Mother Leaves Hospital With Newborn, Not Knowing She’s Also Pregnant With Twins

A new mother in Bangladesh got quite a surprise last week: Less than a month after she had delivered a healthy baby boy, she returned to the hospital and delivered a set of fraternal twins, who, unbeknownst to her, had been growing inside a second uterus. Thankfully, all three children were delivered without complications. Read More >>

Artificial Wombs Are Getting Better and Better

In 2017, a team of Australian and Japanese scientists announced a breakthrough that could someday save the lives of countless babies. They used an artificial womb to keep premature lamb fetuses alive and healthy enough for them to be later delivered without serious health complications. This month, that same team announced a leap forward in their technology, now claiming it can keep even extremely premature lambs alive. Read More >>

Newcastle Fertility Clinic Has Just Been Granted Permission to Make ‘Three-Parent’ Babies

A fertility clinic in Newcastle was just granted permission to start performing what’s known as the ‘three-parent baby’ technique, a controversial in vitro fertilisation procedure that prevents genetic diseases from being passed on to children by giving them three genetic ‘parents’. Read More >>

The Crazy Plan to Restore a Woman’s Fertility – and Defy the Limits of Nature

Over the course of seven years, Sezenia Tzeni endured seven rounds of in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Typically, women undergo only three or four such treatments before either getting pregnant or giving up. But for Tzeni and her husband, conceiving a child was more important than almost anything else. Read More >>

At-Home Fertility Test Turns Your Smartphone Into World’s Squirmiest Sea-Monkey Tank

It’s one thing to hear about Michael Phelps winning a gold medal. It’s quite another to actually see him do it. Read More >>

So About That Woman Who Got Pregnant Twice in 10 Days

Earlier this week, news made the rounds that an Australian woman gave birth to twins conceived 10 days apart, in an extremely rare case of “superfetation”. To make matters more intriguing, the woman had polycystic ovary syndrome, meaning her body doesn’t ovulate naturally. Apparently, she underwent a hormone treatment, to “spectacular results.” Read More >>

Scientists Create Fully Functional Eggs from Skin Cells

Using skin cells extracted from mice, researchers in Japan have produced fully functional egg cells that were used to produce healthy mouse pups. Should the method work in humans, it could introduce powerful new ways of treating infertility—and even allow same-sex couples to produce biological offspring. Read More >>

The First Uterus Transplant in the US Has Failed

A revolutionary procedure that gave hope to infertile American women was ultimately not successful. The first uterus to be transplanted in the US has been removed after two weeks, even after the patient appeared at a press conference Monday saying she hoped to get pregnant one day. Read More >>

First Uterus Transplant in US Offers Hope to Thousands of Infertile Women

A team of surgeons at a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, have performed the first uterus transplant in the United States. A 26-year-old woman underwent the nine-hour operation on Wednesday, setting the stage for a future pregnancy — and what might possibly become a routine procedure in US hospitals. Read More >>

Women Aren’t the Only Ones With a “Biological Clock”—Men Lose Fertility as They Age, Too

Women know that menopause can put a “sell by” date on getting pregnant, but common wisdom says that men retain much of their fertility well into old age. That common wisdom is wrong. Read More >>

Anti-Radiation Phone Case “Protects Your Manhood”

If you ever plan on doing more important things with your sperm than washing it down the sink twice a day amid a fog of regret, you might want to invest in a WaveWall case -- a phone case that's supposedly ribbed with a special lining that blocks electromagnetic radiation and can therefore protect your little seamen from damage. Read More >>

Are Plastics Making You Infertile?

Recent research has reignited concerns that exposure to chemicals from plastics might be to blame for low sperm counts in young men. I share the concerns about the high prevalence of low sperm counts (one in six young men) – and my research is directed at trying to identify what causes it. But whether plastics are to blame isn’t a simple matter. Read More >>

Your Shower Curtain is Making You Infertile

The chemicals that abound in today's modern fabrics, electronic devices and clothing are ruining the fertility of the men of the world, with researchers claiming as few as one in four of us may have good quality sperm – plus the average, er, volume we produce is down by a quarter since the 1940s. Let's compare! Read More >>

Scientists Use Ovary Frozen in Childhood to Help Woman Give Birth

A woman in Belgium has successfully given birth following the transplant of an ovary that was frozen when she was just a kid. Read More >>

“Sperm Scientists” Worry About Impact of Mobiles on Male Fertility

Researchers are beginning to worry that mobiles may be impacting on male fertility, with studies showing a decrease in the "quality" of the sperm of men who pack phones in their trouser pockets. Read More >>