Anyone Can Learn Particle Physics With This New Children’s Book

You might flee from words like “quarks,” “relativity,” and “joule,” but you shouldn’t have to, and neither should a kid. A new children’s book from the folks at a few of our national labs will hopefully make the things particle physicists are talking about easier to digest. Read More >>

Scientists at Fermilab Are About to Start Shooting Neutrinos Through the Earth

Fermilab outside Chicago will soon begin its Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), and what it hopes to accomplish is as brilliant and confusing as the book of its namesake. Read More >>

Fermilab Physicists Have Discovered a Possible New Tetraquark

Fermilab’s Tevatron collider officially retired in 2011 after a long and glorious history of scientific discovery. But the data from its final run is still yielding potentially exciting results. Physicists from the DZero collaboration have announced the discovery of a new particle, believed to be part of an exotic family called “tetraquarks”. Read More >>

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Tevatron Reveals Higgs Boson Properties Four Years After Shutting Down

The Tevatron collider — the world’s second most powerful particle accelerator behind CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) — was shut down in 2011. Now, from beyond the grave, it’s revealing properties of the Higgs boson. Read More >>

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World’s Longest Neutrino Beam Will Explore Why the Universe Still Exists

It may not possess the sense of overwhelming grandeur that CERN can muster, but Fermilab's new 500-mile long neutrino experiment is just as ambitious. Leveraging the most powerful accelerator-based neutrino experiment ever built in the US, researchers hope to unravel sub-atomic secrets and, through them, discover why the universe didn't collapse back in upon itself immediately after the Big Bang. Read More >>

Physicists Want to Know if We’re All Actually Living in a Hologram

Although it sounds entirely like something dreamed up in a smoke-filled dorm room, whether the entire universe is a hologram is a very serious question—a question that gets at the heart of a fundamental problem in physics. A new experiment just starting up Fermilab just might hold the answer. Read More >>

Watch Fermilab’s Astoundingly Massive Neutrino Detector Being Built

Fermilab is building a gargantuan detector to measure neutrinos, the uncharged subatomic particles that can pass straight through the earth unimpeded. Read More >>

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Fermilab’s New Neutrino Cannon Shoots Subterranean Subatomics

Given how rarely neutrinos interact with other elementary particles, they're notoriously difficult to study and consequently, our understanding of these electrically neutral subatomic entities remains rather sketchy. However, the Department of Energy's famed Fermilab in Batavia, IL aims to unlock these particles' secrets by blasting them through hundreds of kilometres of the Earth's crusts. Read More >>

How Do You Shut Down the Second Most Powerful Particle Accelerator?

The Tevatron shut down yesterday. Before its duties were taken up by the the Large Hadron Collider, it accelerated highly charged particles through 4 miles of electromagnetic coil and vacuum tubes to discover the secrets of the universe. How do you turn a beast like that off? Read More >>