FedEx Sues U.S. Government Over Huawei Confusion, Says It Can’t Inspect Every Package for Export Violations

FedEx filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce on Monday over restrictions that the Trump regime has put in place against the Chinese telecom giant Huawei. FedEx, which has gotten into trouble with Huawei for misdirecting some of the tech company’s packages lately, says that it shouldn’t have to make sure that newly prohibited technology doesn’t get shipped to Huawei offices. Read More >>

Man Orders Kindle, Man Receives Human Tumour Instead

Thank you for making our Monday, FedEx. The company has confirmed that it accidentally mixed up orders for a Kindle and a tumour sample, leaving a Bristolian both extremely confused and without any bedtime stories. James Potten, a 37-year-old environmental consultant, posted his rather unusual complaint Twitter on the weekend, and it's a cracker. Read More >>

Dear UPS, This Is Not How You Ship a Gadget

So I was on holiday last week, and came back to the usual mountain of 700+ emails and piles of junk from PR companies Katamaried all over my desk. There was also this. Read More >>

iPad mini theft
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UPS Guy Steals an iPad Mini That FedEx Had Just Delivered

Vimeo user alversae has posted a video which shows a UPS delivery guy wander up to the front of his house and steal his daughter's Christmas present — an iPad mini — right off the porch where it had just been left by FedEx. Read More >>

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Will We Ever See a Scene Like This In Our Lifetime?

This is a SpaceX rocket today. This is the very near future of SpaceX. And, hopefully, the illustration above would be the very far future of the company, a time when ultra-heavy rockets would send extremely large cargo beyond Earth's orbit. Read More >>