Blink and You’ll Miss These Lightning Fast, Blood-Thirsty Sumo Bots Fighting

It’s assumed that when robots one day replace humans in boxing and ultimate fighting bouts, the ensuing battles will be like watching a real-life Transformers movie play out. But these tiny sumo robots tell a different story, with lightning fast fights that are over almost as quickly as they begin. Read More >>

Interactive Map Shows All the World’s Wars (and it Doesn’t Look Good For Us)

A map that wants to educate us all about the Geography of Violence has been assembled, showing that, for some strange reason, there's quite the hotspot of aggression around northern Europe among the 12,674 battles charted. Read More >>

Mice Prefer Videos of Fighting to Videos of Sex But They Prefer Drugs Most of All

Researchers at Keio University spent weeks showing laboratory mice footage of mouse porn, mouse fights, and mouse sniffing. They found out that mice can distinguish between social behaviours—and that they prefer seeing fighting to sex, unless drugs are involved. Read More >>

Dead People’s Fists Suggest Fighting May Have Helped Humans Evolve

The human hand developed in its own unique way because of our 'dark side', according to research from the University of Utah. Biology professor and lead author David Carrier has suggested that our hands evolved for fighting, as well as using tools, and his theory hasn't gone down too well. Read More >>

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This Amazing Stop-Motion Video Shows Two Guys Karate Fighting on the Ground

It’s a story as old as time, two guys fight over a girl for her love. Only it’s been remixed with hilarity and ridiculousness as the two dudes karate fight on the ground in an epic stop-motion video that makes it look like a 2D video game like Street Fighter. The battle goes on and on so creatively all over the park that you can’t help but giggle. Read More >>

We Definitely Shouldn’t Have Taught Robots How to Sword Fight

Japan’s Namiki Laboratory is known for its robotic arms and high-speed vision systems that can move and react faster than a human being can. That’s the neat part. The scary part is that for some reason the researchers there have decided that teaching their creations to effectively fight with swords was a good idea. Have we not learned from those Terminator movies how this will end? Read More >>

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Watch This Fighting Robot Die in Agonising Slow Motion

Remember how Robot Wars was the best thing on TV in the late '90s? Well people are holding their own versions of the machine-combat sport, and I drove to watch one such event called Robogames. Here are a few of the epic things I saw there. Read More >>

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Lightsaber Combat School Can Teach You the Full Seven Styles of… Pretend Fighting

Ludosport is the stick-based fighting form that approximates what those actors do in those space films, and you can currently go along for a free lesson in the art of lightsaber fighting in one of its many global centres. Just bear in mind that by "lightsaber" they really mean "painted stick." [Ludosport via Design Taxi] Read More >>

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Place Your Bets on This Thrilling Roomba Balloon Knife Fight

It's a Roomba-eat-Roomba world out there and these two plucky floor cleaners are playing for keeps. By which I mean their drunk owners taped knifes and balloons to them and forced them into combat. It's adorably dangerous! Read More >>

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Video of a Cat Fight as Seen From the Perspective of One of the Cats

Someone put a camera on the collar of his cat to see his antics out of the house. The camera captured a cat fight seen from the perspective of one of the cats. Apparently, the owner says, his furry overlord is quite the block bully. Read More >>

MMA Cage Bed: Wrestle Your Spouse For Sheet Supremacy

Do you spend every night in a subconscious game of blanket tug-of-war with your bedmate? Now you can use a winner-take-all approach with this MMA-approved cage match bed that lets both of you playfully battle it out and decide who gets the majority of the sheets before you fall asleep. Read More >>

There Is Still Heavy Fighting In Libya

As much as the news cycle would want to move on and declare "victory" in Libya there is still very much a war going on there. Read More >>