This Video of ‘Muslims Celebrating the Paris Terror Attack’ Is Totally Fake

Last night, Paris was struck yet again by a terror attack, killing a police officer and has leaving two other people critically injured. But if you see the video below, purporting to show “a crowd of ‘moderate’ Muslims celebrating the Paris terror attack in London,” don’t believe it. It’s not what it appears to be. Read More >>

That Viral Story About a Japanese Man Crushed to Death by His Porn Collection is Totally Fake

Did a man in Japan really get crushed to death by his porn collection? No. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, thanks to this dumb game of Telephone we call The Internet. Read More >>

7 Viral Photos That are Totally Fake

We live in an age of fakes. But it seems that all those fake stories and photos that we see swirling around the internet are somehow getting even worse. Did you hear about the guy who brought a gun to a Washington DC pizza shop because of a conspiracy theory he read online? Yes, the internet’s fakes bleed into the “real world” all the time. Here are just a few of the fake photos you may have seen circulating recently. Read More >>

2016’s Supposed ‘Photo of the Year’ Is a Big Fat Fake

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water ... it totally was. Read More >>

No, That’s Not Fidel Castro Holding Justin Trudeau As a Baby

This photo of Fidel Castro holding a baby went viral back in 2015, when Justin Trudeau was first elected the Prime Minister of Canada. Numerous websites claimed that the baby was Justin Trudeau. And now that Castro has died, we’re seeing the photo spreading far and wide yet again. But that’s not Justin Trudeau. It’s actually his late brother Michel. Read More >>

This Photo of President Obama Hiding in His Shirt is Totally Fake

Have you seen this photo of President Obama telling a scary story with his head inside his shirt? It’s currently doing the rounds on social media as “the single greatest photo of any president” ever. But it’s totally fake. Read More >>

7 More Viral Photos That Are Totally Fake

Tis the season. The season for political fakery. Canada has a new Prime Minister, Britain’s got a new face to its opposition party, and Trump... well, Trump’s got whatever Trump’s got. Read More >>

NBC Fighting to Shut Down Parody Website Touting Breaking Bad Reboot

Did you hear the news that Yelp was suing South Park? Or that Breaking Bad was coming back for another season? Neither is true. They were rumours cooked up by NBC.com.co, a “parody” site with no affiliation to NBC. And NBC wants them to stop. Read More >>

No, This Fish Didn’t Come Back to Life as a Woman Was Eating It

Did you see that video of a fish “coming back to life” as a woman was eating it? It’s half-bullshit, much like half the viral videos on the internet. Read More >>

The Patron Saint of the Internet is Isidore of Seville, Who Tried to Record Everything Ever Known

In 1997 Pope John Paul II declared Isidore of Seville the patron saint of the internet. Saint Isidore died in the year 636, long before the first host-to-host ARPANET connection in 1969. But Isidore did try to record everything ever known in an encyclopedia that was ultimately published after his death. Read More >>

Nine Viral Images That are Totally Fake

Some days it feels like everything on the internet is fake. And I’m here to tell you to trust that instinct. Read More >>

Google “Fun Facts” Right Now For a Random Fun Fact

Bored? Type the phrase “fun facts” into a Google search. I bet you’ll never guess what Google delivers. That’s right! A random fun fact! Read More >>

This Video is Amazing, But Those Aren’t Self Driving Cars

Over the past month, this video of traffic at a busy junction has gone viral. People are sharing it as a demonstration of self-driving cars on the road. And while there’s some truth to the general idea that cars will be able to caravan and avoid each other much better in the future, that’s not what this video actually shows. The video is an art film that’s been heavily edited in post-production. Read More >>

Shutdownify is Fake

On Wednesday a website called Shutdownify.com went viral on Twitter. The site supposedly allowed tech startups facing a shutdown to craft an automated notice about their imminent demise. Shutdownify itself announced that it was closing shop. But the site is 100 per cent fake. Read More >>

Vloggers Faked a Surveillance Video, But Did They Destroy hitchBOT?

It’s now clear that two video bloggers faked a “surveillance video” showing the destruction of hitchBOT, the hitchhiking robot. What’s still unclear is whether the pair were responsible for actually destroying the bot, and whether we can expect more to come from their “prank.” Read More >>