Report: Apple Won’t Let Siri Say Feminism

The Guardian is reporting that internal documentation governing Apple’s voice assistant, Siri, was rewritten to specifically avoid the word feminism. The company told the Guardian “[o]ur approach is to be factual with inclusive responses rather than offer opinions.” Read More >>

Man Makes Robotic Scarlett Johansson/Emma Watson Hybrid Definitely Not For Sexual Reasons

If you're going to blow $50,000​ (£35,000) on making a robot friend for yourself, you might as well make one with a face you like looking at and breathing heavily into. Hence Hong Kong designer Ricky Ma​'s creation pictured here, which is the result of him imagining a world in which Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson somehow managed to reproduce and have a daughter. And now it's 18 years later and here she is, all grown up. Read More >>

Google Investing in Encouraging Females to Code

Google is investing $50 million (£29.3 million) in projects designed to help get more females involved in the field of computer science, by encouraging them to code. Read More >>

Yoga, Clothes, Recipes, Perfume and Shopping Apps Pre-Loaded for Her Convenience

That's part of the amazing list of features offered by the ePad Femme, an incredibly patronising tablet for women that hides all the complicated things behind a simple user interface -- enabling ladies to enjoy the complicated world of tablet computing for the first time. Read More >>

Hey Anti-Lego Feminists, Lego for Girls Actually Kicks Ass

The cool space fighter above was created with bricks from Lego Friends' Butterfly Beauty Shop; Olivia's Invention Workshop; Stephanie's Cool Convertible, and Emma's Fashion Design Studio. It proves one thing: feminists criticising the new Lego Friends sets just don't get it. Read More >>