The £400 TCL 10 Pro Is the Most Overlooked Deal in Phones

TCL makes everything from air conditioners to soundbars to washing machines to cheap TVs. When it comes to phones, though, it doesn’t have the same kind of draw or recognition as other electronics giants like Apple or Samsung. But at the same time, TCL does have a lot of experience when it comes to phones thanks to managing brands including Alcatel, Palm, and even the last few generations of Blackberry phones (until TCL and Blackberry parted ways earlier this year). And on the new £400 TCL 10 Pro, TCL is taking the same approach it’s used on its beloved cheap TVs, resulting in what might be the most feature-packed handset in its price range, and possibly one of the best phone deals you can get right now. Read More >>

Every Disney Animated Musical’s Best Song

Disney has produced dozens of animated musicals over the decades, with hundreds of songs in their repertoire. It might be hard to quantify the best songs Disney has ever made (although the answers can probably be found on The Little Mermaid soundtrack), but we can give an opinion on which songs are best from each film. Read More >>

tabletop games
13 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Board Games That Are as Gorgeous to Behold as They Are Fun to Play

As we shut ourselves inside and try to find things to do, many have turned to the world of tabletop gaming to find comfort and distraction (and something to do that scratches that social itch in the era of social distancing). But if you’re looking to pick up another board game (or six), you might as well justify it to yourself by saying... you’re getting them as art pieces? Read More >>

security cameras
How to Choose the Best Home Security Camera Based on Subscription Options

If you want to cover your property with smart security cameras, the list of options has never been longer. That can make it tricky to choose the perfect model for you, but aside from the upfront cost, and the night vision, and the field of view, and the weatherproofing, there’s one key feature to look out for: Subscription prices. Read More >>

Everything We Know About Zack Snyder’s Justice League

When 2017’s Justice League hit cinemas it didn’t really  have the impact Warner Bros. intended. The film was widely slammed for its muddy plot and visuals, poor scripting and jarring edits. Its production was fraught with a number of challenges, including the sudden departure of original director Zack Snyder following a family tragedy. Read More >>

How Netflix’s Space Force Acts Like a Parallel Universe to Our Own

Fans looking to blame something or someone that the American version of The Office hasn’t returned need only look to the stars. In the seven years since that show’s end, its creator and executive producer Greg Daniels has been working almost solely on shows with space or sci-fi themes. His latest show, Netflix’s Space Force, reunites him with Office star Steve Carell and Gizmodo recently had the chance to ask him about it. Read More >>

elon musk
No, Elon Musk Absolutely isn’t the Hero America Deserves

For reasons known only to Hell itself, an editor – or more likely, several – decided last week to run a profile in Bloomberg entitled, “Elon Musk Is the Hero America Deserves.” We can debate whether that’s a hidden dig at the worthiness of this lapsed country, or if recycling quotes from an overrated Batman movie says something deeper about author Ashlee Vance’s lack of imagination. But even in the well-tread genre of corporate puff pieces, I worry about the health of Vance’s wrists given the sheer volume of handwaving that was necessary to paint a flattering portrait of the Tesla and SpaceX tycoon. Read More >>

Holding the World’s Breath at 11,135 Feet

There are just a few moments from my past that, having left an indelible mark on my life, I can now return to in an instant. My first dance at my wedding to “I Only Have Eyes for You.” The phone call I received, as I dressed to go to work, telling me my mother had died. Opening my college acceptance letter with a crisp rip of the envelope. Read More >>

star wars
The Best Star Wars Reads of the Disney Era

One of the biggest joys – well, beyond “More Star Wars than any reasonable person would know what to do with, for better or worse” – since Disney’s acquisition of Star Wars has been watching Lucasfilm’s publishing initiatives thrive in a rebooted world of interconnected stories. Some of the best Star Wars in years is happening in pages of books and comics, and these are what you should be checking out. Read More >>

The New 13-Inch MacBook Pro’s Keyboard Really Is That Good

I sit here typing on Apple’s new 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is somehow both an incremental and radical upgrade over the 13-inch MacBook Pros of recent years. The Pro I bought in 2017 sits to my left, and while the two look similar, the experience of using them is completely different. My 3-year-old laptop sports the controversial butterfly keyboard, which Apple is phasing out of its product lineup, but I still have to pound away at it every day. After using the new Pro with its scissor-switch keyboard, my old Pro actually makes me angry. Read More >>

How Animals Communicate

Humans and other animals are quite alike – we all just speak different languages. For humans, it’s about the spoken word. With animals, the language may have nothing to do with the auditory sense. It could be gorgeous, like Caribbean reef squid that communicate through colour patterns. Other times it’s tactile, like the way that slugs leave a slime trail with different chemicals in it to communicate something. Read More >>

All 9 Planet of the Apes Movies, Ranked

The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lot about how selfish and greedy humans can really be. One might even start to wonder...maybe it’stime  to give another species their shot? With a new Planet of the Apes movie in the works, we decided to rank all the entries in the iconic sci-fi series so far. Read More >>

iPadOS vs Windows vs Chrome OS: Which is the Best Tablet Experience Right Now?

If you’re choosing a new tablet, or a new tablet that can turn into a laptop if you attach a keyboard to it, then you’ve got three choices: iPadOS, Windows, or ChromeOS. One dedicated tablet OS, recently split from the iPhone, and two converted desktop OSes doing double duty on tablets. Which one is best for you? Read More >>

The Climate Case for the Four-Day Work Week

Jacinda Ardern has won a lot of rightful praise for New Zealand’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The nation has stood as an outlier with cases that have stayed low, and the country is beginning to reopen in what it hopes is a safe way. So maybe we should also be paying attention to what their ideas are for a recovery plan. Read More >>

Stop Hating Dark Mode Because It’s Different

Earlier this week Google announced that the Google App was finally getting an official dark mode on Android and iOS, which is something that would normally make me happy, but I’ve suffered not one, but two rants from my colleagues complaining about dark mode. So consider this piece a direct rebuttal to my colleagues’ work so that I can go back to enjoying dark mode. I appreciate my colleagues and their opinions, but it also clear that those opinions are very, very wrong. Read More >>