We Need To Change Every Part of Our Food System to Fight the Climate Crisis

If the world’s population grows to 10 billion by 2050 as projected, the world will need to produce 70 per cent more food. Without major changes to the food system, that would result in a catastrophic increase in greenhouse gas pollution due to increases in agriculture and deforestation. New research shows that there’s a lot we can do to feed people without creating more carbon pollution, but it will require changing many aspects of the global food system. Read More >>

The New Frontiers of Farming Come With Huge Climate Risks

Not sure you’ve heard, but the planet is getting hotter. The heat is making farming harder in some places, but it’s also making it possible to bring agriculture into new areas. Farmers are growing food in northern Alberta, Canada. Russia plans to “use the advantages” of global warming to expand its agriculture northward. And by 2030, the northeastern US could have three times as much farmland as it does now. Finally, some good news! Read More >>

£1bn of Food is Binned Before Even Reaching the Shop Shelves

Campaigners have discovered a new way we're all vaguely responsible for disrespecting the food chain, with literally mountains of produce -- 3.6m tonnes of it every year -- hitting the bins or being sloshed off as animal feed before it even reaches the UK's supermarket shelves. Read More >>

Ocado Sinks £17m into Vertical Farms Which is Like a Regular Farm, but Taller

In an effort to reduce the time your herbs and veggies spend being carted around after being picked, Ocado is investing a whole chunk of cash into sustainable vertical farms. Read More >>

Farmers Launch Dating App for Cows

Farmers looking to get hold of some top quality semen for entirely legitimate work-related reasons have a new route to go down in the form of Tudder; a right-swiping livestock matching app designed to find your sweetest little milk producer the biggest bull within trucking distance. Read More >>

French Ban on Neonicotinoid Pesticides, Which Bees May Find Addictive, Goes Into Effect

A French ban on five neonicotinoid pesticides intended to protect the nation’s bees from colony collapse disorder went into effect on Saturday, Agence France-Press reported. Read More >>

Are You a ‘Wizard’ or a ‘Prophet’? The Dueling Visions for How Humanity Will Survive

By 2050, the world’s population will top ten billion people. As industrial capitalism evolves across the globe like no time in human history, will our planet’s ecosystem be able to sustain itself during this rapid transformation? This is just one of many questions that Charles C. Mann’s grapples with in The Wizard and the Prophet. Read More >>

Predictions for the Year 2018 From the 20th Century

It’s the year 2018. And while we have some very cool tech that we take for granted, we’re still waiting on quite a few things that we were promised. But what did the people of yesteryear imagine 2018 would be like? Read More >>

New Study Shows What Would Happen If the Entire USA Went Vegan

If you were to ask all of your friends what an ideal society looks like, I’m sure you’d receive vastly different answers. Maybe someone will suggest a society without war where everyone works together to solve problems. Your friend who just finished an Ayn Rand book will say something stupid. And maybe your vegan friend will pipe up and suggest a society without animal agriculture. Read More >>

Bees Show us by Producing Less Honey

Reports from beekeepers across the country show that honey yields have collapsed over the last year, as the nation's bees have been on a sort of strike of late. Although they probably don't realise they've been doing it. Read More >>

Aliens Risk Criminal Damage Charges for Making Crop Circles This Summer

Aliens need to start being a bit more careful about where they park their spaceships and the ways in which they send encoded messages to humanity, as farmers are being urged to report all discoveries of crop circles to the police so that their makers can be charged with criminal damage. Read More >>

Matt Damon’s Potatoes Would Have Died Anyway

Remember that time Matt Damon farmed potatoes on Mars in a mix of soil and poo? In The Martian, that is - not IRL. That we know of, anyway. Read More >>

Farms Could Be Changing the Climate in Ways You’d Never Expect

Back on a crisp January day in 2016, I slipped around on a frozen lake in Wisconsin to ask a bunch of portly men in grey hoodies and trucker hats how the fishing had been compared to when they were kids. Secretly, I wanted to know what they thought about the changing climate. The men had various backgrounds, many of them in agriculture, and nearly all noticed fewer ice fishing days than when they were kids. They detailed their thoughts in gruff what-is-this-kid-doing-here Wisconsin accents from folding chairs beside flopping future fillets. Read More >>

nintendo switch
Peta Berates Nintendo For “Taking All The Cruelty Out Of Milking”

Nintendo recently got a letter from a farm, asking if they'd be willing to come and try milking a cow for real, since they'd "taken all the challenge out of it" in their daft milking game for 1-2-Switch: Read More >>

Don’t Freak Out About the New Bird Flu Outbreak (Yet)

Chicken farmers in Tennessee are about to shed a lot of blood. After noticing an unusually high death rate in a flock, some Tyson Foods-suppliers discovered that they were dealing with a new bird flu outbreak. Don’t worry too much, though: The USDA says humans should be safe. Read More >>