Nikon Tries to Right the Sinking Ship With a Stupid Swarovski Replica

Nikon is, ostensibly, a remarkable company. Sure, it had to lay off quite a few people last year, and back in February, it cancelled a hotly anticipated line of cameras. But Nikon’s a tech-based company that’s managed to innovate and survive a hundred years. Nikon started as an optics company and has endured as one, even as photography has evolved considerably. Few companies can claim the same! What better way to celebrate 100 years of (mostly) success than with the release of...a Swarovski crystal version of one of its most iconic products? Read More >>

xbox one
Got a Broken Xbox One Blu-ray Drive? Spank its Bottom and it Might Fix Itself

Turn your Xbox One upside-down, make a wish and smack it on a table three times is the latest unofficial advice regarding the Drive of Doom failure issue, with users reporting success in hitting their broken machines to make them work again. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft Acknowledges Xbox One’s Crunchy-Sounding Broken Blu-ray Drive Issues

Microsoft's successful Xbox One hardware launch is now seeing the sort of early-adopter tech problems that also hit US buyers of PS4, with MS forced into admitting that "a very small number" of Xbox One buyers are having problems getting discs to load. Read More >>

Sony Says “Less Than One Per Cent” of PS4s are Faulty and it Might all be Amazon’s Fault Anyway

Sony has updated the gamers of the world on the situation regarding the PS4 hardware issues that have been dogging the console's launch somewhat, claiming that less than one per cent of machines have suffered any problems -- and hinting that it might be shoddy packaging from retailers causing some of the damage: Read More >>

Kickstarter Winner Blows £80k on Sketches and Moving House, Then Legs It

Well over 1,000 people contributed to the Kickstarter project for The Doom That Came to Atlantic City, which was supposed to be a sort of fantasy-themed reworking of Monopoly. Around £80,000 was raised -- well ahead of the £23k initial target -- but nothing's going to happen as the money's all gone. Read More >>

History’s Greatest Architectural Blunders

When buildings fail, they fail spectacularly—and often, tragically. But failed structures also serve an important purpose: To teach engineering and architecture students what not to do. Read More >>

Is Your Nexus 7 Suffering from Early-Onset Tech Failure?

The Nexus 7 became the first smash hit for Google's tablet ambitions, with the Asus-made device sold for a cheap price and offering what was an extremely high tech spec for the time. However, angst within the Android community claims it's now breaking en masse, with the blame pointed at failing cheap components. If you've got one, how's it doing? Read More >>

Whatever Happened to Facebook-Killer Diaspora?

The first real Kickstarter success story, Diaspora, was a new social network born out of frustration with Facebook's privacy policies. It surpassed its modest funding goal of £6,500, eventually raking in over £125,000, and then... nothing. Read More >>

10 Stupid, Crazy, Wonderful Gadget Fails

More than most other fields, technology prides itself on being a hotbed of innovation. It's easy to forget, though, that innovation is messy, and for every iPod, there are a few dozen portable, wrist-mounted 8-track players. Here are ten failed gadgets that were unabashedly crazy. Read More >>

RIM: Our BBM Core Switch Failed. Then Our Back-Up Failed

BlackBerry maker RIM has released a statement on the ongoing BlackBerry Messenger service failures, saying that pretty much everything broke at once. And there's now a big backlog of sexy texts to process. Read More >>