Hula Hoops Factory Accused of Grimy-Fingered Shame

Several of the UK's major supermarkets have come together to accuse KP Snacks of manufacturing our favourite reconstituted salted foodstuffs in unhygienic conditions, thanks to an anonymous whistleblower claiming the firm's Ashby de la Zouch factory is a right mess that's compromising the safety of the beloved Hula Hoop. Read More >>

Tesla Could Learn Something From This Lego Car-Building Factory

Tesla’s hit a few speed bumps in getting all the pre-ordered Model 3's out the door and on the road. But perhaps the company can learn something from Daniele Benedettelli, who created a fully autonomous Lego car factory using the iconic building toy. Read More >>

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Riding Along With a Log Through a Saw Mill Is Absolutely Terrifying

It’s not uncommon for cartoon characters to find themselves unwittingly dragged through all the chaos of a saw mill. From the audience’s perspective, it’s usually hilarious. But when you send a small camera on a log through a saw mill, scary doesn’t even begin to describe the experience of being pulled through all that machinery. Read More >>

This Butter Factory Looks Like Heaven

The Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in France looks like a wonderful place to get lost in. Mind of a Chef toured the factory with chef Ludo Lefebvre, and just judging from Lefebvre’s pure joy in seeing all that butter get made, it seems like it’s heaven on Earth. Hell, even from just watching the video of the process, I want to reach out and grab all those pale golden globs of goodness. Read More >>

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This Machine Weaves Chain Link Fences Like it’s Knitting a Sweater

We were totally wrong in assuming that chain link fences were made by a warehouse full of people tirelessly bending wires with pliers. It turns out this giant machine does it all autonomously, bending, twisting, and weaving wires like it’s making a giant metal sweater you never want to wear. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

This Elaborate Lego Mindstorms Factory Makes Just One Thing: Tiny Paper Boxes

The best feature of this elaborate Lego Mindstorms miniature factory is how utterly useless it is in the grand scheme of things. As its name implies, the Papercube spends about three minutes diligently performing just a single task: making a tiny folded paper cube. Read More >>

Ford Hires Saboteurs to Break Cars on Purpose

Car company Ford says it's been using some staff to take on the role of "Gremlins" within the business -- asking them to deliberately install parts of its cars the wrong way round and not tight enough so it can check how well everyone's scrutinising the finished articles. Oh so clever. Read More >>

Why Did This Russian River Suddenly Turn Blood Red?

A river near an industrial town in Russia has turned suddenly blood-red. But it’s not an omen of something mystical wrong in the cosmos. Rather, the source of the problem is probably a leaky factory upstream. Read More >>

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Seeing How Records Get Made from Beginning to End Is Still Charming

The making of a record isn’t exactly a big mystery but there’s still a bit of old magic in seeing music get put to wax in a factory, where the metal gets etched and the vinyl gets stamped out. Read More >>

Two LG Factory Workers Die in Nitrogen Leak

Two workers have died and four injured during a nitrogen leak at an LG Display factory in the South Korean city of Paju, accoriding to reports in The Korea Herald. Read More >>

Prescription Drugs Found Mixed With Jelly Tots on Newcastle Production Line

The seemingly innocent world of the Jelly Tots has been thrown into chaos, with police in Newcastle launching an investigation into how prescription medication was found mixed in with the sweets on a production line. Read More >>

Samsung Boss Treated Like a King in Bizarre Factory Visit

Samsung chairman Lee Kun Hee is apparently treated like he's rather special when he visits his factories, with one report suggesting he gets the full everything-smells-of-paint treatment usually reserved for visiting royalty. Read More >>

3d printing
Inside Shapeways, the 3D-Printing Factory of the Future

When you walk into the Shapeways headquarters in a sprawling New York City warehouse building, it doesn't feel like a factory. It's something different, somehow unforgettable, inevitably new. As it should be. This is one of the world's first full service 3D-printing factories, and it's not like any factory I've ever seen. Read More >>

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These Robot Warehouse Workers are Surprisingly Fun to Watch

These robot workers scuttle across warehouses in Europe collecting and delivering goods from containers stacked metres high. They are designed to be efficient and maximise space but are also really fun to watch. Read More >>