The FDA’s New App Lets You Look Up Any Drug, Except the Fun Ones

The US Food and Drug Administration has released a new mobile app that lets users search for information about any drug the agency has approved. The app is also available in the UK. Read More >>

The First Blood Test for Concussions Has Been Approved in the US

Researchers are only now starting to unravel the potential long-term ramifications of a seemingly minor traumatic brain injury (mTBI), or concussion, to our health. Part of the difficulty has been in even figuring out when someone has a concussion in the first place, leading to lots of unnecessary and not entirely risk-free brain imaging tests. But a new blood test, approved by the US Food Drug and Administration (the FDA) on Thursday, is poised to make that task much easier. Read More >>

Why Basement Biohackers Might Need to Start Being Careful

Last week, the American Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) issued a stern warning to biohackers in America: Undertaking DIY gene therapy, it warned, is risky, and selling the supplies to do it is flat-out against the law. Read More >>

A Popular Vitamin for Women is Skewing Medical Tests

As a science reporter, I’m a supplement sceptic. I know most supplements don’t work and that lax regulations mean that supplement makers sometimes put out products that are poor quality or even unsafe. Read More >>

The FDA is Cracking Down on Claims That Weed Cures Cancer

In the US, so far 29 states and DC have legalised medical marijuana, as modern research has suggested that weed can help treat conditions like chronic pain and the side effects of chemotherapy. Some companies, though, are abusing the growing acceptance of weed for medicinal purposes. On Wednesday, the FDA reported that it has sent warning letters to four companies claiming that marijuana-based products can treat or cure cancer. Read More >>

The FDA Concludes ‘Love,’ Despite Being Extremely Toxic, is Not an Ingredient

Love is infamously hard to define. But according to the man, it is absolutely not an ingredient. Read More >>

CDC Finds Lead Poisoning in Child Who Wore ‘Homeopathic Magnetic Hematite Healing Bracelet’

Homeopathy is, at best, worthless and potentially dangerous. Lead poisoning is always bad and dangerous. Lead poisoning from a supposedly homeopathic product is thus ultra-terrible. Read More >>

Common Antiseptic Chemical Can Harm Important Cell Function

There are many bad things to worry about. Be it climate change, diseases, rabid dogs or ticks, life is just chock full of worry. So, here’s another thing: virtually everything in your medicine cabinet. Sorry :( Read More >>

The US Is Cracking Down On Rogue Genetic Engineers

David Ishee’s plan was simple, if not exactly free of complication. From the shed that functions as his laboratory in rural Mississippi, he hoped to use genetic engineering to rid dogs of the types of terrible disorders caused by decades of high-end breeding. Read More >>

Drug Authority Backpedals: Kratom Will Remain Legal, For Now

Opiate addicts and chronic pain sufferers were sent into a panic in August when the DEA announced its intention to place kratom’s two main constituent chemicals on schedule 1 — making sale and possession of the plant illegal. Now, a preliminary document, set to be posted to the Federal Register tomorrow, reverses that decision. Read More >>

How Do Scientists Determine If the Food You Eat Is Real?

The amount of “fake food” you eat annually is probably higher than you would like. And no, we’re not talking about food made from plastic. Read More >>

US Allows Experimental Cancer Trial to Resume Despite Recent Deaths

Just days after shutting down tests of a groundbreaking new cancer therapy in the wake of three patient deaths, the US Food and Drug Administration has said the trials can resume. So what changed? Read More >>

Does Hand Sanitiser Actually Work?

Hand sanitiser is a constant presence in modern life, from your purse to your office desk to the automatic dispensers in airports and classrooms. Now the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it’s looking for data on the safety and efficacy of these products. Read More >>

Terrifying Laser Bazooka Is Like a Handheld Death Star

In the right hands, broken electronics can be turned into something useful again. But useful isn’t the best way to describe Drake Anthony’s 200-watt laser bazooka made from a bunch of old DLP projectors he bought off eBay. Words like incredibly dangerous, do-not-try-this-at-home, or “are you crazy?” seem more appropriate. Read More >>