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Facebook and Twitter Remove Trump’s Doctored ‘Fake News’ Video After Copyright Complaint

Unsurprisingly, it turns out parents aren’t too keen on their toddlers being co-opted for presidential propaganda. Read More >>

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EU Demands That Tech Giants Submit Monthly Reports on Combating Fake News

The outbreak of the pandemic has seen the rise of the COVID-19/5G conspiracy theories which the EU isn't happy about at all. And now a couple of senior officials want to see a more proactive approach to nip them in the bud across the internet. Read More >>

UK Government Wants Twitter to Remove Blue Checks From Accounts That Don’t Toe the Line

Some grumpy old men in the government have failed to understand the role of social media, personal responsibility, and the government's own shady use of Twitter, and are demanding that verified accounts tweeting disinformation should have their little blue check marks removed as punishment. Read More >>

Coronavirus/5G Rockets to #1 in UK Online Conspiracy Chart

Communications regulator Ofcom is monitoring the rise of the Covid-19/5G conspiracy theory favoured by the super-bored idiotic elite, and is warning that around half of everyone online encountered a non-ironic example of the world's most baffling misinformation last week. Read More >>

Facebook is Telling Users if They’ve Interacted With COVID-19 Fake News

Facebook users who have liked, reacted or commented on "harmful misinformation about COVID-19" that has since been taken down by the platform are going to be notified about it in their newsfeed. Read More >>

WhatsApp Limits Message Forwarding to Stop Fake Coronavirus News Spreading

There's a lot of cockamamie coronavirus theories floating around right now. You may have even had an over-eager friend send you one or two, but in an effort to curb their proliferation, WhatsApp is tightening its limits on message forwarding. Read More >>

Government Team Established to Battle Coronavirus “Fake News”

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is about to make its youngest and best-at-computers staff sit together in a new desk arrangement, as it's preparing a counter-disinformation team to address and organise the taking down of the grim fake news inevitably proliferating on social media as coronavirus clickbait. Read More >>

No, China Is Not Sending a Giant Duck Army to Defeat Pakistan’s Locusts

The Associated Press published a story early this morning using reporting from Chinese-based Ningbo Evening News that Chinese authorities were deploying 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to help combat the locust swarms plaguing the country. Outlets around the world picked the ducks vs. locusts battle up before AP amended its reporting to note “questions were raised” about the Chinese report. Read More >>

The BBC Joins Up With Google, Facebook, and Twitter To Try To Tackle Misinformation Online

The BBC is teaming up with some of the biggest names in tech to coordinate a defence against the online disinformation campaigns endemic to some of their platforms, the outlet announced Saturday. Read More >>

Guy Who Built Twitter’s Retweet Button Admits Maybe That Was a Really Bad Idea

The man behind Twitter’s “Retweet” button – which is pretty much the foundation of the whole site – now thinks he screwed up big time, telling BuzzFeed News in an interview that he recalled thinking, “We might have just handed a 4-year-old a loaded weapon.” Read More >>

Facebook Bravely Limits Nonsense Health ‘Cures’ and Misinformation to Just Some People

Facebook’s track record for tackling misinformation on its platform is, well, you might say not exactly great. It’s not just limited to dumb or misleading political memes either – it also includes seriously dangerous health misinformation and alleged “cures.” Realising the error of its ways and their potential for harm, Facebook has finally decided to delete this information altogether so it can no longer be shared or seen. Read More >>

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Operation Fishwrap Repackages Old Terror Attacks as New Ones for Your Dumb Friends to Share

Analytics firm, Recorded Future, has purported to have discovered an online campaign that is recycling news about past terror attacks and re-framing them as new incidents on social media. Read More >>

Facebook’s Latest Changes Will Only Promote Well-Established Fake News

Facebook, in an attempt to clean up the mess it’s created, has announced yet another set of changes meant to help it be less awful. Read More >>

‘Fake News’ Bill Signed Into Law in Russia

A pair of bills that limit speech online were signed into law by Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday, promising harsh penalties for those who criticise the nation and its officials or post fake news. Read More >>

Russian Lawmakers Pass Bills Banning Fake News and ‘Disrespect’ of Officials Online 

A pair of bills that prohibit spreading fake news and insulting authorities just made it one step closer to becoming law in Russia. Read More >>