Google Claims Hundreds of Improvements to Search

Google claims to have made 890 improvements to search over the past year. Still can't find my keys though, can it, hmm? Read More >>

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Debunking 30 Life Hacks That Don’t Actually Make Your Life Better

Our obsession with hacking life to become more efficient beings of human knows no end. We bookmark links that promise to make picnicking more enjoyable; we scour the internet for kitchen tricks and watch endless videos that promise anywhere from 7 to 101 life changing tips. But how often do these life hacks actually stick? 1 out of every 100? Every thousand? It's like sifting for gold. Read More >>

Surprise! Porn Is More Popular In the UK Than Social Networks or Shopping

According to new figures, 8.5 per cent of all the UK's web clicks hit legal porn sites last month, the kind that the Great Firewall of Cameron is trying to block. That's more than people shopping, reading the news, stalking "friends" through social networks, or even business use. The UK obviously loves its smut. Read More >>

The Hardest Thing to Find in the Universe Is Even Rarer Than You Think

Staring at the periodic table of elements was pretty much all I did in science classes but I learned absolutely nothing from it other than Bromine and Barium (but that's more because of a Google search on Breaking Bad). Anyways! Elements on that periodic table aren't all created equal. Especially Astatine (At). That's pretty much the hardest thing to find anywhere. Read More >>

50 Debunked Science Misconceptions Will Make You Less Dumb

Being an enlightened individual means understanding basic scientific information about how the world works. Sure, we have teachers and parents there to fill our brains with knowledge, but the sad truth is that there are certain facts that take on a life of their own as they pass from ear to ear, eventually etching themselves into our collective brain-mass in twisted forms that are, well, just plain wrong. Read More >>

The Glass on Your Phone Is Actually Shrinking Before Your Very Eyes

That Gorilla Glass screen might be good at protecting your phone from scratches, smashes and the nightmare of repair bills, but did you know it's actually physically shrinking, even now while slapped across the front of your phone. Read More >>

Apparently People Hated the iPhone 5 the Most

Here's an interesting look into phone launches. We Are Social took the barrage of tweets, blog posts and scuttlebutt across various forums and mined it to see which new phone got the most hate on its launch. Amazingly Apple's iPhone 5 got way more hate than even Samsung's disappointingly plastic Galaxy S4, or the frankly boring, BlackBerry Z10. Read More >>

What Your Flight Number Actually Means

Traveling this summer? Don't forget to pack the suntan lotion. And check in to your flight online. And check if your flight is delayed using your flight number. Speaking of which, how the hell do aeroplanes come up with flight numbers? Apparently there's a system! Like did you know flights that go east or north are usually given even numbers while west and south flights have odd flight numbers. Read More >>

How Many Apps Does an App Need to Sell to Be in the Top Apps List?

When the App Store was fresh and new, you'd see different apps pop up in the Top Apps list. Those Top Apps lists were actually usable. But ever since Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja and whatever else decided to squat down, it's the same damn apps over and over. So how popular does an app have to be to crack these lists? Read More >>

The Difference Between a Geek and a Nerd in One Graph

It's 2013. We should all know that there are clear differences between calling something a nerd and calling someone a geek. This is a fact! Slackpropagation created this nifty graph that shows the dividing line on what defines a geek and what defines a nerd. The easiest way to tell the difference? Geeks are fans of a certain subject, nerds are practitioners of that subject. But fret not, geeks can be nerds and nerds can be geeks too! Read More >>

How 26 Alcoholic Drinks Got Their Names

You drink martinis and manhattans and mint juleps and pina coladas and tom collins and hell, so much more. Have you ever stepped back and wonder how these cocktails were named? Mental Floss' resident genius John Green shares the origin stories of 26 different cocktails so you can learn some. Warning: he's really good at these rapid fire brain melting sessions. [Mental Floss] Read More >>

13 Facts You Won’t Believe Are True

Here's a short video that'll wrinkle your brain a bit. Like debunking 50 common misconceptions, this video shows 13 facts you might not know are true. Like how Neil Armstrong had to clear customs after going to the Moon. Or that Russia is bigger than Pluto. Learning is fun. Read More >>

Apparently WhatsApp Is Now Actually Bigger Than Twitter

This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but according to the numbers, WhatsApp messenger is actually bigger than Twitter now. It pushes a colossal 12 billion outbound and 8 billion inbound messages daily, and has 200 million monthly active users. The best thing, though? No ads. Read More >>

The Most Popular Seats on an Airplane Are at the Back

Where do you like sitting on an airplane? At the very front or the very back? At a window or an aisle? According to research by British Airways, the most popular seats on a Boeing 747 are 51B/51C, 52B/52C, 51H/51J and 52 H/52J. That's all the way in the back of the plane. Read More >>