0 to 50 in 5 Minutes: Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 Could Be Wicked Fast

Qualcomm’s Quick Charge platform has sort of become an industry-standard having been used on a wide range of phones, tablets, and more. But now for Quick Charge 5, Qualcomm is giving its charging platform a massive boost in speed. Read More >>

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Your Phone is About to Charge a Lot Faster, but That Might Not Be a Good Thing

While we wait patiently for the next breakthrough in battery life technology, we’re seeing plenty of innovation in battery charging. Manufacturers are building phones that can be juiced up quicker than ever before, while new technologies such as gallium nitride (or GaN) to make fast-charging even faster. Here’s what you need to know, and what to look out for. Read More >>

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10+ Beats the Pants off the OnePlus 7 Pro When It Comes to Charging Speeds

YouTube channel Gadgets Portal pitted the Galaxy Note+, the OnePlus 7 Pro, and the iPhone XS Max against one another to test the battery charging speeds of the handsets. Read More >>

How to Charge Your Gadgets as Fast as Possible

It’s hard to think of a scenario where you’re not going to want to get your gadgets charged up as quickly as possible – whether you’re heading to the office or off on an evening out, you want that battery level as high as possible when you leave. But getting your gadgets charged up is about more than how long they’re plugged in for. There are tips and tricks that can get it charging faster. Read More >>

The Pixel 3 Won’t Wirelessly Charge at Max Speed Except on Google-Approved Chargers

If you’re considering getting one of Google’s new Pixel 3 devices, beware: Unless you use a Google-certified accessory, wireless fast charging will only work at half of the phone’s maximum 10 watt charging speed. Read More >>

Apple May Finally Give iPhones Fast-Charging At No Extra Cost

While we’re still waiting to see if predictions about Apple launching three new phones in 2018 are true, another iPhone rumour has cropped up foretelling a small change that could have a pretty big impact. Read More >>

We Tested iPhone Fast-Charging and You Should Definitely Upgrade Your Charger

Your iPhone can charge a lot faster than you thought. When Apple announced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the company glossed over the fact that all three of its new handsets were capable of fast charging—similar to what Android phones have been doing for years. Even now, if you go the spec page for Apple’s latest phones, all you get is a single line saying fast charging can add up to a 50 per cent charge in 30 minutes, but without getting a magnifying glass out and reading item 9 of the fine print, you would have no idea how you’re actually supposed to accomplish that. Read More >>

Google’s Pretty Angry About Third-Party Fast Charging Tech

As demonstrated by the recent launch of the Pixel, Google isn’t afraid of ruffling its manufacturing partners’ feathers, and a new document suggests that the company is ready to flex its muscles again. Read More >>

Oppo Claims it Can Fully Charge a Phone in Just 15 Minutes

Fast-charging systems are making huge jumps in speed and Oppo seems to have reached a massive milestone: it claims it can fully charge an empty smartphone battery in a mere 15 minutes. Read More >>