The Best Alternative OSes You Need to Install Already

There’s a world out there beyond Windows, macOS, Android and iOS — and it’s a world worth exploring. The big four operating systems are built to be useful to as many people as possible. Yet many of us have very particular needs and might do better with something more streamlined. Thankfully there are a lot of programmers with needs as particular as our own. Sometimes they build operating systems dedicated to certain computers and smartwatches, or ones intended just for gaming. Other times they’re out tweaking and refining what’s already available. Read More >>

Logan Is Beautiful, Sophisticated, and Still a Kick-Ass Superhero Film

Anyone who’s seen the trailers could easily guess that Logan is the best solo Wolverine film, but it’s more than that. It’s a legitimately special film that just happens to star superheroes — a film that wouldn’t be out of place at the Academy Awards. And it’s still just as badass as any Wolverine fan could want. Read More >>

artificial intelligence
These 23 Principles Could Help Us Avoid an AI Apocalypse

Science fiction author Isaac Asimov famously predicted that we’ll one day have to program robots with a set of laws that protect us from our mechanical creations. But before we get there, we need rules to ensure that, at the most fundamental level, we’re developing AI responsibly and safely. At a recent gathering, a group of experts did just that, coming up with 23 principles to steer the development of AI in a positive direction—and to ensure it doesn’t destroy us. Read More >>

TV Mosaic and DVBLink Will Add Freeview To Your Android TV Setup

As I noted when I reviewed the 2017 Nvidia Shield, an annoying problem with the way Smart TV has evolved is that there is no single box that does everything. If you have a Smart TV, if you want to ensure full coverage - think the likes of iPlayer and Netflix, as well as your own media and even video games - then you probably need to have an array of devices plugged into your telly. Read More >>

giz asks
Can You Be Friends With a Bear?

Late last year, a photo of a bear officiating a wedding in Russia went viral. The picture turned out to be fake, but its popularity says something significant about our conception of the species: Despite thousands of years of contrary evidence, and at least one harrowing documentary, human beings still on some level want to view bears as big, cuddly, forest-dwelling dogs. Read More >>

5 Apps to Get Almost Any Content on Your Apple TV

You’ve got your shiny new Apple TV hooked up to a big display... so how do you get all the videos you own up there on screen? Easy enough for your iTunes movies, not so straightforward if your content’s on a Windows laptop or an Android tablet. Here’s how to get almost anything streamed to your Apple TV. Read More >>

What Happens When the Computer That Keeps You Alive Can Also Put You In Jail?

When Ross Compton’s Ohio home caught fire last September, the story he told police was that he grabbed a few things and rushed out of the house, hurling essentials out a bedroom window he broke open with his cane before scrambling out himself. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

The deal with mobile signal is pretty strange. Somehow, my grandparents who live in rural Wales manage to get better 4G signal than I did in my old house - which was in the middle of a reasonably well populated area. They also get quite fast broadband, despite the fact that the nearest supermarket (including mini things like Tesco Express) is over half an hour away by car and most of the local train stations are request only. There are probably encyclopaedia-sized reports about why, though, which would take more time than I have to read and understand. Read More >>

5 Reasons You Might Ditch Google Docs For Dropbox Paper

Image: Dropbox
Hey Google—there’s a new lightweight, web-based, word processing tool in town and it’s called Dropbox Paper. After more than a year of beta testing, the app is finally available to anyone with a Dropbox account. It might not be loaded with as many features as Google Docs, but there’s still plenty to love that sets it apart from the more staid cloud-based word processor. Here are some of the reasons you might want to make the switch from writing all your missives in the Google ecosystem. Read More >>

Week in Geek
The Week in Geek: Tomb Raider, Man Thing, X-Men, and More

Welcome to another instalment of The Week in Geek. Here are some of the biggest stories you might have missed this week, with plenty of news about the upcoming Tomb Raider movie, RL Stine's Man Thing comic, the next X-Men film, and more. Read More >>

5 Cool Skills to Pick Up on a Lunch Break

If you often get the feeling there just aren’t enough hours in the day, then the lunch break your bosses should generously afford you could be one opportunity to make more of your time (and it beats listening to co-workers talking about sports you don’t watch). Give yourself thirty minutes a day five days a week and you could be well on your way to being a polymath by picking up one of these five skills. Read More >>

Meet the Biohacker Trying to Become a Human Vibrator

Rich Lee wants to give you an orgasm—a “cyborgasm.” Read More >>

How a Video Game Chat Client Became the Web’s New Cesspool of Abuse

Over 25 million users have flocked to Discord, a text and voice platform for gamers, since its launch in May of 2015. Despite the company raising at least 30 million in venture capital funding, the company has only five “customer experience” personnel and no moderators on its staff. From what I’ve seen, users who wish to engage in harassment, raid servers, or bombard chats and users with child pornography suffer no lasting repercussions for doing so. That seemingly any server can become the victim of organised attacks represents the strained and failing infrastructure of moderation—of Discord, and of virtually any community on the internet. Read More >>

apps of the week
The Week’s Top Android, iOS, and Windows Apps

It doesn't matter how many things that are available to watch, you never seem to be able to find anything interesting available. It doesn't matter if you have hundreds of satellite TV channels, various streaming service subscriptions, or whatever sketchy streaming and torrent sites are at your disposal. What's up with that anyway? If anyone knows the science, I'd love to hear a tl;dr version. Read More >>

These Are the 3D Touch Shortcuts For Your iPhone That Are Actually Useful 

3D Touch might be on of iOS’s most unique and most ignored features. Using sensors in your iPhone it knows exactly how hard you’re pressing and contextually gives you a whole slew of cool options for your particular press. If you’ve just bought yourself a new iPhone 6s or 7 or you’ve forgotten just how useful 3D Touch can be, we’re here to help—these are some of the smartest shortcuts available thanks to Apple’s pressure-sensitive screen tech. Give a firm 3D Touch press on your iPhone’s screen and all these options are open to you. Read More >>