Rage Against the Machine Wishes it to be Known That They do Not Endorse Nigel Farage

90s rock-fury band Rage Against the Machine is once again back in the headlines, this time because of Brexit vox-pop king Nigel Farage and his niche podcast for similar middle-aged white outcasts. Read More >>

Maybe You’ll Give a Shit About Politics if it’s Done in Lego?

The suits at Bloomberg Business have let what remains of their hair down and had a bit of fun on work time, creating a Lego simulation of the complex current world of UK politics -- and forecasting how the political landscape may look after May's general election. Read More >>

Nigel Farage Elected to Power in Fortuitously Fake Judge Dredd Universe

Common pint-holding man of the (small minority of) people Nigel Farage is set to be made a mockery of in comic form, thanks to the makers of the Judge Dredd comic 2000AD creating a character designed to look and sound like the wannabe political powerbroker. Read More >>