MPs Call for 1p New Trousers Tax

Those new trousers people buy that have holes in the knees on purpose should be taxed a bit more, says a group of MPs, which would like a 1p-per-item charge added to the sales price of all new clothes to pay for the old ones that have the wrong sort of unfashionable holes in them, or just aren't stylish enough to wear any more, to be recycled. Read More >>

Harvester’s Made a Range of Wipe-Clean Clothes For London Fashion Week

Restaurant chain Harvester is an unlikely exhibitor at this year's London Fashion Week, but after the popularity of the DHL phone cases, we're taking nothing for granted. Read More >>

The BBC Launches Eco-Aware Lifestyle Brand BBC Planet

The BBC's about to cash in on the whole saving-the-world thing it accidentally kicked off with the last series of Planet Earth, by... selling some t-shirts and books. Eco-friendly t-shirts and books, obviously, shrinkwrapped in the type you can compost, should you bother composting. Read More >>

I’m Still Searching for a Laptop Bag That Doesn’t Look Terrible

As long as there have been laptops, people have been shoving them in bags. Incredible advances have occurred since that first big honking computer got shoved into a slighter bigger honking bag decades ago. Fabrics have grown more durable, straps more comfortable, and bag design itself has diverted into a wide number of directions. So why do laptop bags still look so awful? Read More >>

Samsung Calls It Quits on Collaboration With Fake Supreme

The collaboration no one asked for or particularly wanted is now dead. In a Weibo post on Sunday, Samsung China says it has decided to axe its partnership with Supreme Italia, the knock-off version of the New York City-based streetwear brand you always see hypebeasts lining up for outside of stores. Read More >>

game of thrones
Here are All of Adidas’ Game of Thrones Trainers

First teased late last year, Adidas has now released images of their entire collaboration with HBO’s Game of Thrones, a line that’s going to include six pairs in all, each of them based on a house or faction from George R. R. Martin’s universe. Read More >>

doctor who
Here’s the Fashionable Source of Doctor Who’s Iconic Outfit

Jodie Whittaker’s new Doctor Who ensemble isn’t just functional, it’s fashionable – but in a way that’s quirky, slightly androgynous, and alternative. That’s no surprise, considering its origins. Read More >>

doctor who
The More I See the New Doctor’s Outfit, the More I Love It

When the Thirteenth Doctor’s rainbow-accented costume was first revealed, I was admittedly a little reticent. I didn’t dislike it, per se, but there was a quirkiness to it which made it stand out much more than the typical aesthetics of Doctor Who’s modern Time Lord couture. But the more and more we see of season 11, the more the ensemble really works. Read More >>

These Slightly Wrong T-Shirts Will Enrage Your Nerdy Friends

An online shop called slightlywrong will finally let you strike back at over-zealous fans who have annoyingly dedicated their lives to correcting misquotes. The store sells a small collection of pop culture-inspired t-shirts that are sooo close to being accurate – but wrong enough to enrage nerdy pedants. Read More >>

Burberry Burns its Stupid Posh Coats so They Don’t End Up in Primark

New bonkers tales of waste within the fashion industry have emerged today, with analysis of stripy-thing maker Burberry's accounts showing that it torched around £28m worth of goods over the last year, in order to get slightly old and off-trend material out of the supply chain so it can sell marginally different variants of its coats to people who probably already have a perfectly decent coat. Read More >>

Silicon Valley Invents Shoes

Silicon Valley firms crunched their hardest in 2017 to rebrand ordinary merchandise long produced by other industries as uniquely innovative product lines. Some of them were pretty obnoxious, like Lyft’s totally-not-just-a-bus shuttle service, or WeLive’s attempt to market living in communal housing as a lived experience, or the company selling a “private pop-up space” that is literally a tent. Almost all of them felt like ideas cooked up in an ideological and economic bubble. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk Dressed for the Job He Wanted

There’s a saying that the clothes make the man. In that sense, Elon Musk spent this week’s Tesla shareholder meeting doubling down on being exactly who you think he is. Read More >>

star wars
Thandie Newton Wears a Fabulous Homage to Her Star Wars Debut at Solo Premiere

Solo: A Star Wars Story actress Thandie Newton wore a custom Vivienne Westwood dress to the film’s Cannes premiere that featured action figures of all the black characters in the Star Wars universe. And yes, they’re all from her collection. Read More >>

Drones Replace Models at Milan Fashion Week After 45-Minute Technical Delay

No one is safe from being replaced by a robot in 2018. Not even fashion models, it seems. Read More >>