This Browser Extension Takes All The Numbers Out Of Facebook

We've been told time and again that social media impacts our happiness, that chasing likes and shares makes us less liked and less willing to share. But what can we realistically do about it? The usual advice, dispensed by a guy with slightly-too-wide-eyeballs in tones of desperation, is to "just delete Facebook" like he did, because he totally never looked back and definitely still gets invited to things. It's just that there have been no things lately. Probably. He doesn't have Facebook so he can't be sure. Read More >>

Facebook Now Lets You Put Stickers in Comments Because Words are Dead

You know Facebook stickers—the brighter, louder cousin of the common emoji that has thus far been relegated to the world of Messenger? All that's about to change. Now, we can finally use Facebook stickers in comments to ambiguously say all the things that we'd rather not. Read More >>

Facebook’s Newest App is Just For Celebrities

After nearly a year of quiet testing, Facebook is finally releasing its newest app specifically built for monitoring your interactions on Facebook. The catch? Celeb-status users only, please. Read More >>

Sony A7 and A7r: Mirrorless Cameras Have (Finally!) Gone Full-Frame

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras have come a long way in only a few years. And after gradually layering on new features and capability, they've finally reached an apex in Sony's new A7 and A7r models, both of which sport that big and beautiful bastion of image quality, the full-frame sensor. Read More >>

Philippe Starck Designed the Most Beautiful Fitness Equipment You’ll Ever See

When he's not finding ways to get you drunk in mere seconds, Philippe Starck spends his time designing some of the most beautiful everyday objects we've ever seen. From juicers, to hard drives, to now a set of stunning fitness gear including free weights and jump ropes. Read More >>

Engine Problems Delay Falcon 9’s Historic Launch

Before it could slip the surly bonds of earth and dance the skies on laughter-silvered wings, SpaceX's Falcon 9's early morning launch was unfortunately scrapped by Nasa today due to higher than normal pressure readings in its number five engine. Read More >>

The Slingshot Master Shows Us How To Turn Office Supplies Into an Arsenal

Encouraged by the good folks at Businessweek, our favorite master slingshot builder Joerg Sprave put together this latest video showing how to weaponize everyday office supplies. Because no one's going to steal your lunch from the break room fridge when you're packing heat. Read More >>

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Destroy Your Easter Finery in Super Slow-Mo

What's better than a tranquil tea party? How's about a tranquil tea party being utterly destroyed in spectacular fashion by a slingshot? Great, now put that in slow motion. What you are about to see is the pornography of exquisite destruction. [Zach King via Laughing Squid] Read More >>

Ride This Stealth Bike Wherever You Want Without Being Seen

So it might not be the best idea to try and pedal your way onto a secure military base, but engineer Brano Meres' experimental X-9 Nighthawk bike frame looks like it would be as invisible to radar as the old F-117 stealth fighter was. Read More >>

Elastic Joystick Uses Your Phone’s Camera To Make Mobile Gaming Less Crappy

Touchscreens work fantastic for certain types of games, but when there's a lot of fast action, a physical joystick is the only way to go. And researchers at Keiko University have developed a controller that doesn't need batteries or a connection to your device. Read More >>

Cinemas Are Planning To Boost the Cost Of 2D Movies So 3D Films Get Cheaper

It's no secret that the movie going public hasn't exactly embraced 3D films with open arms. Yet for some reason Hollywood hasn't gotten the message and still keeps cramming 3D content down our throats. What's even worse is that it now seems that cinemas are going to financially punish patrons who prefer their flicks in just two dimensions. Read More >>

This Tiny Display Measures Less Than an Inch But Still Packs As Much Resolution As the New iPad

Cramming a QXGA display with a resolution of 2048x1526 into a device as small as the iPad might seem like an impressive accomplishment. But Forth Dimension Displays have managed to squeeze that same number of pixels into a display that's smaller than an inch. Read More >>

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The Smaller and Quieter Sequel To the Tread Watch Is Still a Visual Treat

The three main complaints about Devon Works' original Tread watch were that is was gigantic, it was noisy, and it was expensive. So the company addressed all three of those issues with their recently unveiled Tread 2 available later this year. Read More >>

But What’s Everyone Else Doing About Labour Conditions?

Apple takes more heat for the labour practices of its suppliers than anybody, but it's largely a victim of its own success in that regard. The biggest spotlight draws the loudest critics. And as Tim Cook has repeatedly pointed out, the company really does make an effort, starting with an independent audit of Foxconn labour conditions. FWD asks an important, overlooked question: Can everyone else that outsources manufacturing to China and beyond say the same? Read More >>

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This Mechanical Masterpiece Of a Watch Tells Time Without Hands

The 'keep it simple' mantra doesn't seem to apply to watchmakers. The more complex they can make a watch's movements and mechanics, the more impressive their creations seem. And Harry Wintson's new Opus 12 is nothing short of a masterpiece. Read More >>