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This Fidget Spinner-Filled Rube Goldberg Machine Has the Perfect Ending

With millions of them churned out at the height of spinner-mania, fidget spinners are going to be around for a long time after the fad has faded, whether you like it or not. So it’s good to see people finding alternate uses for the novelty widgets, like building complex Rube Goldberg machines that end with a fitting demise for the spinning nuisances. Read More >>

50 Engineers Spent Six Months Designing a Fidget Spinner That Set a New World Record

Just when you thought that the fidget spinner fad had gone the way of the dodo bird, hoverboards, and 3D TVs, a Japanese company, MinebeaMitsumi Inc., known for manufacturing electronic components, and Mitsubishi, used 50 engineers to design and build a near-flawless fidget spinner over a six-month period that eventually set a new Guinness Word Record. Read More >>

I Want to Replace My Entire Keyboard With Fidget Spinner Keys

2017 was poised to be one of the most disappointing years in history, filled with a non-stop barrage of depressing developments and defeats. But then, with a last-minute, game-winning buzzer-beater, a company called Hammer revealed a series of replaceable fidget spinner key caps for your keyboard and partially redeemed 2017. Read More >>

Deadly Fidget Spinners Could Pierce a Tomato, Warns the BBC

The BBC's Watchdog investigative-slash-troublemaking programme took an angry look at fidget spinners last night, warning that some versions are sharp enough to slice a tomato or a sausage. They were using tomatoes as pretend child eyes and sausages as substitute child fingers, so please treat this matter seriously. Read More >>

We Regret to Inform You That Fidget Spinners Are Now Exploding

After transitioning from an obscure curiosity to a ubiquitous annoyance in record time, fidget spinners finally completed the 21st century novelty toy cycle this month, becoming something that could potentially burn down your house. According to local news reports, at least two Bluetooth-enabled spinners have now burst into flames while charging, may god have mercy on us all. Read More >>

LED Message Fidget Spinner Will Kill Teachers’ Brief Tolerance of the Ubiquitous Toy

The fidget spinner is a global phenomenon that has inspired thinkpieces about cultural anxiety, the changing retail landscape, and above all, whether or not it should be allowed in the classroom. Many teachers have embraced the toy as a tool for kids with attention problems but we have some bad news: They’re evolving. Read More >>

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The Best Fidget Spinner Has an Animated Cat Inside

Thanks to Jonathan Odom, a clever designer and builder who’s created everything from animatronics for films to museum exhibits, the fidget spinner has just taken a giant leap forward. Odom created One Spinner To Rule Them All: one with an animated cat video that comes to life when you flick it. Read More >>