SpaceX Launches Investigation After Rocket-Engine Explodes During Tests

On Sunday, a rocket-engine exploded during ignition tests at the SpaceX facility in Texas. The incident marks a setback for the company in what has otherwise been a pretty good year. Read More >>

Why SpaceX’s Next Rocket Launch Is a Really Big Deal

Since its inception, SpaceX has been working toward developing reusable rockets. From a fiscal standpoint, the move makes a tremendous amount of sense: Not having to pay tens of million dollars to build a new first stage booster every time you launch is cost-effective, and would make launches a hell of a lot easier as a result. On Thursday, SpaceX will finally take the plunge—or rather, launch—and attempt to send off and land a Falcon 9 rocket that was used last April to send a Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station (ISS). Read More >>

SpaceX Will Start Launching Rockets Again in November

Two weeks ago, a SpaceX rocket inexplicably burst into flames, taking its satellite payload up in smoke. Now the space company has given a date for when we can expect to see its rockets back in the air. Read More >>

Owner of Satellite On Doomed SpaceX Rocket Wants £38 Million

Facebook wasn’t the only satellite owner who saw millions go up in smoke when a SpaceX rocket exploded on a Cape Canaveral launch pad last Thursday. In addition to Facebook’s satellite intended to bring internet to an entire continent, Spacecom, an Israeli-based satellite operator, had a satellite onboard. Read More >>

SpaceX Says Investigation Will Examine Just Milliseconds of Footage From Explosion

In an update posted to its website, SpaceX announced that its investigation of Thursday’s Falcon 9 explosion, which began “immediately after the loss,” will centre on mere milliseconds worth of footage. Read More >>

What That Huge Explosion Means for the Future of SpaceX

A routine test firing of a SpaceX rocket ended in a fiery explosion, destroying both the vehicle and its payload, a communications satellite that Facebook planned to use for beaming free internet down to Africa. As the smoke begins to clear, the future of SpaceX remains clouded in uncertainty. Read More >>

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Here’s the First Video Showing SpaceX’s Rocket Exploding

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded in Cape Canaveral today. It was carrying Facebook’s $95 million satellite that was going to beam Internet to poor parts of the world as part of the company’s project. Read More >>

How to Watch Sunday’s SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch

SpaceX is set to launch another Falcon 9 rocket on its way to deliver a commercial communications satellite into orbit and, as is tradition, you can watch it live. You just have to be up super early in order to see it. Read More >>

Watch SpaceX Fire a Recovered Falcon 9 Booster

In a critical step toward actually re-using reusable rockets, on Thursday at its McGregor test centre SpaceX fired up a Falcon 9 first stage that returned from space just two months ago. And it seemed to perform beautifully. Read More >>

SpaceX To Have a Busy Night With Launch and Experimental Landing

SpaceX’s work in reusable rockets will get another push as scientists prepare Sunday for a launch and subsequent landing of the Falcon 9 rocket tonight. Read More >>

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Watch This Tiny Flying SpaceX Falcon 9 Replica Totally Stick its Landing

You can pretend to be disappointed every time SpaceX’s Falcon 9 crashes during a landing attempt, but deep down you know part of you wants to see an explosion. That’s why this video of a miniature flying SpaceX Falcon 9 drone is both awesome and disappointing, because there’s never going to be a fireball. Read More >>

Image Captured of Night Sky During SpaceX Falcon 9 Landing

Time for your daily dose of space porn! Photographer Zach Grether has posted photos on his blog of what he said was the landing of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Read More >>

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Yep, SpaceX is Running Out of Room For its Landed Rockets

When SpaceX managed to safely land its 3rd Falcon 9 rocket ten days ago, Elon Musk tweeted that the company “may need to increase [the] size of [its] rocket storage hangar”. He wasn’t kidding. Read More >>

SpaceX Just Made its Fastest Successful Rocket Landing on a Drone Ship

Overnight, SpaceX attempted to make its most audacious rocket landing yet on its drone ship. Amazingly, it succeeded. Read More >>

Watch This Compilation of SpaceX Launches for the Crashes

Yes, we could watch that gif of the Falcon 9 rocket landing itself on a drone ship all day long. But, after watching this string of the last four years of SpaceX’s rockets hurtling through the air, it turns out there’s one thing that’s even better: crashes. Read More >>