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Home 3D Printing ‘Just Not There Yet’ Admits MakerBot

MakerBot was going to change the world. It was going to bring 3D-printing, a product long limited to designer offices and workshops, into the home (or at least the garage). But earlier today, under a veil of marketing speak and glitzy videos, the company announced a new focus on commercial — not consumer — products, and in so doing, finally admitted what we’ve all known for a while. No one really wants a 3D printer in their house. Read More >>

What’s Your Biggest Online Fail?

A few weeks ago, we had a nice little chat where we described our proudest online accomplishments. It was fun! But now it's time we cut ourselves back down to size. Today, we'll be admitting our biggest online fails. Read More >>

Twitter on Samsung GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0
Instagram Seems to be Having Some Technical Difficulties

Instagram seems to be having some technical difficulties updating its feeds right now. Guess you'll just have to share your lunch pictures sans filter. [Instagram] Read More >>

Happy Birthday Facebook! Here are Your Biggest Screw-Ups

Customary birthday behaviour will usually find the special one's eyes take on a thousand-yard stare as they stuff cake down their gullets, thinking back to their misdemeanors and wrongfootings of the past year. This introspection might occur thanks to an ambition to lift their game for the next year, but in order to do that, it's important to learn from mistakes. Facebook, here are yours: Read More >>

Some Fool Threw Away a Hard Drive with £4.6 Million of Bitcoin On It

Ever accidentally lose a pound coin? Then you count what's in your war chest, realise it's a quid short, and kick yourself for being careless? Well, a British IT worker knows what that feels like—except times 4.6 million. Read More >>

British Gas Boss Battered in Twitter Q&A Disaster

Bert Pijls, the customer services director for British Gas in the UK, thought it might be a good idea to get in touch with the common people by manning a live Q&A on Twitter. It didn't go particularly well for him. Read More >>

Newsnight Editor’s “Boring Snoring” Twitter Fail Makes the News

BBC Newsnight editor Ian Katz embarrassed himself royally yesterday, after accidentally describing a Labour MP who appeared on the show as "Boring Snoring" in a tweet meant as a cynical DM to a friend. Now his mistake has been immortalised in the closing credits of the show. Read More >>

11 Spectacular 3D Printer Failures

Just because you have a 3D printer doesn't mean you're going to make anything remarkable. It doesn't even mean you're going to wind up with what you set out to produce. Believe it or not, 3D printing requires some skill. And when you don't have it, things go delightfully askew. Read More >>

Scientology Is as Bad at Photoshop as It Is at Not Brainwashing People

The Church of Scientology held an event for the opening of a new facility in Portland over the weekend. The crowd was around 450-750 people. But the church claims it was more like 2,500, and it Photoshopped in the proof. Read More >>

10 Worst Photoshops of All Time

We live in the age of Photoshop, which means that we're all duped on a daily basis by images that belie reality. But occasionally, those that doctor the originals are so incompetent, that they leave body parts floating around the place, or simply stretch the truth beyond belief. We lined up our 10 favourite failed attempts at image enhancement for your viewing pleasure. Read More >>