Chunky iPad FiftyThree Stylus Hits UK, From £50

53 Design's glorious Pencil Bluetooth iPad stylus is now available in the UK, should your fingers usually be too greasy or wet to make your presses register. It's also aimed at arty people. The pens are already on Amazon UK, where £50 gets you the graphite one and £65 gets the posh walnut executive option. [FiftyThree via The Verge] Read More >>

Hey Facebook — Your Paper App’s Name is Already Taken

Facebook's new newsfeed reader app Paper looks great, even if it is a US exclusive at the moment. But not everyone is happy with it. Start-up developer FiftyThree is particularly miffed: It claims that Zuckerberg and co. have stolen the Paper name from its iPad sketching app. Read More >>