Famous Fatberg Decomposes Live on YouTube

The celebrity fatberg that was pulled out piece by piece from a London sewer is building upon its status as a work of art by expanding into the video streaming world, with fatberg enthusiasts now able to watch the lump of festering lard fester, live, on YouTube. Read More >>

Why Two Guys Are Building a Massive Island Out of Fat

Just north of Amsterdam’s most famous canals, there’s an island of fat bobbing up and down in the sea by a wharf in a former shipyard. Right now it’s the size of a Volkswagen Beetle and weighs a metric tonne, but its creators, Mike Thompson and Arne Hendricks, say it will be big enough to walk on one day. Thompson and Hendricks are designers by trade, and they’ve been working on their island of fat for years. They call it Fatberg, with a capital “F,” and one day, when it’s big enough to stand on, they hope to tow it the North Pole. Read More >>

Newly Discovered London Fatberg Takes Record

Turns out we're still best at doing something as a nation. That thing is putting fat and wet wipes into the drains, as Thames Water has discovered what's presumed to be the largest known fatberg in the world beneath streets in Whitechapel. They should make putting things down the drain an Olympic sport. Read More >>