Scientists Are Closer Than Ever to Growing a Tomato That Ripens But Doesn’t Rot

Keeping a tomato flavourful and firm past a few days is no easy task, as anyone who has made the catastrophic mistake of sticking a tomato in the fridge can attest. Now, new research could finally give us a much longer span of time to eat that tomato. Read More >>

Researchers Just Made a Breakthrough in Growing Crops During a Drought

Drought is spreading across farmland worldwide—and it’s only going to get more intense. New research offers a clue on how we might be able to continue to grow the staples we’re used to but with much less water. Read More >>

The World’s Largest Vertical Farm Is Being Built in New Jersey 

A huge vertical farm—where crops are planted, grown, and harvested all with neither sun nor soil—is being built in New Jersey. When it’s finished, it will be the largest one in the world. Read More >>

Why World Hunger Is Going to Fall to Its Lowest Levels Ever This Decade

By 2026, there’s going to be a lot less hunger worldwide—and that’s something to celebrate. The reason is not that we’re growing more food, however. Food is just getting cheaper. Read More >>

The First Ever Samples From the Global Seed Vault Have Been Retrieved

Deep in the arctic, inside over 400 feet of rock, a huge cache of seeds is stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, in case of some global emergency. Today, the first of the seeds from that supply have arrived to replenish a collection sent away for safe keeping during Syria’s Civil War. Read More >>

Inside London’s World War II Bunker Turned Massive Underground Farm

Last week, we wrote about a project in London that sounds straight up apocalyptic: A massive underground farm inside a 60-year-old bunker, originally built to protect Londoners from Nazi bombs. Now, we have video—and it's every bit as spooky as you'd think. Read More >>

Live With Your Parents in Style in This Split-Level Palace

One of the best parts of home ownership (I imagine) is having a place that's all to yourself. Unfortunately, in the beautiful Wall House you'd have to share some space, but when that space looks like this, it'd be hard to mind it. Read More >>

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Here’s the Gruesome Method of Killing, Bleeding, De-feathering and Processing a Chicken for Us to Eat

Killing animals ain't pretty but if we eat them, we should face the reality of how it happens. Michael Ruhlman did just that, by going inside Schmidt Family Farms to see how the chickens you eat are killed, bled, de-feathered and processed before they hit the market. Read More >>

Japan Taking to Robot Farms For Post-Tsunami Agricultural Recovery

The Japanese do love their robots, so it’s not all that much of a surprise that the country is turning to them for its food production. The plan is to set up an autonomous robot farm on one of the worst Tsunami-hit areas, using a £33m investment to regenerate the struggling Japanese agriculture industry. Read More >>