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Don’t Forget, Every Star Trek Series Had a Terrible First Season

On Sunday night Star Trek: Discovery debuts in the US, followed by an international debut on Netflix less than 24 hours later. Expectations are... mixed, to say the very least. Some people seem adamant that the series will be a spectacular failure, while others hold out hope that it will be a return to form that we haven't really seen on TV since the Voyager finale.* Read More >>

Hey London, Uber Needs Fixing – Not Banning

Like many people, I am a hypocrite. I advocate for the most right-on causes. I think we should protect workers rights, and stand up to the immense powers of the corporations. I vote for politicians who will stick up for the little guy. But I also enjoy the convenience of Amazon Prime, and its ability to make practically any product appear on my doorstep within 24 hours, even though I know they bully publishers and give people in their warehouses zero-hours contracts. I upload my photos to Google Photos, even though I know that they’re datamining everything about my life from them. And I regularly use Uber to get around when there isn’t a convenient bus… or if I’m feeling lazy, even though… well, everything. Read More >>

Uber Has Been Banned From London

Transport for London has just taken the extraordinary step of banning Uber from London, announcing that the minicab company will not have its licence to operate renewed. The exact wording includes the bombshell that: "Uber London is not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence." Blimey. Read More >>

Kingsman: How Do We Know That Eggsy and Harry Are The Good Guys?

In 2009, Zack Snyder asked us “Who Watches The Watchmen?”. In 2015 and again 2017, Matthew Vaughn adapted another comic property to the big screen - and tried to make us forget we ever asked. Read More >>

How to Binge-Watch Without Hurting Your Health

There’s no doubt that settling down into a marathon TV viewing session is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an evening (or morning or afternoon), but it’s also true that you can have too much of a good thing. If you want to know the ground rules for binge-watching without harming your health, we’ll outline them below. Read More >>

climate change
As Alaska Thaws, Everything Changes

Bitter winters still dominate life in the Alaskan interior, but a practiced eye can spot the signs of a warming climate, particularly in the ground. Beneath the rolling fields of tussock scattered just north of the Alaska Range, what was once permanently frozen is starting to thaw. The impacts could ripple across the planet. Read More >>

14 Things You Can Do in macOS High Sierra That You Couldn’t Do Before

macOS High Sierra is heading your way on September 25, and while it’s not packed with major new features to transform your Mac computing experience, there are some cool new tricks you should know about—here are 11 of them to get familiar with before the OS arrives on your machine. Read More >>

All of the Best Augmented Reality Tricks Your iPhone Can Do Right Now

iOS 11 is finally available today for your iPhone and iPad, and among the many new features included in the update is Apple’s ARKit framework allowing developers to more easily create augmented reality apps and experiences. Here are some of the best ones you’ll want to try out after updating. Read More >>

giz asks
What Would Happen If Everyone in the World Lost Their Sex Drive?

Online dating apps, pornography, advertising, and the continued existence of the human race all testify to a healthy, ongoing interest in sex among human beings, despite the fact that millennials appear to be having less of it. Until the day pills or radiation extinguish the last embers of human horniness, sex will likely continue to shape and govern society in all kinds of ways. Read More >>

Why RSS Feeds Still Beat Facebook and Twitter for Tracking News

You’d be forgiven for thinking RSS died off with the passing of Google Reader, but our old friend Really Simple Syndication (or Rich Site Summary) still has a role to play on the web of 2017. It’s faster, more efficient, and you won’t have to worry as much about accidentally leaking your news reading habit to all your Facebook friends. Whether you’ve never heard of it before or you’ve abandoned it for pastures new, here’s why you should be using RSS for your news instead of social media. Read More >>

Facebook’s ‘Fake News’ Solution Isn’t Going to Solve the Problem

Ever since the term was popularised by then-US presidential candidate Donald Trump, the stupid controversy over “fake news” has become a swirling vortex of pointlessness that refuses to go all the way down the drain. Now everyone’s calling legitimate articles and opinion pieces that contradict their own prejudices “fake,” as though disagreeing with something implicitly means it was manufactured out of whole cloth. Read More >>

Why This Exoplanet’s Hellish Atmosphere Is a Big Deal in the Search For Alien Life

By all accounts, the exoplanet known as WASP-19b is a pretty inhospitable place. As one of the closest known hot-Jupiters to its star—orbiting just two per cent of the distance between the Earth and the Sun—it’s home to a scorchingly hot, violent atmosphere. The side of the planet which always faces the star churns with massive convection currents, dredging up heavier molecules from the planet’s lower layers. Read More >>

The Motorised Longboard Is the Vape of Transport and I Love It

Electric personal transporters are mostly horrible. Segways are for people who are really just the worst. Hoverboards, which also explode, are just fodder for You've Been Framed. Everyone I’ve ever seen riding one of those electric unicycles has nearly caused a car accident. These machines are strange status symbols of lazy Western excess. Read More >>

Liquid Cats, Vagina Speakers and More From the Strangest Science Papers of 2017

Scientists spend their days hypothesising, experimenting, and analysing in order to find evidence to better understand our strange Universe. Sometimes, that requires playing the didgeridoo and then falling asleep. Read More >>

iPhone X Face ID Raises Some Scary Questions—Here Are Some Answers

Apple announced today that its newest phone, the ten-year anniversary iPhone X (or iPhone Ten, if you prefer), will unlock using facial recognition—and people are already panicking about it. But it seems like Apple has anticipated a lot of the concerns and we might not need to freak out quite yet. Read More >>