South Coast Ferry Company Says Stop Having Fun and Wear Deodorant

Ferry operator Condor, which takes anyone who doesn't hate France now off to France and also runs routes in and around the Channel Islands, has had it with you stinky, noisy people. It suggests sitting still and shutting up while onboard, and would also like to remind passengers to wear deodorant for the benefit of other travellers and crew. Read More >>

A Floating Balloon Bridge Could Help Replace New York City’s Failing Subways

One of New York City’s major subway lines connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan will be out of commission for months, maybe years, and some residents are preparing for an end-of-days scenario. A few enterprising New Yorkers have proposed a gondola, but building it will be nearly as pricey and time-consuming as the subway repairs. The city needs ideas for getting people over the East River, fast. Here are a few inspired ones. Read More >>

Why Spend a Few Quid on Bridge Tolls When You Can Burn Thousands on a Car Barge?

The next time your trip from point A to point B involves a river crossing, just toss one of these inflatable car ferries in your trunk and save yourself a few quid and open up a world of potential waterway-faring peril. Read More >>