LinkedIn Picks a Losing Fight With Fake News

Propagandists ramming verifiably false information into the eyeballs of credulous internet users—now dubbed “fake news”—is one of the most daunting, complicated issues facing social platforms today. Even the richest, most powerful tech companies with the brightest talent pools have yet to deploy anything resembling a solution. The great equaliser of the internet age is everyone’s ability to broadcast their thoughts, but is it even possible to keep out those who would intentionally mislead? Read More >>

“Nonsense, Utterly Ridiculous & Should Be Ignored” – GCHQ On Trump’s Wiretap Claims

Intelligence agency GCHQ has had to take time out of its day to specifically refute Donald Trump's claims that it wiretapped Trump Tower during the election. Read More >>

How South Korea’s Fake News Hijacked a Democratic Crisis

Last Thursday, South Korean president Park Geun-Hye was officially ousted from her office after a special Constitutional Court decision held up her impeachment. For the majority of Koreans, it’s the end of a gruelling three-month trial and a longer national scandal. But during the biggest crisis in South Korea’s young democracy, the road to impeachment was filled with fake information spread through the popular messaging app KakaoTalk, websites and newspaper-like pamphlets in which fictional western experts named after anime characters proved made-up conspiracies and “Donald Trump” supported President Park Geun-Hye. Read More >>

The Father of the World Wide Web Has Some Worries About His Baby

This past Saturday was the 28th anniversary of the day that Tim Berners-Lee submitted his proposal for what would become the World Wide Web. In honour of the occasion, he published a letter outlining the biggest areas of its development that are doing him a frighten and warping his original vision. Read More >>

That Viral Story About a Japanese Man Crushed to Death by His Porn Collection is Totally Fake

Did a man in Japan really get crushed to death by his porn collection? No. But you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, thanks to this dumb game of Telephone we call The Internet. Read More >>

Paper Accidentally Runs Photo of Alec Baldwin Instead of Donald Trump

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic has issued an apology for running “fake news” about the Trump regime. Did the paper question the racial superiority of Steve Bannon or doubt the size of Trump’s enormous hands? Nope. The paper accidentally ran a photo of Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump on SNL instead of a photo showing the real president. Read More >>

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Fake News Will Save us, Say Media Dinosaurs

The men, women, and self-aware algorithms in charge of today's massive media organisations think that the "fake news" mini storm could end up being good for them, as they imagine that the readers of the world may now be so fed up of it all that they might turn to reputable organisations and all start paying for properly researched stories. An opinion we might republish with the world "LOL" attached to it. Read More >>

After Government Threatens Fines, Facebook Will Test Out Fake News Filtering in Germany

In December, German lawmakers announced plans to introduce a bill that would fine Facebook 500,000 euros (or just over£440,000) for not removing fake news posts within 24 hours. On Sunday, the Financial Times reported that the company will be testing its fake news filtering system in—you guessed it—Germany! Read More >>

Joke Science Papers Get Less Funny Every Year

Imagine reading a study from a prestigious science journal and finding out that the scientists performed and wrote the study as a joke. Sure, all of the data is true, but they littered the abstract and conclusion sections with irony. Other years you might have found it funny. But what if the joke was so arcane that only the scientist got it? And what if just minutes before you’d seen another fake news article denying climate change? Read More >>

Facebook Finally Attempts to Do Something About its Fake News Problem

After steadfastly denying it has a problem with fake news, Facebook is finally admitting it does, in fact, have a problem with fake news. Today, it announced several specific ways in which it will try to fix these thorny issues. Read More >>

Google Won’t Alter the Holocaust-Denying Results For ‘Did the Holocaust Happen’

If you Google “did the Holocaust happen” the first result is a link from, a neo-Nazi and white supremacist forum that’s widely regarded as the internet’s “first major hate site.” Read More >>

We Need to Stop Taking Facebook’s Word For It [Vol.3]

Facebook is doing a big public relations push today to promote its “Year in Review,” lists of the top topics and videos on the platform, and Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg appeared on US daytime talk show Today Show as part of the festivities. Read More >>

Facebook Bans Fake News Detector… For A Few Hours

Last month a browser extension called "BS Detector" popped up online, designed to flag links to certain news sites as "unreliable". According to creator Daniel Sieradski, the plugin's website was banned by Facebook today, before being allowed through again a few hours later. Read More >>

New York Times Public Editor Slams Facebook Op-Ed

The New York Times op-ed section recently published an opinion piece that defended Facebook from calls that it should fact-check the news as a way of combating fake stories. Read More >>