The New Halloween Is Part Nostalgic, Part Original, and All Fantastic

The latest entry in the Halloween franchise is both a dazzling tribute to the original film as well as a unique, standalone story. It’s filled with deviations from the familiar slasher formula, but it also carefully incorporates an adoration of its predecessor that feels respectful but not overpowering. By balancing these two seemingly divergent concepts, director David Gordon Green has made a truly special horror sequel. Read More >>

Meet The Brexit Doomsday Survivalists Who Are Stockpiling For No Deal

Back in the mid-2000s, when it seemed that the world was still getting incrementally better, one of my favourite things to do was to watch documentaries about and read about crazy survivalists in America. Read More >>

Is Breakfast Cereal Any Good For You?

Wrangle up the right studies and you can make anything look deadly. Breakfast cereal—at least, the kind without cartoon mascots—might seem innocuous, and might be marketed as healthy, but that’s no reason to think that every naturally-flavoured bite isn’t speeding you towards the grave. Nothing, in this world, is above suspicion—not even tasteless bran flakes. Read More >>

A Convenient Guide Through DC’s Wild and Uncertain Film Universe

It should tell you something that we have run multiple versions of these reminder guides for the state of Warner Bros.’s DC Entertainment movie universe. But it’s not every week that your whole understanding of the fragile state of a movie universe gets turned upside down by talk of one of its biggest stars exiting, is it? Read More >>

Apple Unveils The Apple Watch 4

The first new item on the agenda for tonight's Apple event was the Apple Watch. Following lots of spiel about how Apple Watch has "redefined what a watch can do for you", Apple announced that they are taking the Apple Watch "to the next level" by unveiling Apple Watch 4. Read More >>

A Guide to Starforce, Captain Marvel’s Kree Superteam 

Carol Danvers is stepping into the spotlight for the long-awaited Captain Marvel next year. But as part of her revamped origins, she won’t be alone at first — because she’s heading to the stars and meeting up with faces familiar and new to form an old-school comics team: Starforce. Here’s what you need to know. Read More >>

5 Things We Liked (and 4 We Didn’t) About Iron Fist’s Second Season

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s resident chi-wielding multimillionaire with a fist of gold returned to Netflix last Friday in Iron Fist season 2, and surprisingly there was a lot about the season to get legitimately hyped about. As is true of all things, though, there were plenty of moments that kept the show from being transcendent. Here’s what we thought worked and what fell flat. Read More >>

How Location Tracking Actually Works on Your Smartphone

As the recent revelation over Google’s background tracking of your location shows, it’s not as easy as it should be to work out when apps, giant tech companies and pocket devices are tracking your location and when they’re not. Here’s what you need to know about how location tracking works on a phone — and how to disable it. Read More >>

Everything We Think We Know About the New iPhone

Every September, kids go back to school, and Apple invites a bunch of journalists into a dark room, where it reveals the future of iPhones. That’s the beginning of the global mad dash to stand in line and secure a new Apple device with just a few modest upgrades. The time is now upon us. Are you intrigued? Are you scared? Are you prepared to spend more money than you’ve ever spent on a phone before? Read More >>

5 Things We Want to See From The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3

It’s been nearly two months since The Handmaid’s Tale wrapped up its second season, and that finale is still making us feel things. As the hit prepares to collect its inevitable raft of Emmys in a few weeks, we have a few things already in mind that we’d like to see happen in season three. Read More >>

Shooting Photos With Nikon’s Z7 Mirrorless Camera Is Fun as Hell

After all the rumours and build up, Nikon’s first pro-grade mirrorless camera is finally here. And while I got a brief chance to handle the new Nikon Z7 and play around with its various knobs, dials, and adapters ahead of its announcement, I hadn’t actually had a chance to snap some pictures with it, until now. So here’s a quick account of what the Z7 is like to use, and a sample of the kind of images it can produce. Read More >>

There’s a Whole Shipment of Pixel 3 XLs Available to Buy on the Black Market

Oh dear. Yesterday we had news that someone had managed to get hold of a Pixel 3 XL well ahead of the official launch, seemingly confirming a lot of information about the phone. It seems that was just the tip of the iceberg, though, because according to 9to5Google a lot of the recent leaks are down to a single Ukranian dealer selling pre-release handsets on the black market to the tune of $2,000 each. Read More >>

Use the New Tools in iOS 12 and Android 9 Pie to Fight Your Phone Addiction

Apple and Google are falling over themselves to offer new native tools for tracking how long we spend staring at screens, unlocking our phones, and wasting time on social media. We’ve been testing the new ‘digital wellbeing’ tools in iOS 12 (which is currently in public beta) and Android 9 Pie (currently only available on Google Pixel devices and the Essential Phone), and here’s how you can deploy them to cultivate a healthier relationship with your phone. Read More >>

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How Much Sleep Is Too Much Sleep?

An entire industry—with its own spokespeople, podcasts, best-sellers, retreats, truisms, etc—has sprung up around sleep. Give or take a contrarian or two, the message of most of this stuff seems to be that sleep is good, and that if you’re not sleeping seven or eight hours a night, you should be. And since you’re probably not sleeping seven or eight hours a night—since, in all likelihood, you can barely focus on this sentence, having sacrificed one or two or all of your needed eight hours to soothing your newborn, or streaming bad TV, or snorting cocaine—what all this stuff is really saying is: sleep more. Read More >>

20 Tips And Tricks for Managing Files on macOS

You no doubt know how to copy, move, rename and otherwise manipulate files on your Mac, but with the right power tricks, you can get through all this digital admin much more quickly. Here’s our pick of the best expert tips for Finder and macOS file management that you might not have come across yet. Read More >>