Someone Brought a Bird Army on a Flight – And Nobody Seemed to Mind

Reddit can feel like a cesspool of hate most days, but occasionally, it turns up some internet gems. Today, for example, a user posted a bonkers photo of a posse of large, intimidating-looking birds chilling on an airplane. Read More >>

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Falconers in Abu Dhabi Train Their Raptors With Drones

In the United Arab Emirates, falconry is one of the oldest and most treasured traditions, the sport dating back to an age when falcons were used to hunt food. Today, it's a social affair. Even the drones join in the fun. Read More >>

Vodafone Southampton Bombed Out by Happy Falcons

Mother Nature has impacted upon the quality of life of Vodafone customers in Southampton, thanks to a pair of local peregrine falcons choosing one of the network's mobile masts as their 2013 nesting spot. Read More >>

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This Helmet Cam Attached to a Falcon Shows You What It’s Like to Fly and Hunt Like a Bird

Helmet cams are amazing at getting a first person perspective on any situation; you're literally able to see what they see. So how about attaching a little helmet camera to a falcon? Yep, you get to see what it's like to fly (surprisingly not shaky!) and see what it's like to hunt and kill (unsurprisingly messy). Read More >>