Old Rich Google Man Already Beat Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump Record

Looks like Red Bull's wings aren't very good at keeping people ahead of the competition. Read More >>

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Fearless Felix’s Supersonic Space Jump Is Still Awesome One Year Later

Today is the anniversary of brave Felix Baumgartner's space jump. His heart was racing at 185 beats per minute when he jumped from an altitude of 127,852 feet, then started to spin at 60 revolutions per minute. He kept spinning for 13 seconds after jumping, reaching a maximum vertical speed of Mach 1.25. An incredible feat, and still unrivalled a year later. Come on, guys -- jump to it. Read More >>

How Far Away From Actual Space Was Felix’s “Space Jump”?

Felix Baumgartner's epic skydive was described the world over as a "space jump". At 23-miles up, you'd think he was pretty close to space, but apparently not. He was very, very far away from space indeed. Read More >>

Red Bull’s Chief Engineer Explains Felix Baumgartner’s Tech

Felix Baumgartner's record-breaking supersonic jump was an amazing feat of human endeavour. But getting Felix to break the speed of sound caused Red Bull Stratos technical project director Art Thompson some engineering headaches. Here's how he solved them. Read More >>

Move Over, Baumgartner. Here’s the Shortest Free Fall Ever

Felix Baumgartner set the record for the world's highest free fall when he successfully jumped 24 miles from the edge of space over the weekend. But you know what he hasn't done? Set the record for the shortest jump. Read More >>

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Proof That Dreams Really Do Come True

What you're looking at here is a sketch from a five-year-old Felix Baumgartner, dreaming of parachuting from the stars. Having finally achieved his goal, hitting 23-miles up, and breaking the sound barrier -- I'd say that's pretty conclusive proof that if you want it badly enough, dreams really can come true. [Telegraph] Read More >>

What Would It Take For You To Go Sky-Diving From the Stratosphere?

Surely by now you've heard someone say "Man, with balls that big, I'm surprised Felix Baumgartner even fit into that capsule." You can't deny it, he'd need some serious balls jumping from the stratosphere is just as insane and frightening as it is awesome. Read More >>

First Human Supersonic Space Jump Live Coverage: Success!

Total success. After many delays, Felix did it. He reached the highest altitude ever reached by any man in a balloon, more than 127,000 feet. He then jumped and fell faster than any man, breaking Mach 1 (though it's unofficial for now, as they still have to confirm it). Read More >>

The Space Jump Man’s Balloon Compared to the Statue of Liberty

The Red Bull Stratos mission control has announced that, after Tuesday's aborted supersonic space jump, the next launch is scheduled for Sunday, October 14 at 8:30am EDT. We will cover the Roswell event live. Read More >>

Epic Space Jump Postponed Till Thursday

Well, that was a bit of a let down. After gearing up and getting ready, complete with a live stream, yesterday's 23-mile-high space jump attempt was aborted, again, by bad wind. In fact, it looks like the wind's going to be rotten until Thursday at least, so we'll reconvene then. Fingers crossed for Thursday. [Red Bull Stratos] Read More >>

Watch an Insane Man Jump From the Edge of Space, Live, Right Here (Postponed Till Tomorrow)

Today, Felix Baumgartner is attempting to break the world record for the highest and fastest skydive, from 23 miles up -- that's from the edge of space. The best bit is you can watch the whole shebang right here, live. Read More >>

Countdown Starts for Daredevil Space Jump

October 8th. That's the final launch date for fearless Felix Baumgartner, the daredevil that is going to jump from the edge of space. The 42-year-old Baumgartner is eager to attempt the record-breaking super-sonic parachute jump. He says that he feels like a wild animal in a cage right now. Read More >>

Insane Austrian Hits 536MPH During His Stratospheric Skydive From the Edge of Space, 18 Miles Up

Felix Baumgartner, the Red Bull-powered daredevil, has just completed his highest test jump yet, reaching a colossal 536mph from 18 miles up. That's 18 miles from the edge of space back to mother Earth in just three minutes, 40 seconds. Read More >>

Fearless Man Makes 13-Mile Space Jump

On the left, Felix Baumgartner salutes as he starts his walk towards his space capsule in Roswell, New Mexico, on March 15. On the right is the moment before he jumped from 13 miles above Earth. That photo alone blows my mind. Read More >>