A Jet Powered, Fire Blowing Bicycle Is Not Ridiculous At All

Colin Furze, maniac maker of maniac things like the maniac 50mph baby carriage, has decided to attach a fire-breathing jet propulsion system to an old woman's bike because that's what maniacs do. As you can imagine, it's not ridiculous at all. Read More >>

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The World’s Fastest Baby Stroller Can Go 50MPH of Awesome Parenting

To be completely correct, it's actually the world's fastest pram but it's easily the most extreme baby carriage ever. Made by Colin Furze, who wanted to "rock the world of child care", the world's fastest pram has 10 horsepower, four gears and can fit a baby easily. Read More >>

Average Broadband Speed in the UK is Now Up to a Whopping 9Mbps

According to Ofcom, the average UK broadband speed is now 9Mbps, marking a 150 per cent increase in speeds since the regulator started measuring speeds back in 2010 making our downloads a helluva lot faster. Read More >>

Super-Mysterious HTC Device Looks to Kick Arse in 1080p Rez

We have absolutely no idea what this is: it could be a phone; a tablet...or even not actually exist? Either way, it looks like HTC could finally be bringing out the big guns, as these benchmarks show something quite breathtaking: a device faster than a Galaxy S III. Read More >>

Windows 8 Boots Over Twice as Fast as Windows 7

Last September at its BUILD event, Microsoft claimed their new operating system would boot faster than its predecessors. Windows 8 is not even finished yet, but it's already proving that statement true, as it's posting quicker boot times than the relatively decent Windows 7. Read More >>

IBM Cranks Up The Pace As New Supercomputer Trumps Fujitsu

If the Stig was more into computers than he was cars, he'd be mighty proud right now, as IBM has overtaken Fujitsu with their brand new supercomputer that is now the fastest... in the world. Read More >>

O2 Fancy Rolling Out Even Faster 3G (Because 4G Isn’t Quite Here Yet)

O2 has decided that now is a good time to throw us some super-fast-flavoured 3G, boosting current speeds ahead of future 4G plans, whilst other networks play cat and mouse with all those spectrums. Read More >>