I Hate Almost Everything About Fitbit’s New Watch—But There Is One Thing I Love

The “Your Fitbit Ionic is running low on battery” notification arrived on my phone and in my inbox at the same time around one yesterday afternoon, suggesting I take a moment to charge my smartwatch. Instead, I went to a couple of meetings, took the train home, went for a brisk walk with the dog, and made dinner. When I glanced at the watch again eight hours later, I’d lost only three per cent of my battery. Fitbit has solved the most critical problem of smartwatches by making a device with battery life so good you can excuse a whole melange of flaws. If every smartwatch lasted as long on a charge, we’d be in a whole new era of wearable computing. Read More >>

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This Footage of a Drone Buzzing a Cargo Train Turned My Stomach Inside Out

Your childhood fantasies of soaring through the air like Iron Man or Superman will seem far less fantastic after this sobering first-person footage of a drone racing alongside a moving cargo train reveals just how terrifying (and slightly nauseating) it would be to actually fly. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets and Gear for Students New and Old

September is close to ending, which means the students have started heading back to University to drink their way through an education. Whether you're a first timer, or going in for repeated years, there are things you can buy to make your life a lot easier. Here are some of the technological marvels that can make your three-four years more comfortable. Read More >>

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Most Holidays are Fake, Here’s Why

Do you celebrate National Onion Rings Day? What about Be Kind to Animals Week? Have you bought anything for your significant other for, today, "Talk Like a Pirate Day"? Time is running out! ThARRRRs just 9 shopping days left! Read More >>

Review: Lenovo’s Best Gaming Laptop Drops the Ball in One Very Crucial Way

There’s no shortage of computer makers that would like to sell you a big, expensive gaming laptop. So in an effort to differentiate themselves, companies are thinking of ways to make a portable screen attached to a keyboard and some silicon inside seem more attractive. Asus latched onto Nvidia’s new Max Q design program for its new Zephyrus gaming laptop and crammed top-of-the-line specs into previously unheard of thin-and-light body. Meanwhile, Acer’s Predator 21x stretches the very definition of a laptop (and your wallet) by packing pretty much anything the company could think of into an absolutely monstrous body. Lenovo is taking a different, and unfortunately, slightly more sedate path with its flagship Legion Y920 gaming laptop — this laptop looks like one made by everyone else, and for Lenovo, which is known for some really out there and often stunning design choices, this is an uninspiring take. Read More >>

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus: All The UK Network Deals Announced So Far

Unveiled earlier this week, the iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus will be available to buy from 22nd September. You can already preorder them from a number of retailers though — and if you're thinking of trading in your now-archaic iPhone 7, here are the deals that UK networks have announced so far. Read More >>

This Is the iPhone 8 You Should Buy

It’s that time of year again, folks, but this time shit’s a little more complicated. Apple turned heads at the annual iPhone lovefest by introducing not just one, not two, but three new iPhones—one of which is a pricey monster we’ll address in a future post. If you’re thinking about placing an order for an iPhone 8 today (starting at 8am GMT), however, we’ve got some tips. Read More >>

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Lego’s Ultimate Collector’s Series Millennium Falcon is Proof Lego Isn’t Just a Kid’s Toy

Last Friday I got a very large package delivered to my flat. A supposedly child-friendly package, before anyone starts asking about porn-based innuendos. Inside was the latest edition to Lego's product line, a set that makes fans of Lego Star Wars simultaneously marvel at its grandeur and shriek with abject horror. Read More >>

Well Here it is at Last: the iPhone 8

So Apple just announced the latest line of iPhones, with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Presumably taking the place of what would have been the 7S, since this isn't the bezeless home button-free display we've seen in leaks. Read More >>

The New Apple Watch Is Basically Also a Smartphone

It might look the same, but the latest smartwatch from Apple sounds like it will be a lot more powerful. Today, at an event held in the brand new Steve Jobs Theater on the soon to open Apple Campus, Jeff Williams, Chief Operating Officer at Apple showed off the Apple Watch Series 3, which features a new processor that should make it faster and more power efficient, but, more crucial, mobile connectivity. Read More >>

The iPhone 8 Will Turn Us All Into Beta Testers For Apple’s Next Revolutionary Product

On Tuesday evening Apple is expected to officially unveil its next iPhone. You know the drill by now: Tim Cook and a parade of Apple executives will come on stage, declare it the best iPhone ever and run through the various tweaks and improvements that make this year’s phone better than last year’s. We’re expecting the screen to be bigger, the processor to be faster... Blah blah blah. You know the drill. Read More >>

Finally, A Lithium-Ion Battery That Definitely, Positively, Absolutely Won’t Explode

For the first time, researchers say they have made a lithium-ion battery that uses a water-salt solution as its electrolyte and can reach the voltage needed to power household electronics and it doesn't come with the fire and the explosions and the arrgghh that is a risk with "some commercially available non-aqueous lithium-ion batteries". Read More >>

Apple Has Leaked iOS 11 and It Looks Like We’re Getting an ‘iPhone X’

Surprise! The Golden Master build of iOS 11 leaked online Friday night, with users spreading links to the software on Reddit. It’s full of details about the upcoming line of products being teased for the company’s September 12 event, including that Apple appears poised to skip releasing a 7S line entirely and move directly to the iPhone 8. Read More >>