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I’m Not Sure Who Won This Octopus vs Eel vs Human Fight

Hot damn. A snorkeler in Hawaii stumbled on this underwater scrap between an octopus and a terrifying moray eel and it looks like it’s going to be a tangled fight to death. Read More >>

Are These Snakes Fighting Or Fucking? An Investigation

The United States Geological Survey’s @USGS_Seismic Twitter account is the best place on the world wide web for news and updates about earthquakes and other seismic activity around the globe. If you want to know about glacial seismological activity, and why wouldn’t you, it’s got you covered. The other day, however, things changed. Whomever is the master of this account posted the following short .gif of these two snakes, entangled in, uh, well I’m not sure. Read More >>

Real-Life Mech Makes Pacific Rim Battles a Reality

The American developer of a gigantic robot war machine thing has challenged its closest Japanese relative to a fight, setting a one-year deadline to complete modifications so the two can battle -- to the DEATH. Or at least until one of them runs out of harmless paint bombs or petrol or breaks or falls down a ditch and can't get up. Read More >>

Men May Have Evolved Bigger Jaws to Survive Fights

Some of our early ancestors may have evolved their chunky brows and sturdy jaws not because of dietary or environmental reasons, but as a defence against the fists of rival men battling for that last tasty dinosaur burger or the affections of the hairiest lady in the village. Read More >>

70-Year-Old Charles Saatchi Claims Secret Cage Fighting Prowess

We already know he's got a pretty good wrestling choke slam, but it would appear that Charles Saatchi is ready for a proper bout of UFC-style rampage. Boasting of a Fight Club-like secret life as an underground warrior, Saatchi claims he enjoys a good cage fight with the loser usually ending up "battered to bits" -- and he wants a fight. Read More >>

Here’s a Video of a Kangaroo Fighting a Dog, Just Because it’s Friday

The kangaroo has been misrepresented. We have, via a media conspiracy, been taught that it fights with its feet, or perhaps smashes enemies into submission with a sweep of its powerful tail. But it doesn't, at least not when fighting a dog in a pool. Read More >>

HTC Wins Passive/Aggressive Twitter War With Samsung UK

That some grown-up people have been acting rather childishly on Twitter isn't really news, seeing as it happens approximately 50 trillion times an hour. But when it's Samsung and HTC having a pop at each other in public, it's a little more interesting. Read More >>

Instagram “Sluts” Account Triggers Swedish Riot

Whinging over Instagram has been taken to new heights in Sweden, where hundreds of teenagers gathered at a local school to attack the alleged founder of a photo sharing account. Read More >>

Lolympics: Day 14

As the Olympics comes into its closing weekend, it's the final edition of Lolympics, but there's still a lot happening under all the winning and celebrating. Some people will stop at nothing to get gold, not even a broken leg puts them off, which is insane, plus someone offers Bolt an unlimited supply of chicken nuggets, his favourite. The Spice girls will be here to entertain you on Sunday, but that won't stop fights on the basketball court, or French people cheating. Meanwhile, we've got a load of gruesome-looking crashes from the BMXing to look forward to. That's all in the last working day of the lolympics. Read More >>

Facebook Is Killing Friendships and Causing Fist Fights

We usually think of Facebook as a place to either keep in touch with real friends or cryogenically freeze old and artificial ones that wouldn't otherwise exist. But a new Pew study says FB can actually end relationships, too. Naturally! Read More >>