Forget Your Dreams: This Data Proves You’re Too Old To Play In A World Cup Team

When you were young, did you ever dream of one day being on the England football team, walking out into a packed World Cup stadium and representing your country on the pitch? I sure didn’t, but I was definitely bullied by people who did. Read More >>

2017 Football/Poppy Scandal Averted

There won't be any shocking headlines about the footballing authorities demanding Our Boys stop wearing poppies on their football shirts this year, as the governing trough-eaters at FIFA have lifted the long-running ban on displaying anything other than money-paying sponsors on team shirts. Read More >>

YouTubers Done for FIFA Betting Operation

A couple of the weird new generation of people who make a living out of putting videos of themselves playing games onto YouTube are in trouble, after pleading guilty to running an unlicensed betting site based around the FIFA franchise. Read More >>

Blatter and Platini Banned From All Football as Judge Rejects Oral Agreement

FIFA president Sepp Blatter and UEFA chief Michel Platini have been banned from all football-related activities for eight years, with immediate effect. It’s the best news we’ve heard since Leicester City beat Chelsea last week, and will have football fans all over the globe nodding their approval, while thinking "Fucking finally." Read More >>

FIFA Video Games Should be Banned, Says… Camden Councillor?

FIFA is having a bit of a self-inflicted tough time. Football's governing body has come up against the world's media, millions of outraged fans and the might of its lucrative sponsors. But now another powerful titan in the world of sport has weighed in...a councillor from the London borough of Camden. Read More >>

No Joke: Ex-FIFA Official Defends Himself Using “The Onion”

FIFA might be under fire, but it seems that its executives are fighting back against corruption charges. Former President of CONCACAF (that's the North American and Caribbean equivalent of UEFA) Jack Warner has posted a video to YouTube defending himself against the allegations. There's just one problem... one of the news stories he cites in his defence is from veteran satirists The Onion. Read More >>

Visa May Downgrade FIFA’s Credit Rating Over Corruption Arrests

FIFA's being spoken to in the only language it appears to understand by global banking giant Visa, which is threatening to abandon its lucrative sponsorship contracts with the footballing body unless it acts quickly to reassure the public that it's not all about shady deals involving millions of pounds in unmarked banknotes. Read More >>

EA Adds Women’s Teams to FIFA 16

In news that some might argue should have happened years ago, Electronic Arts has announced that it's adding women's international football teams to FIFA 16. Read More >>

People are Redesigning World Cup Sponsors’ Logos to Protest Worker Abuse

FIFA is getting it from all sides right now, and for good reason. Last night the US Justice Department reportedly arrested officials for fraud related to the upcoming World Cups in Qatar and Russia. And even before the arrests, fans were protesting the use of forced labour at World Cup construction sites by hitting FIFA where it hurts: the sponsors. Read More >>

FIFA Officials Arrested Over Allegations of Corruption

If you're a football fan, you'll have heard many claims of corruption at FIFA, the sports' international governing body. In the wake of the ludicrously successful Qatar World Cup bid, in which forced migrant labour is being used to build a brand new city to deadly effect, it almost felt like some sort of cruel joke. Today it seems the joke is finally on FIFA: a number of officials have been arrested in Zurich, Switzerland to face corruption charges in the US. Read More >>

Today’s Dealz: A Super-Cheap Dell Laptop, FIFA 15, Samsung SSDs and More

Getting ready to send the kids off to university and want them to have a new laptop which they'll use for work, between organising daisy chain hook-ups and drug deals on Facebook? Or maybe you need a second laptop to give the kids because you can't bear talking to them? Read More >>

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This Awesome Highlights Reel Shows How Broken FIFA 14 Still Is

The FIFA franchise has always been a solid bet for a bit of Friday night entertainment, but not just for the decent gameplay. Physics-defying glitches are part of life in FIFA-land, and, as this video shows, it's business as usual in this year's edition. Read More >>

Brazil’s World Cup Logo Sure Looks Like Someone Facepalming

With less than 50 days to go before Brazil hosts the World Cup, chatter over whether it's prepared has been growing by the day. This doesn't help: The event's logo is being ridiculed for bearing an uncanny resemblance to the internet's favourite way to express disgust, shame, or embarrassment—the ol' facepalm. Read More >>

Qatar is Canceling Four of its 12 Planned World Cup Stadiums

After a year of ballooning costs, delays, and controversy over its labour practices, Qatar is cutting back. According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, organisers have decided to drastically scale back plans to construct a dozen new stadiums for the 2022 World Cup. Read More >>

A Whole Tonne of On-Sale PC Games Is Your PS4Gotten Deal of the Day

There's a special place in our heart for the PC gamers, who tend to get ignored in favour of those console-wielding so-called cool kids. Well we say 'no more!' Read More >>