Jody Houser on Returning to the World of Valiant for Faith: Dreamside

Faith is back! After both her blockbuster ongoing series and the Future Force miniseries came to an end last year, Valiant’s high-flying psiot superheroine has been laying low for a bit. But now she’s ready to return! Faith writer Jody Houser told us what to expect from the new series and we have a first look at Faith: Dreamside #1. Read More >>

On Wikipedia, Pokémon Go Is a Bigger Deal Than the Bible

My kids aren’t playing Pokémon Go yet, but the older one had heard enough about it that he started reading up about it. When I looked at the screen after he’d been on the computer, I encountered this incredible wall of text: Read More >>

This Preacher Genuinely Reckons He Can Cure Illness By Kicking You in the Head

And thankfully he's been refused entry into the UK. Canadian "healing evangelist, revivalist, and author", Todd Bently, genuinely believes that by kicking people in the head, knocking them over, and choking them, he can cure illness. What the hell? Read More >>