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Please Enjoy This Incredible Video of Giant Metal Parts Being Forged Inside a Factory

I don’t think you need any convincing to watch all that happens inside Kihlberg Steel AB, a forging factory that does things like ring rolling, open-die forging, and hammer forging. Read More >>

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We Should Replace the Floors in Every Airport With These Magical Conveyor Belts

The only thing better than finding a short Starbucks queue while navigating an airport is finding a moving walkway that can quickly whisk you closer to your gate. But imagine if all the floors in an airport were replaced with Intralox’s amazing omnidirectional conveyor belts? They could deliver you straight from the check-in kiosk to your flight. [YouTube via The Awesomer] Read More >>

Inside an Abandoned Soviet Textile Factory

There’s always a special thrill in visiting silent and deteriorating industrial places where decades ago hundreds of men and women worked amid loud machines. And a special thrill it was indeed taking these photos in the abandoned power plant building of a long gone fabric factory. Read More >>

Decay and Demolition Inside a Dying Cement Factory

The first cement factory in Hungary has reached its sorry end. The monstrous industrial complex of Lábatlan was established by Balázs Konkoly-Thege on the right bank of river Danube in 1868, and in the very beginning, Roman cement was made here in a wood-fueled 16 chamber furnace. Today, the factory is a lovely ruin—which I visited to document before it's demolished. Read More >>

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Go Inside the Factory That Makes the World’s Solar Panels

While you're watching the final game of the World Cup today, keep a keen eye on the advertisements along the sidelines. You're likely to see the name Yingli Solar: a massive Chinese solar power manufacturer that few soccer fans are likely to know. Climate Desk recently visited Yingli's sprawling plant, and got a first-hand look at the booming company. Read More >>

Samsung Factory Carbon Dioxide Leak Kills Worker

A carbon dioxide leak in a Samsung plant in southern Seoul has killed one of its workers, according to Korean news agency Yonhap News. Read More >>

Dirty Protest “Brings People Together” at Rolls-Royce Factory

As far as workplace pranks go, smearing shit all over the place isn't the most endearing thing you can do. In fact, it'll probably get you on the fast-track to being sectioned. But a series of dirty protests at the Rolls-Royce factory in Patchway, Bristol, is having an unexpected effect -- it's bringing workers together. Read More >>

18 Gorgeous Images of Job-Stealing Factory Robots

Robots have ruled industrial production for decades in many fields, from the car industry to food processing and consumer electronics. The Singularity isn't here yet — but in the world of manufacturing, it's been knocking on our door for years. Read More >>

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A Tour of the New Makerbot Factory, Where 3D Printers Are Born

MakerBot is building an empire selling printers that make things—but have you ever wondered where the printers themselves are made? On June 7th, the company opened a huge new factory to accommodate the booming demand for Replicators, and we got a first-hand look inside. Read More >>

How Nikon Makes the Glass Inside Its Lenses

If you were ever curious about how Nikon managed to make the wonderful glass that capture beautiful pictures, well, it all starts with making the glass itself. This video gives you a peek inside the Nikon factories that make the glass and shows you the step by step process. Read More >>

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So This Is How They Make Clouds, Hmmm?

A cloud factory! If I ever have a kid, I would show him this photo when he asks about how clouds are made.* I mean, it'd be technically true, right? That's evaporated water, after all. Read More >>

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Hidden Test Video Shows What Life in a Computer Factory Is Really Like

Have you ever wondered how your computer gets made? Ever thought about the people who put it together? What about how life is like inside a computer factory? This video, which was found inside a brand new HP laptop, answers all your questions. Read More >>

Chinese Citizens Comment on Foxconn, Apple, and Being From the Birthplace of the World’s Electronics

The New York Times teamed up with a Chinese magazine to see how the Chinese feel about Foxconn, Apple, and the how their factory workers are treated. The results might not surprise you, but they will remind you that there's more cost to your iPad than what's on the price tag. Read More >>

Apple Supplier Factory Explodes Injuring 57

There has been an explosion at one of the factories of Pegatron Corp—a manufacturer of back panel parts for Apple's iPad 2. The explosion has injured 57 workers, with 23 hospitalised with burns. Read More >>