Scientists Revamp Incandescent Lightbulbs With Infrared-Reflecting Shell

A group of MIT scientists have a had a lightbulb moment concerning the humble incandescent bulb. They’ve figured out that, by trapping its glowing filament inside a special, infrared-reflecting structure, they can make it dramatically more energy-efficient. Their work could eventually see the incandescent bulb make a European Union return, where they’ve been banned and replaced by more expensive and efficient compact fluorescent (CFL) and LED bulbs. Read More >>

Nope, That’s Not the Death Star Sucking the Life Out of our Sun

Space conspiracy theorists have been going nuts over a video taken from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, saying that a dark sphere visible in the Sun’s corona must be a planet-sized UFO, a world-ending super weapon, or even a tiny black hole. It certainly looks like a large spherical object is sucking the plasma out of our Sun in this video, but according to NASA it’s nothing. Read More >>