Dr. Scholl’s Found a Good Use for 3D Printing, and My Feet Are So Much Happier for It

If a large part of your day is spent on your feet, a good pair of shoes can only do so much to keep you comfortable. Every foot requires different levels of support and cushioning, and ideally, we’d all visit a pedorthist for a custom set of shoe inserts, were it not so expensive. Dr. Scholl’s has a cheaper solution that uses your smartphone to help create 3D-printed insoles that are customised for every foot. Read More >>

Giant Dinosaur Foot Identified 20 Years After Being Unearthed

The Black Hills mountain range in the US, which stretches from South Dakota to Wyoming, is known for its lush forests, scenic waterfalls, and dense, intricate cave systems. But 150 million years ago, humongous, long-necked dinosaurs called sauropods roamed there – and scientists just identified one of their colossal, fossilised feet. Read More >>

It’s a Real Tragedy If You Can’t See the Genius Behind Tiny Rubber Finger Feet 

Seattle’s Archie McPhee, and its online store, are packed full of thousands of gags, toys, and novelties that will make you ask “why?” But if you can’t see why a pair of tiny rubber feet you can wear on your fingers are pure genius, then you have clearly let your inner child slip away. Read More >>

The Human Race’s Feet Just Keep Getting Bigger

A new study from the UK's College of Podiatry has revealed that the average shoe size has grown two whole sizes since the 1970s. Shoe shops are now selling far more extended-size shoes to large-footed clients, with the US sizes 12 and 13 now among the most popular. "We've all gotten taller and we need big feet to hold us up," Emma Supple, a consulting podiatrist for the College of Podiatry, told the Wall Street Journal. Though the study was carried out in the UK, Supple is convinced the findings would be mirrored across the globe, with humanity's shoe size growing in relation to our overall larger bodies. Read More >>

Socks Made with Carbonised Coffee Will Make Your Feet Less Stinky

Plain white socks these are not. The Atlas sock is a performance dress sock made from cotton, polyester and carbonised coffee. Carbonised coffee? Yes, it helps filter and absorb sweat and odor. Even more, the sock uses strain analysis, pressure mapping and thermal imaging to create something ridiculously comfortable. Read More >>

Man Saws Off Own Foot to Avoid Going to Work

Sounds like somebody had a case of the Mondays. Reuters reports that an unemployed Austrian man was so dead-set against returning to work he lopped off his left foot. Read More >>