How to Keep Your Home Wi-Fi Safe From Hackers

You probably don’t give it much thought, but your router is one of the most important gadgets in your home—without it there’s no wi-fi for your laptops, your phones, and all the other web-connected devices you’ve got set up. Read More >>

How DNA Testing Botched My Family’s Heritage, And Probably Yours, Too

My grandfather was caramel-skinned with black eyes and thick, dark hair, and until he discovered that he was adopted, he had no reason to suspect that he was not the son of two poor Mexicans as he’d always been told. When he found his adoption papers, according to family lore, he pestered the nuns at the Dallas, Texas orphanage where he had lived as an infant for the name of his birth mother. Name in hand, at 10 years old, he hopped a bus to Pennsylvania, met his birth mother, and found out that he was actually Syrian. Read More >>

4 Ways Google’s Android Beats Samsung’s Android and 3 Ways It Doesn’t

Google and Samsung are locked in a battle at the premium end of the Android smartphone market, and one of the reasons why you might pick a Google Pixel 2 over a Samsung Galaxy Note 8—or vice versa—is the on-board software. We put the two flagship devices side by side to see how Pixel Android compares to Samsung Android. Read More >>

Mysterious Intergalactic Radio Bursts Come From a Truly Strange Place

First detected in 2002, Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) are quick, high-energy pulses originating from galaxies billions of light years away. Scientists still don’t know the true nature of these bursts or what’s causing them, but new observations of the only known repeating FRBs are providing details about the extreme environments in which these pulses are born. Read More >>

Water Might Be Easier to Find on Mars Than We Thought

Mars likely held flowing water during its ancient past, possibly even vast oceans of it. Most of this precious liquid escaped into space, but some of it stayed behind, transforming into ice and settling beneath the rocky surface. New research shows that a sizeable portion of this water ice is surprisingly near the surface—in some cases just a few feet down. Should this discovery be confirmed, it bodes well for future missions to the Red Planet. Read More >>

Microsoft Wants to Diagnose Disease By Building Massive Database of the Human Immune System

Imagine making a spreadsheet of every meal you’ve ever eaten, every hand you’ve ever shook, every bit of dust that’s ever gotten in your eye—and multiply it by about a million times. Then you begin to get a sense of the size of the data problem that is your body’s immune system. Through a new AI project, Microsoft hopes to solve this data problem and make diagnosing nearly any disease as simple as a single blood test. Read More >>

ces 2018
Everything Happening at CES 2018

Yesterday saw the official start of the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, bringing with it one of the busiest weeks in the tech media calendar - and a load of brand new gadgets and concepts that we might be able to enjoy over the next few months and years. Read More >>

Why Your Speakers Sound Terrible and How to Upgrade

Your phone has one, your laptop has one, and you’ve got a smart one in the corner of your room telling you the weather—but what makes a good speaker different from a so-so speaker? Why might you consider upgrading the audio capabilities of your TV or computer, and what should you look for if you do? Read More >>

Insidious: The Last Key Takes the Franchise in Some Surprising (and Welcome) Directions

The fourth film in a horror franchise, released on the first weekend of the new year, is just about the easiest movie to write off ever. And yet, you shouldn’t do that with Insidious: The Last Key, despite it being all of those things. It’s a creepy, unpredictable, and surprisingly heartfelt addition to the franchise—and easily the best film in the series since the first one. Read More >>

The Best, Worst, and Most Unforgettable Movie Moments of 2017

It doesn’t matter if a movie’s good, bad, or just mediocre—any film can have a moment that makes your jaw drop in awe or tears come to your eyes, or makes you shudder in irritation and disgust. Here are all the greatest and worst individual moments from the cinematic releases of 2017. Read More >>

year in review 2017
29 Viral Photos and GIFs From 2017 That Were Totally Fake

It’s that time of year again when we look back at the photos and GIFs that went viral over the past 12 months. We did similar year-end round-ups in 2014, 2015, 2016 and I must say that 2017 was even weirder than usual. How so? There were so many fake images swirling around the internet, it was difficult to decide which ones to debunk. Read More >>

year in review 2017
The 20 Coolest Gadgets of 2017

Another hellish year on this mortal plane is about to come to a conclusion. Soon, hopefully, the abject mediocrity will fade and we’ll forget everything that was boring or bland. Instead, we’ll remember only the very best and the very worst. Being that this is a site ostensibly about gadgets we felt it was important to remind you of the twenty very best gadgets from this year. Hopefully you’ll remember some of them with fondness as the world grinds on. Read More >>

year in review 2017
The Most Significant Science Setbacks of 2017

Scientific progress doesn’t always exactly look like, well, progress. Progress comes in fits and starts. Sometimes things get in the way—be they harassment, politics, or just plain bad science. Read More >>

The Lego Taj Mahal is Just as Impressive the Second Time Around

The Lego Taj Mahal - all 5,922 pieces of it - was originally released back in 2008. And like all 'Expert' Lego sets, it didn't stay around for very long, and soon became rather rare and rather quite expensive. If you wanted the Taj Mahal after its initial launch (where it cost £200), you'd be lucky to get one in mint condition for less than a grand. Read More >>

Data Reveals The Films With The Biggest Gender Gap Between Film Critics

Film criticism is an overwhelming blokey business. According to the data we collected for our recent series of pieces analysing different aspects of film reviewing, of the 842 critics we were able to identify the gender of, 609 are men - that’s around 72%. Read More >>