distinctly humiliating one. But the good news is, there’s hope for the thirsty teens of tomorrow: a new study suggests that future fake IDs may be created using a photo manipulation technique to make them appear more convincing. Read More >>

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Updated: Video Shows Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Tricked By A Photo [Samsung’s Response]

Updated 1/4: We've now received a statement from Samsung in regards to this video – see our edit at the end. Read More >>

Australia to Replace Passports With Biometric Tech

In a move that sounds convenient and a little terrifying, international travellers to Australia may not need a passport by 2020. Officials say that the country is implementing a system to replace the standard paper ID with biometric technology that recognises faces, irises and/or fingerprints. Read More >>

Blippar Adds Facial Recognition to its AR App

Augmented reality company Blippar has added real-time facial recognition technology to its app, creating what may well become a fantastically useful tool for forgetful businessman and career stalkers. Read More >>

18p Glasses Convince Facial Recognition Tech That You’re John Malkovich

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have managed to develop a set of glasses capable of fooling commercial-grade facial recognition software into identifying you as somebody else entirely. They cost $0.22 (18p) to make, and worked with unnervingly high success rates in tests. Read More >>

Chinese Professor Uses Facial Recognition Tech to Work Out How Boring His Lectures Are

A lecturer at Sichuan University in China has come up with a slightly left-field and potentially slightly creepy use for facial recognition technology: working out how bored out of their minds he can make his students. Read More >>

Automated Facial Recognition to Catch Out Notting Hill Carnival Hellraisers This Weekend

Fans of the annual stagger-through-rammed-streets-with-a-four-pack-of-Red-Stripe-and-piss-through-a-random-old-person’s-front-gate-fest that is Notting Hill Carnival might be disappointed to learn that London’s Metropolitan Police are set to use automated facial recognition (AFR) technology to sniff out rapscallions and mischief-makers over the bank holiday weekend. Read More >>

Fish Can Recognise Faces, So Stop Flushing Them Down the Toilet

We don’t usually think of fish as being particularly smart, but a new experiment reveals that at least one species of tropical fish is capable of distinguishing between human faces. Scientists have never seen fish do this before, and it’s changing our understanding of these creatures and how brains work. Read More >>

Microsoft’s New What-Dog-is-Your-Face Tool is Good, Silly Fun

You need to play with, the latest silly viral sensation from Microsoft Garage. It’s really fun! Read More >>

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How Facial Recognition Uses Super-Simple Patterns to Understand Your Expression

Facial recognition systems use all kinds of clever software to work out who you are and even how you’re feeling. But in this video explainer, Dr Michel Valstar explains how a simple piece of analysis known as a Local Binary Pattern can help detect your expression. Read More >>