Festivals Demand an End to Single-Use Tents

There is, believe it or not, an organisation known as the Association of Independent Festivals, which coordinates the activities of around 60 of the UK's many summertime outside-a-thons. And it has declared war on the wasteful shame that is binning perfectly good tents after just one or two nights of use. Read More >>

Glastonbury 2019 Bans Sale of Single-Use Plastic Bottles

The organisers of the Glastonbury festival have taken steps to make this year's horrific aftermath photos a little less grim, as it's managed to get all of its numerous suppliers and caterers to agree to end sales of water in single-use plastic bottles. Read More >>

Brighton Cheese Festival Branded a Cheeseless Shambles

The organisers of the Big Cheese festival in Brighton are facing the now familiar public backlash on social media, after attendees decided the ranges of cheese on offer weren't wide enough. Read More >>

Armed Police Will Patrol the V Festival

The calm festival atmosphere might be a little bit more stressful than usual this year at the forthcoming V event, as the local police force has confirmed that armed officers will be patrolling the area. Just in case it all kicks off when Craig David insists on playing 90 minutes of new material. Read More >>

Superfestivals Might Check Your Drugs This Year

The likes of the Reading, Leeds and V festivals scheduled to take place this year might join the drug-testing scheme that some smaller events have piloted, with the organiser of some of the country's largest outdoor events saying he's nearly ready to introduce free drug testing across the board. Read More >>

A Tech Bro Charged Dopes Thousands for an Island Getaway That Turned Into The Hunger Games

The distance between expectation and reality makes fools of us all, but it made the well-heeled attendees of an exclusive music festival in the Bahamas look particularly moronic late Thursday night. For tickets that started at $1,200 and went as high as $250,000, the young and rich signed up for passage to the doomed Frye Festival, hyped for months by its co-founder, rapper turned aspiring mojito mogul Ja Rule. Read More >>

London Has a Cat Video Festival on Tonight

The Catnip Festival takes place in London tonight, where a selection of DJs will be playing songs to people who like to wear fancy dress and have an interest in cat videos. Has anyone got a direct line for someone at ISIS? Read More >>

UK Festival Offers Illegal Drug Purity Tests for Attendees

People visiting the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire over the weekend were able to have the quality of their illegal substances tested before shoving them into their eyes or up their bottoms or whatever it is people do with drugs nowadays, as the controversial free testing service was offered to reassure the event's attendees of the quality of their dodgy pills and powders. Read More >>

Glastonbury Revellers Burned Through More Data Than Ever at This Year’s Festival

Maybe it was the shocking headliners or maybe it was the mudbath weather – either way, Glastonbury 2016 was the "most connected" ever, with festival revellers burning through 25 terabytes of data on EE's 4G network alone on their phones, whilst/rather than watching the bands. [EE Glastonbury] Read More >>

Burning Man Just Bought a Permanent Outpost in the Nevada Desert

For the past few years the future of the most famous temporary city on Earth has been in limbo. The annual Burning Man festival has grown larger than its site can feasibly accommodate from an environmental perspective, causing some Burners to break off and start their own events. Now, the acquisition of property nearby might signal that Burning Man is about to put down some roots. Read More >>

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The Best Gadgets and Gear for Surviving Festival Season

June is here, summer is approaching, so you know what that means. That's right, festival (and camping) season is upon us. That fun, fun time of year where people sit in fields, listen to music, and get horrifically drunk to take their mind off the flooded tent they're spending the night in. Read More >>

What Could Japan’s Creepy VR Porn Festival Be Like?

Japan, of course, is about to host what appears to be a gaming festival aimed entirely at people with an interest in virtual reality pornography, with the Adult VR Festa set to open for business in the middle of June. Read More >>

The Festival For Tech CEOs Who Are Too Rich for Burning Man

Much like the city in which it was originally founded, the annual Burning Man festival has gentrified, and its wealthier attendees have been criticised for building walled-off compounds and bringing private chefs in the name of comfort. That’s why a group of longtime Burners who also happen to be tech company millionaires decided to break off and start their own festival. Read More >>

Police Scanned the Faces of 100,000 People at a UK Music Festival

Police used facial recognition technology to scan the faces of thousands of attendees at the Download music festival at Donington Park, Leicestershire, without their knowledge. Because this is the world we live in. Read More >>