climate change
The Monsters of Climate Change

Death lurks around every corner in Alex Garland’s Annihilation, but its most terrifying harbinger is a ghoulish bear with saber-tooth fangs, reams of rotting flesh, and a half-exposed skull that looks part-human. The creature is a microcosm of phenomena from which it emerged, a mysterious air-ooze called the Shimmer where time is warped and life is mutated in impossible ways. Read More >>

Mass of Sick Self-Published Porn Pulled From Amazon, WHSmith and Kobo Book Stores

Publicity surrounding the discovery of stacks of sick self-published erotic novels has resulted in Amazon, WHSmith and Barnes & Nobles pulling a range of amateur sex ebooks, said to include horrific incest and rape porn fiction that was popping up in uncensored search listings. Read More >>

Urville: The Booming Metropolis Inside an Autistic Artist’s Mind

Spending a decade (or two) on a project isn't uncommon amongst urban planners. Gilles Trehin is one of them. Except in Trehin's case, the project is entirely fictional, and the scale is monumental. Read More >>