Facebook’s Latest Tactic Against Fake News is a Focus on Local News

If you have a Facebook account, go and look at the trending news and take a look at the sources. You might, like me, have a list dominated by the likes of Sky, BBC, CBS, Financial Times, Fox, The Guardian and other big name news organisations. It might not be like that for long, however, because Facebook has announced plans to focus on local news stories in a bid to tackle fake news and deliver more 'high quality' content. Read More >>

Facebook Slowly Realising It Might Be Ruining Democracy

If you were even semi-conscious during the last two years, you’ll know that social media can wreak havoc on a functioning democracy. Facebook is finally admitting that it’s part of the problem. Facebook also wants you to believe in an imaginary future, a hypothetical someday when Mark Zuckerberg figures out how to stop his social network from enabling cyberwar and genocide, but the social network stops short of explaining how it’s going to get there. Read More >>

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Government Plans Fake News Social Media Hit Job

The government is preparing to announce the creation of a new division entirely focused on righting the wrongs of the "fake news" culture of today, with the Cabinet Office about to house a crack team of people who do nothing other than spend their days on the internet sighing. Read More >>

France is Working on a New Law to Try and Curb Fake News Election Interference

With the rise of fake news back in 2016, and the increasing evidence that it was designed to influence the US presidential election (and maybe the Brexit vote), there's been a lot of talk of what should be done about it. The problem is nobody really knows how to stop the spread of fake news, but France is going to try and legislative approach. Read More >>

Your Selfie Obsession May Be Real, But ‘Selfitis’ Is a Fake Disease

From the annals of bad science reporting comes this latest confusion: Media outlets completely misconstrued the results of a study about a supposed selfie mental disorder—a study that itself was inspired by a hoax that also fooled media outlets three years earlier. Read More >>

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29 Viral Photos and GIFs From 2017 That Were Totally Fake

It’s that time of year again when we look back at the photos and GIFs that went viral over the past 12 months. We did similar year-end round-ups in 2014, 2015, 2016 and I must say that 2017 was even weirder than usual. How so? There were so many fake images swirling around the internet, it was difficult to decide which ones to debunk. Read More >>

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The Most Significant Science Setbacks of 2017

Scientific progress doesn’t always exactly look like, well, progress. Progress comes in fits and starts. Sometimes things get in the way—be they harassment, politics, or just plain bad science. Read More >>

Facebook Ditches ‘Disputed’ News Tag After It Totally Backfired

In the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, the way Facebook and other sites helped amplify fake news was found to have had a profound impact on how people reacted to current events. So earlier this year, Facebook implemented a new system to mark inaccurate stories with a “disputed” tag to help alert readers to potentially false stories. Well it seems that was a mistake, too, because now Facebook is doing away with the disputed tags. Read More >>

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The BBC’s New Scheme Will Teach Teenagers How to Spot Fake News

How does one spot fake news? Apparently it's more complicated than checking a different news outlet. Who knew? Obviously the BBC did, because it's launching a brand new scheme to help secondary school and sixth form students spot fake news stories and filter out false information. Read More >>

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Teenagers Are Increasingly Aware of Fake News on Social Media Says Ofcom

With fake news on the rise, and the spread of misinformation made easy through social media. Some people have expressed concern for the children who may not know any better, but according to Ofcom they're not as gullible as some people like to think. According to the regulator nine out of 10 teenagers check whether the news they see on social media is true or not. Read More >>

Russia Allegedly Threatens Retaliation Against Google if It Lowers RT or Sputnik’s Search Rankings

The ominous cloud of doom surrounding the ongoing U.S. investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election got a little darker on Tuesday, with Russian state communications agency Roskomnadzor allegedly threatening retaliation against Google for suggesting it could lower government-funded outlets RT and Sputnik in search rankings. Read More >>

Once Again, Google Promoted Disinformation and Propaganda After a Mass Shooting

As authorities named Devin Patrick Kelley as the shooter in a horrifying massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas which resulted in at least 26 deaths on Sunday, Google once again served up misinformation and posts from conspiracy theorists at the top of search results for his name. Read More >>

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Collins Dictionary Names ‘Fake News’ as Word of the Year

Criticise Donald Trump? That's obviously fake news. Said something a random commenter didn't like? Also fake news. Given how much use of the term has grown over the past year, it's hardly surprising that Collins Dictionary has declared 'fake news' to be its word of the year. Even though it's actually two words. Read More >>

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UK Officials Want to Know if Russia Tampered With the Brexit Referendum

After it was revealed that Russia might have meddled with the US presidential election last year, some people started thinking "if they meddled there, could they have meddled in the Brexit vote?" Lots of investigations have happened with regard to the US election, but not so much Brexit. So officials have decided to find out. Read More >>

Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos Hits Back at Media Coverage of Its Algorithms

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, defended his employer against “coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos.” in a lengthy tweetstorm on Saturday. Read More >>