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Add a Bit of Colour and Magnetic Ferrofluid Becomes the Stuff of Nightmares

We haven’t found too many practical uses for ferrofluid—a mix of oil and iron particles that appears to morph and change shape when exposed to magnets—aside from fun desktop toys. So now that we’ve discovered it becomes a nightmarish-looking blob creature when you mix in a little colour, maybe it’s time to just stop making this stuff? Read More >>

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Mixing Glow Sticks with Ferrofluid and Magnets Basically Breaks the Visible Spectrum

Controlling ferrofluid with magnets is all well and good – and stunning – but when you add the chemicals inside a glow stick to the mix, it becomes something so much more cool. Read More >>

Watching Numbers Flow on This Ferrofluid Clock is a Great Way to Spend Time

Ferrofluid is a wonderful metallic goo that magically reacts to the presence of a magnetic field. To date it’s really only been used in mesmerising desk toys, but designer and tinkerer Zelf Koelman has found a way to manipulate the material into an animated clock that perfectly represents the flow of time. Read More >>

Colour-Shifting Ferrofluid: Who Needs Aliens?

Even though it has many real-world applications—like as a self-sealing lubricant—ferrofluid's most common use is as one really awesome desktop distraction. But when you've seen one black spiky blob, you've seen them all. So the creators of the new Fluux LiquiMetal toy have breathed some novelty back into ferrofluid by chemically engineering it to shift colours. Read More >>

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How to Make a Terrifying, Spinning, Ferrofluid Buzzsaw

There are almost as many fascinating ferrofluid videos on YouTube as there are clips of kittens being cute. So it's rare to come across one that offers anything new and interesting. But CrazyRussianHacker has done just that with this simple trick that turns ferrofluid into some kind of nightmarish liquid metal spinning saw blade. Read More >>

Here’s the Best Desk Toy Since Newton’s Cradle

Newton's cradle has enjoyed a fantastic run as the go-to distraction toy in offices around the world. But today it's officially dethroned by this hypnotic ferrofluid flask that's basically magnetic magic in a bottle. Read More >>

Say Goodbye To Productivity With This Tube of Magnetic Black Goo

For £10 a newton's cradle provides about 10 minutes worth of distraction at work. If you want piss away the whole day, you'll need to spend a bit more. Like the $125 (£80) pledge needed for this Ferrite ferrofluid toy. Read More >>