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The Week in Geek: The Last Jedi, Logan, Star Trek Discovery, and More

Welcome to another instalment of The Week in Geek. Here are some of the biggest stories you might have missed this week, with plenty of news about Star Trek: Discovery, Star Wars: The Last Jedi plot points, some great marketing for Logan, and more. Read More >>

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How to Figure Out What’s Slowing Your Computer Down

Image: Alex Knight/Johan Desaeyere/Unsplash
Inevitably your computer slows down. You try to open a website and it grinds to a halt, or read an email and it churns along sluggishly. A slow computer, in many ways, is worse than a broken one—or at least infinitely more frustrating. Read More >>

Why These ‘Revolutionary’ ’80s Gadgets Totally Failed

Besides bad hair, pleated jeans, and 21 Jump Street, the ‘80s brought us a remarkable technological revolution. Nintendo changed the living room forever with the introduction of the NES in 1985. IBM, Apple, and the Commodore 64 ushered the personal PC into our lives. Even the internet breathed a few gasps of air with NFSNet and the rise of the teen hacker. Read More >>

These Are The Robots That Will Be Doing Your Online Shopping In the Future

Last week we delved inside the surprisingly intelligent world of the Ocado warehouse. As we reported, it turns out that when you order your groceries online your shopping isn’t assembled by pushing a trolley around a supermarket - but it is instead prepared by a dizzying array of conveyor belts, lifts and robots, with only the occasional human for support. Read More >>

This is Where the New Bakerloo Extension stations will be: Find Out Which Iconic London Buildings will be Destroyed

Great news! Transport for London (TfL) has finally announced a proposed route for an extension to the Bakerloo Line on the London Underground - the only part of the Underground that still has spare capacity when heading into central London, thanks to its abrupt termination at Elephant and Castle. Read More >>

Forget Everything You Know About Comic Book TV Shows: Legion is Something Else

If you hear that Legion is a comic book adaptation set in the X-Men universe, then you develop certain preconceptions. There will be uniforms, there will be heavy-handed allegories about the people whom society ostracises, there will probably be Patrick Stewart somewhere, delivering a sage voiceover about evolution. Read More >>

24 Legacy: Will Eric Carter’s Galaxy S7 Edge Really Last All Day?

Last night saw the premiere of 24: Legacy, a new 12-part spin-off of the real time terrorist fightin' soap opera. This time, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer is nowhere to be seen, and the lead role has instead gone to Corey Hawkins' as Eric Carter, an ex-army ranger who is being hunted by terrorists now back home in the United States. Read More >>

UPDATED: Facebook Employee Says They’re “Excited” to be “Right Wing’s New Fox News”

Update: Facebook has now responded to the post, see our update at the end. Read More >>

Sky Announces Sky Q Without A Satellite Dish

Enormous news this morning for the future of TV, as Sky has announced plans to make Sky Q, it's flagship 4K and HD subscription service, work over broadband rather than by requiring a satellite dish to be bolted to the side of your house. Read More >>

How to Painlessly Run Windows on Your Mac

Virtual machines let you run one computer inside another, or at least one operating system inside another. You get the benefit of two OSes without the hassle of dual-booting or the standard setup process. It’s also easier than you might think to get started. Here’s how to set up your first virtual machine. Read More >>

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Golden Raspberry Awards: Subject Yourself to Some of the Worst Films 2016 Had to Offer

The Golden Raspberry Awards, better known as the Razzies, are the anti-Oscars. They are designed to call out the worst films the film industry has to offer in any particular year. 2016 was no exception, and on 25th February we'll get to find out which films get to declare, without any shadow of a doubt, that they were the biggest piece of shit in a steaming pile of manure. Read More >>

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How to Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

In this day and age, it’s hard to live a full life without logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every now and then. The problem is that they can become a huge waste of time. Read More >>

Is It Possible To Actually Work On An iPad?

When Apple launched the iPad Pro in September 2015, it was more significant a moment that just a minor change of name. With the launch of the 12.9” Pro, the company was clearly deciding to reposition the tablet as not just a device for consuming content - but for creating it as well. Apple was hoping that we’d stop using our iPads just for reading and watching, but for getting some work done too. Read More >>

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How To Save an Old Laptop By Installing This Free OS

The new and improved default OS for the Raspberry Pi isn’t just for hobbyist computer boards any longer. Thanks to an experimental version of the Linux-based software for PCs and Macs, you can use it to reinvigorate an old laptop and get a few more years out of an ageing machine. Read More >>

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Flic Buttons Want You To Get Physical Again, Like You Used To

Back in the old days, gadgets used to be covered in little lumps of plastic which, when you press down on them, caused the gadget to react in some predictable way. Buttons, they were called - and as our phones have morphed into thin sheets of glass, you could perhaps be forgiven for thinking that we don’t need to bother with them any more. But sometimes - you can’t beat a little bit of tactile feedback. Read More >>