ces 2016
A Smart Home Connected Febreze Dispenser Makes Me Appreciate My Dumb Home

For $49/£35, if you pre-order at CES, Procter & Gamble will sell you what is probably one of the least essential smart home devices announced at the show this year: a wi-fi connected scent dispenser that lets you make any room smell like a Yankee Candle store right from your phone or tablet. Read More >>

Is Febreze Enough to Save Three Smelly Men on an 18-Day Euro Roadtrip?

We've all panic-spritzed Febreze while expecting visiting parents, cleaning up after sodden mates, and will even admit to a few healthy sprays on our person when our shower wasn't working. But never have we used Febreze in quite so challenging circumstances as the three guys who'll spend 18 days and nights travelling across Europe together in a Febreze Roadtrip. We can smell the moules frites stains already. Read More >>