Google Home is Currently £69

We're not sure Easter sales are really a thing, but it seems they're happening nonetheless. Read More >>

Nokia 1 Plus Comes to the UK for Under £90

It's quite amazing what you can get smartphone-wise for under £100 these days, and Nokia has just added itself to the list with the new Nokia 1 Plus. Read More >>

Clarkson Wishes the BBC Top Gear Team Every Massive Failure

Jeremy Clarkson has not been watching the BBC's refreshed version of Top Gear, and does not wish the presenters every success in their difficult roles. Read More >>

Game of Thrones Returns With No Time to Spare (Literally)

It’s taken nearly two years, but the game is finally entering its final round. Last night’s long-awaited eighth season premiere was full of moments fans have been dying to see since the series began, and it advanced the story with ruthless efficiency towards its epic conclusion, too. So why did it feel so underwhelming? Read More >>

The Nintendo Switch’s Labo VR Kit Is Cheap VR That Doesn’t Suck

Considered Nintendo’s biggest failure and the butt of endless jokes, the Virtual Boy delivered an embarrassingly limited virtual reality experience when it debuted in 1995. But the console’s quick death didn’t discourage Nintendo from taking risks, and 24 years later its second attempt at virtual reality leverages the Switch hardware to deliver a series of experimental games that let you dabble with an impressively capable VR experience for as little as £35. Read More >>

Cineworld’s 4DX isn’t for Everyone, But it Can Make a Film More Like a Rollercoaster

These days it seems as though cinemas will do anything to try and get you through the front door and into a seat to watch a film. Most of them are financial incentives, with things like two-for-one ticket offers, unlimited access subscriptions, or making all their tickets as cheap as humanly possible. Presumably the logic is that once you're there you're more likely to spend money on the overpriced snacks and drinks. Cineworld's 4DX takes things in a different direction, though, and I got to check it out while watching DC's latest release, Shazam!. Read More >>

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The Best Indoor Cameras for Smart Home Monitoring

Keeping an eye on your home is a very wise move. Whether you're checking the kids got home OK, making sure your pets aren't running riot or just keeping a watch out for break-ins, a home monitoring camera is a handy thing to have set up. Read More >>

Netflix’s Our Planet Delivers Thrills, But Something’s Missing

In the opening episode of Our Planet, Netflix’s new nature documentary, there’s a scene where a glacier tumbling down from the Greenland ice sheet begins to cough up chunks of ice. Zoomed in aerial footage, overhead shots, and a water-level view all set against detonating cracks show cliffs collapse and shards of jagged white and blue ice breaking apart. Read More >>

Do Cats Know Their Own Names?

Plenty of cat owners will happily tell you their felines are capable of responding to their own names, but the scientific jury remains ambivalent on the matter. A fascinating new experiment suggests this might actually be true for some cats, and it’s a capacity very much tied to the social environment in which the cat lives. Read More >>

When Will Facebook Do More in Genocide-Torn Myanmar?

It’s been nearly two years since the bloody peak of a social media-fuelled genocide in Southeast Asia, but Facebook is still not doing enough to prevent the ongoing promotion of violence and hate in Myanmar on its social network, according to a member of the United Nations team that found the Silicon Valley company for years failed to stop its platform from being used to incite genocide in the Asian nation. Read More >>

What’s the Oldest Disease?

Some things never change. Dying terribly from bone cancer, for instance: that’s something humans have been doing from about the beginning of our time. Has it always been like this, or was there some blissful period, in our species’ salad days, in which no one perished from bone cancer? Which sickness has burdened us—or our ancestors, or any lifeform—the longest? To find out, for this Giz Asks we reached out to a number of anthropologists, who provided their takes on the oldest disease. Read More >>

Breaking Down the Drama of the Latest Avengers: Endgame Trailer

Another day, another surprise Avengers: Endgame trailer from Marvel. It’s almost like a movie’s out this month or something! While there might not be as many major revelations in this new footage, it does help contextualise a lot of what we’ve seen before. Read More >>

It’s a Cold Day in Hell on The Walking Dead Season Finale

After last week’s excellent “The Calm Before,” you might expect the season nine finale, titled “The Storm,” to bring the storm. It does, in the form of a massive blizzard the likes of which we have never seen on the show, which puts everyone in danger. But compared to last week’s shocker, “The Storm” was a low-key but compelling check-in with the characters before season 10 — and another reminder of just how much the show has improved over this last year. Read More >>

Confusion Over Tinder’s ‘Height Verification’ April Fool’s Joke is Part of a Larger Problem

Unless you haven't checked the calendar the past few days, you'll know that today is 1st April - better known as April Fool's Day. It's that day when companies all over the world do their best to come up with fake products and features in the bizarre hope that people will think they're real. It's basically the one day of the year when it's okay to try and spread fake news. Except this year the antics haven't been quite as contained as they should have been. Read More >>

The Online Icons That Didn’t Survive the Web’s First 30 Years

As March draws to close, so does our celebration of the World Wide Web’s 30th birthday, making it as good a time as ever to take a look back at some the features and formats that bit the dust along the way. Read More >>