A Squishy Robotic Octopus Tentacle Might Not Actually Be Nightmare Fuel

Hollywood movies have used giant squids and octopuses to inspire underwater nightmares for decades. But Festo, a German company that makes industrial machinery, has realised that an octopus’ amazing muscle-packed body and tentacles could actually be the ideal way to design and build a robot destined to work alongside humans. Read More >>

A Robot That Spins 3D Webs Is Even Creepier Than a Spider

The one redeeming feature of a spider is that the webs they create are usually too small, or too weak, to entrap a human. But Festo continues to corner the market on unsettling and slightly creepy robots with a machine that can create giant webs and even 3D cocoons that could easily hold a human hostage. Read More >>

Giant Delivery Blimp Sucks Stuff Up and Then Poops It Out

It’s inevitable that one day drones will be tasked with handling deliveries, but instead of sending an expensive autonomous robot out into the world with a package in tow, Festo suggests a helium-filled blimp might be a safer and cheaper way to go. Read More >>

Four Myths About Robotic Co-Workers, Debunked

RoboUniverse 2015 is a robot nerd lovefest, and it’s great to be surrounded by other folks decidedly pro-robot. But some naysayers are less keen on sharing space with soulless gizmos. Know this: misconceptions about robotic companions are aplenty. Read More >>

This Bionic Kangaroo is Perfect for an Australia-Themed Amusement Park

This week Festo unveiled a bird-inspired wind turbine, but yesterday, the company unveiled a new robotic creation that's a little more recognisable. The world may not have a huge need for a bionic kangaroo—outside of Australian-themed amusement parks—but emulating the marsupial could result in robots with remarkably long endurance. Read More >>

Hypnotic Flapping Wing Turbines Keep Working in the Gentlest Breeze

There have been many proposed alternatives to the spinning propeller blades used on wind turbines installed all over the county, but none as unorthodox as Festo's new DualWingGenerator. Inspired by the company's work on winged flying robots, the design keeps working when winds are as slow as nine miles per hour. Read More >>