Russia Allegedly Threatens Retaliation Against Google if It Lowers RT or Sputnik’s Search Rankings

The ominous cloud of doom surrounding the ongoing U.S. investigations into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election got a little darker on Tuesday, with Russian state communications agency Roskomnadzor allegedly threatening retaliation against Google for suggesting it could lower government-funded outlets RT and Sputnik in search rankings. Read More >>

Once Again, Google Promoted Disinformation and Propaganda After a Mass Shooting

As authorities named Devin Patrick Kelley as the shooter in a horrifying massacre in Sutherland Springs, Texas which resulted in at least 26 deaths on Sunday, Google once again served up misinformation and posts from conspiracy theorists at the top of search results for his name. Read More >>

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Collins Dictionary Names ‘Fake News’ as Word of the Year

Criticise Donald Trump? That's obviously fake news. Said something a random commenter didn't like? Also fake news. Given how much use of the term has grown over the past year, it's hardly surprising that Collins Dictionary has declared 'fake news' to be its word of the year. Even though it's actually two words. Read More >>

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UK Officials Want to Know if Russia Tampered With the Brexit Referendum

After it was revealed that Russia might have meddled with the US presidential election last year, some people started thinking "if they meddled there, could they have meddled in the Brexit vote?" Lots of investigations have happened with regard to the US election, but not so much Brexit. So officials have decided to find out. Read More >>

Facebook Security Chief Alex Stamos Hits Back at Media Coverage of Its Algorithms

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer, defended his employer against “coverage of our recent issues driven by stereotypes of our employees and attacks against fantasy, strawman tech cos.” in a lengthy tweetstorm on Saturday. Read More >>

Google’s Top Stories Promoted Misinformation About the Las Vegas Shooting From 4Chan

On Sunday night, a gunman killed more than 50 people at a country music festival outside the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. On Monday morning, authorities identified the gunman as Stephen Paddock. But in an episode that has become sadly familiar in the immediate aftermath of such tragedies, amateur sleuths on 4chan incorrectly identified the shooter as another man—and this time Google helped signal boost their misinformation. Read More >>

Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Solution Isn’t Going to Solve the Problem

Ever since the term was popularised by then-US presidential candidate Donald Trump, the stupid controversy over “fake news” has become a swirling vortex of pointlessness that refuses to go all the way down the drain. Now everyone’s calling legitimate articles and opinion pieces that contradict their own prejudices “fake,” as though disagreeing with something implicitly means it was manufactured out of whole cloth. Read More >>

Even Facebook’s Fact-Checkers Are Unhappy With Facebook’s Fact-Checking Process

Facebook outsourced its fake news problem, and it appears the company isn’t keeping its fact-checkers fully satisfied. According to a report from Politico, third-party fact-checkers want more internal data from Facebook both on how impactful their work is on the platform and also on which stories they should prioritise. Facebook isn’t handing the information over, and fact-checkers are reportedly irked. Read More >>

Trump Goes Full Dictator With REAL NEWS Propaganda Feed

Trump's done something bonkers again, you'll be amazed to hear. He's got his people to assemble a GOOD NEWS I'M DOING AMAZING video for his Facebook page, which lists his triumphs for the benefit of the American nation. Read More >>

Scientific Journals Publish Bogus Paper About Midi-chlorians from Star Wars

Some scientific journals will publish literally anything for a price. That includes a meme-filled paper by “Lucas McGeorge” and “Annette Kin” referencing “midi-chlorians.” Yes, George Lucas’ attempt to explain feeling the Force with faux biology is now published “scientific research.” Read More >>

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Insanely Accurate Lip Syncing Tech Could Turn Fake News Videos into a Real Problem

Imagine the worst case scenario. Dubious filmmakers use artificially intelligent computers to feed raw audio into a simulated version of Barack Obama. The audio is actually Obama’s voice, and the face really is his face. But the lip movements? Totally fake. The filmmakers publish the video on the internet, and it’s virtually impossible to see that it’s a fake, because the technology is so good. This is not a hypothetical situation any more. Read More >>

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Fake News, Explained By Science

Why do fake news stories and hoaxes go viral? This was the question asked by a team of US researchers - who discovered both high (real) and low (fake) quality information is shared at similar rates on social media platforms such as Facebook. Read More >>

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Who Created the Fake Donald Trump Time Cover Hanging Up at His Golf Courses?

Gaslighting victims around the world blinked on Tuesday when The Washington Post revealed that a fake Time magazine cover with the president’s face is hanging up at Trump golf courses around the world. Donald Trump’s administration would not explain this glaring example of fake news. The facts lead to even weirder questions. Read More >>

Hackers Hijacking Verified Accounts to Spread Fake News

Security research group Access Now has discovered a clever attack being used against influential social media users as a means of disseminating fake news. The “Doubleswitch” not only involves hijacking verified accounts but makes it extremely difficult for the legitimate owner to regain control of their handle. Read More >>

Facebook Advertises its Fake News Distribution Prowess

Facebook is taking responsibility for the spread of "fake news" around the world in quite the unusual way, turning to full-page print adverts in some newspapers to warn readers that its social network often can't be trusted. Read More >>