The Nine Most Disgraceful Crowdfunding Failures of 2015 

Donating to a crowdfunding campaign is risky. You hand money to internet strangers who give you nothing but a promise in return. Sometimes it pays off and you get an Oculus Rift. Other times, you get a colossal dud, or worse, a complete scam. Read More >>

No, a Cryptocurrency Can’t Fix a Broken Economy

Auroracoin, the digital currency given as a free hand-out to every resident of Iceland, was supposed to be a a salvo for a country rankled by a broken financial system. It was heralded as the beginning of hyper-localised cryptocurrencies; it became the second-largest cryptocurrency before it even launched, valued at a third of a billion pounds at its peak. Read More >>

How It All Went Wrong For Sony

Over the past decade Sony has fallen from tech giant to struggling underdog, with a series of mistakes and mis-management causing the firm to miss out on just about every big advance in consumer electronics. But where did it all go wrong? Read More >>